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World of chemicals online chemical store


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World of chemicals is a online chemical store, were users can sell, buy and transport chemicals online. We also help chemical suppliers and chemical manufacturers to list their business details for free in our chemical portal.

We list a database of over 1 million chemicals,lab chemicals, research chemicals, water treatment chemicals. chemicals suppliers, chemicals manufacturers, chemical transportation services, chemical packing and shipping services, material packing services, chemical packing and storage services, bulk chemical transportation, tank transportation, container transportation, chemical equipment's suppliers, chemical equipment's manufacturers, lab equipment's were you can send your inquiry for free

Our portal is also meant for academic use, were we post latest chemical industry news, articles about chemistry, latest chemistry research articles, chemistry academic articles, chemical industry mergers and acquisition news

We also provide all the latest career related alerts from chemical industry and also all latest job openings in chemical industry, directly posted by the companies, were chance of hiring is easier as your application will directly reach the concerned person in the industry

SO what are you waiting for visit us today at


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World of chemicals online chemical store

  1. 1. Buy, Sell and Transport chemical
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Welcome to world of chemicals the online chemical store andchemistry portal, its all new portal useful for all chemistry lovers. There are so many unique features associated with this portal,this portal is meant for every one who is looking to Buy or Sell orTransport Chemicals online. We offer many services acrossdifferent domains of chemical industries, which can help allchemical sellers and buyers. This portal is not only meant for buyers or sellers, it is also usefulfor academics as well. We provide all the latest news fromchemical industries across the globe. We also produce some excellent Articles on chemistry, Journalson chemistry, chemistry research articles written by experts fromindustries.
  3. 3. For Sellers If you are a seller or owns a chemical business and need to boost your sales, thebest place to meet new customers and sale your products is online. So wecreated this portal to make this possible for all our customers, so that theystart selling things online with more ease. So how is this possible ? let meexplain all the benefits which a seller can enjoy by using our portal. First of all you need to list your business in our portal and this can be donewith one simple step is by just selecting one of our listings options. We providewith 4 different types of listing which includes Free, Silver, Gold and Platinumand each of these listings have a unique features associated with them. So first thing you need to do is to choose which listings best suits your businessneeds, once you have selected the listing fill out the simple form and pay theamount of money as specified using your credit card, we use Paypal paymentgate which is most trusted and secure gateways for online payments. Onceregistered please conform the same by clicking the link which will be sent toyour email id for verification and once your account is verified your all set to goand make money.
  4. 4. For Sellers Once your account is setup and running, login with your details.After logging into your account based on the type of listing youhave purchased your account usability varies. Just enter all theinformation about your business, type of products yousell, services which you offer, business details, contactinfo, company logo and More. Then you see that your listing is posted into our portal and itsvisibility will be increased based on the type of listingpurchased. If you have purchased a platinum you will be listed inour top 10 listing and you will be having more chances of gettingleads to your business So what are you waiting for start creating your business listingtoday and expel your business growth
  5. 5. For Buyers If you are a Buyer and looking to buy chemicals and lost in the world tofind were to go, whom to trust, how to buy chemicals from bestchemical suppliers and chemical manufacturers, then just come to of chemicals as got lot of services which we offer them for free toour buyers. We list only top quality and trusted chemicals suppliers and chemicalmanufacturers in our portal who can provide best services to our users.So how would i really find them and get my business done, let meexplain you the whole process now. Just enter the name of the chemical your willing to buy with their fullname or short form of it or by using its chemical formula or CASNumber, dont worry if you make a mistake we will still suggest youwith chemical which nearly matches your chemical then click search.We will then try searching your chemical within our large database ofchemicals and will give you with our best possible results.
  6. 6. For Buyers The information which we provide for the chemical youhave searched for will be its chemical properties, CASNumber, Molecular formula, itsmanufacturers, suppliers, traders, transportationservices, articles and some related academic videos. Just Find which manufacturers or suppliers meet yourrequirements and then send them your inquiry directly totheir inbox, thats it, its that simple, but however once yousent your inquiry to a company, you cant resend it again forthe same. So stop thinking .... Start searching today at
  7. 7. How To Find ChemicalTransportation Service Providers Now is that you know how to buy or sell chemicals, but the nextbig thing comes is how you transport your chemicals, who will bethe best chemical logistic service providers who can deliver youproducts safe to your work place. Its a very big task, its not that you find some companies onlinethrough classified and search engines and start doing businesswith them, before doing that you need to think how trust-ablethey are in delivering your goods safely. So start worrying about that, we as listedsome best in industry chemical transportation service providerswho can deliver your goods safe and clean. Let it be a Bulk chemical transportation, containertransportation, chemical distributors, material packing andstorage services, transportation equipments, packingcontainers, chemical packing ans shipping services,
  8. 8. How To Find Chemical TransportationService Providers Just enter your search term and find out all the listedchemical transportation service providers andcompanies, select one which best suits yourbusiness, country, city, area and start sending yourinquires for free today
  9. 9. Chemistry Academics Our portal is not only meant for Sellers and Buyers, butthey are also useful for academics and educational purposeas well. We have a separate sections which discuss about all thelatest news from chemical industry, chemistry news,chemical industry mergers and acquisition news,chemistry research news, academic news, latest upcominginternational chemical industry events, articles onchemistry, chemistry research articles, academic articlesand much more. This chemistry news and articles are updated everyday withnew topics.
  10. 10. Chemistry Academics Not only that we have listed all the top universitiesacross the globe which offers various degree programs.which is useful to expel the careers in chemicalindustry sector. You can search for Masters program in chemistry, MScchemistry programs, Doctorate in chemistry, PhD inchemistry, PG in chemistry and more chemistrycourses online from all top universities and countries.Right here at
  11. 11. Careers From Chemical Industries Finding a right career is every individual dream, so has made this dream come true for those whoare looking jobs in chemical industries. We have a separate careerssection with all the latest openings posted from top industries who arelisted in our portal, with which you can find the one which best suitsyou and apply directly to the company, were you have more chances ofgetting hired. Start Applying Jobs today at If your from United states You can apply jobs through our onlinechemical job portal only for people who live in United states our blog today for more news and articles on careers, whichprovides all the latest trends, ups and downs from chemical