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JOURNAL	  ENTRY	  #5:	  COURSE	  REFLECTION	                                      Due	  before	  Session	  12	        You	...
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Journal Entry 5


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Journal Entry 5

  1. 1. JOURNAL  ENTRY  #5:  COURSE  REFLECTION   Due  before  Session  12   You  may  email  your  personal  answers  to   or  you  may  print/write  your  answers  and  bring  them  to  Session  12.    Reflect  upon  any  content  of  this  course:   vHow  does  this  class  build  on  your  previous   education  (Wester  Civilization,  Philosophy,   Ethics,  History  Classes,  Art  Classes,  Business   Classes,  etc.)?   vHow  do  you  think  this  class  will  prepare  you   for  your  future?