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Conflict Mediation


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Conflict Mediation

  1. 1. Conflict  Media-on     Among  Staff  Members   Slug  It  Out  or  Hug  It  Out  
  2. 2. AHD  Job  Descrip-on   Staff  Development  and  Support   –  Organize  staff  socials  and  team  development   ac-vi-es   –  Serve  as  a  resource  to  your  fellow  RA  staff   –  Serve  as  a  liaison  between  the  RA  staff  and  HD  
  3. 3. AHD  Job  Descrip-on   Staff  Development  and  Support   –  Organize  staff  socials  and  team  development   ac-vi-es  
  4. 4. Personal Relationships Damage! Strengthen! Working Relationships
  5. 5. Discomforts Incidents Misunderstandings Tension CRISIES
  6. 6. 3  “UP’s”  of  Conflict  Media-on   Blow  it  UP   BoLle  It  UP   Fix  It  Up  
  7. 7. 3  “UP’s”  of  Conflict  Media-on   Blow  it  UP  
  8. 8. Case  Study  Numero  Uno   •  RA  Katniss  Everdeen  comes  to  you  because  she   has  a  problem  with  RA  Effie  Trinket.    Everdeen   stated  that  the  other  night  at  9pm  she  heard  loud   noises  coming  from  the  hall.    When  she  went  to   take  a  look,  she  saw  Trinket  bera-ng  her   residents  and  screaming  at  them  to  be  quiet.    As   Trinket  marched  downstairs  she  turned  to   Everdeen  and  told  her  “If  you  won’t  keep  your   residents  under  control,  I  will,”  and  stormed  back   to  her  room.     –  How  would  you  as  AHD  address  this  situa-on?  
  9. 9. 3  “UP’s”  of  Conflict  Media-on   BoLle  It  UP  
  10. 10. Case  Study  LeLre  B   •  You  overhear  RA  Rachel  McAdams  and  RA  Herman   Boone  talking  about  RA  Ryan  Gosling.    McAdams  and   Boone  do  not  feel  as  though  Gosling  is  working  well   with  the  rest  of  the  team.    Whenever  he  is  on  call  the   other  RAs  will  walk  around  the  hall  as  well  because   they  are  not  confident  he  will  actually  do  his  rounds.   Gosling  is  the  last  person  on  every  RAs  list  when  they   need  someone  to  cover  the  duty  phone  because  they   know  he  won’t  be  able  to  help.    Finally,  when  planning   events  in  staff  mee-ngs,  they  purposefully  leave  him   with  the  easiest  tasks  because  they  feel  as  though  him   doing  something  is  at  least  beLer  than  nothing.     –  How  would  you  as  AHD  address  this  situa-on?  
  11. 11. 3  “UP’s”  of  Conflict  Media-on   Fix  It  Up  
  12. 12. AHD  Job  Descrip-on   Staff  Development  and  Support   –  Organize  staff  socials  and  team  development   ac-vi-es   –  Serve  as  a  resource  to  your  fellow  RA  staff  
  13. 13. 8  Rules  for  Effec-ve  Feedback   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Lead  with  Ques-ons   Know  Yourself   Never  give  feedback  when  angry   Know  Who  you’re  talking  to   Only  give  cri-cism  when  invited   Make  sure  you  are  seen  as  having  authority  to   give  feedback   7.  Ask  “Does  the  demand  for  change  reflect  your   needs  or  a  valid  cri-que?”   8.  Expect  Defensiveness,  Change  may  come  later  
  14. 14. At the heart of our loathing of criticism is the fear of exclusion or loss of connection…                       -Peter Gray
  15. 15. AHD  Job  Descrip-on   Staff  Development  and  Support   –  Organize  staff  socials  and  team  development   ac-vi-es   –  Serve  as  a  resource  to  your  fellow  RA  staff   –  Serve  as  a  liaison  between  the  RA  staff  and  HD  
  16. 16. Liaison=Bridge  
  17. 17. Assistant Hall Director To Develop and Support!