Collaborative – Practical Section


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Collaborative – Practical Section

  1. 1. COLLABORATIVE WORK [PRACTICAL SECTION]Step 1a Select one of the following (or research another Hanoian/Vietnamese venue of visual arts to socially affirm). Communicate with other teams so no two teams choose the same option.  Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation: support for street kids  Craft Link: a not-for-profit organization seeking new markets for traditional artisans  Deaf Craft 5 Colors: Hanoi-based social enterprise  Habitat for Humanity: a world of hope, it starts at home  Hagar International: recovery and economic empowerment of victims of human rights abuses  Joma Bakery Café: a slice of North American café culture transplanted into Southeast Asia  KOTO: Know One Teach One  Quilts and Art Vietnam: value of Humanity  Tea Talk: express your soulStep 1b Research more on this organization/group/location/whatever or whomever is using visual arts in Hanoi or Vietnam.  Learn: If you can, visit these people and learn more. Also, visit their websites to research. Contact an employee or someone who can help your team learn more.  Write: 200-500 words about what you discover.Step 2 Think: Start by asking yourselves these questions. Do not just answer “yes” or “no”.  What are some practical and helpful ways to use art in Hanoi or Vietnam?  Can you help give social affirmation through art here?  Can art and business be used together in Hanoi?Step 3 Apply Personally: Start preparing a way your team could truly answer the questions in Step 2. Think through the following questions to begin your preparation.  What possible futures does each of your group members represent?  Do you all want to be businessmen and businesswomen?  Do you see yourself in another profession? Brainstorm: After taking into consideration all your group members, brainstorm ideas for practical ways members of your team may get involved in socially affirming the down-trodden in your own city using some form of visual art:  You may imagine opening your own company/organization/location in town that looks similar to the venues already listed for you above (or similar to the one you research).  You may think of a completely new way to help others!  You may think of ways people who need help can create visual art, or ways you can create visual art to help others. The sky is the limit, so dream big!Step 4 Write: 300-800 word proposal for your ideas in steps 2 and 3. Submit: Email or print and give this proposal to Ms. Beka before Session 12 (if you will present Session 13) or before Session 13 (if you will present Session 14).Step 5 Present: During Session 13 or 14, your team will present your proposal to the class. Please, keep us interested in your proposal (use any media available suitable for class). You will be given 20-30 minutes to present. Answer: After your presentation, your classmates and I will ask you follow up questions. Be prepared to answer our questions.