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Conference presentation


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Conference presentation

  1. 1. An empowerment approach to improving the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families in South African townships: Action plan for intervention<br />Jean Elphick (MSc Global Health & Development, University College London, 2011)<br />MaAfrica Tikkun<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />In the 17 years post-Apartheid, South Africa has developed one of the most enabling constitutions in the world. However, service provision and societal attitudes have been slow to change in line with policy.<br /> The lives of children with disabilities and their families continue to be characterised by unacceptable levels of on-going human rights violations, discrimination and exclusion.<br />An action plan for intervention is currently being developed and will be implemented through an established South African NGO, MaAfrika Tikkun, from September 2011. <br />
  3. 3. The situation facing children with disabilities in South African townships<br /><ul><li>Extreme poverty
  4. 4. Ubiquitous sexual violence and abuse
  5. 5. Difficulty in accessing an education
  6. 6. Difficulty in accessing health care
  7. 7. Years of waiting for basic assistive devices
  8. 8. Protracted social grant application process
  9. 9. Inaccessible, disabling township environments
  10. 10. Disempowered caregivers, unaware of their </li></ul> rights & responsibilities<br /><ul><li>Unjust prejudice & discrimination
  11. 11. Poor quality & coordination of services available</li></li></ul><li>Developing an action plan strategy<br /> Vision For children with disabilities and their families, to live among their neighbours, as accepted members of society, exercising their rights and responsibilities, and empowered to improve their quality of life<br />
  12. 12. Developing an action plan strategy<br />Mission To provide community-based family-centred support to educate and empower families of children with disabilities to act as agents of change within their homes, community and country by providing the tools to access resources available to help them and campaign for change where services, systems and attitudes exclude children with disabilities<br />
  13. 13. Brainstorming ways of making it happen!<br /><ul><li>Education and empowerment of children with disabilities and their families to advocate for themselves, raise public awareness and exercise their rights and responsibilities
  14. 14. Development of an enabling, non-judgmental and inclusive environment within the local community
  15. 15. Supporting families to cope with the special needs of their children within activities of daily living
  16. 16. Facilitation of access to, and demand for, quality service provision by existing government institutions and other service providers
  17. 17. Development of MaAfrikaTikkun as an inclusive organization</li></ul>To share your ideas or give input please contact Jean Elphick at <br /><br />These pictures were taken with informed consent, please do not reproduce them without permission<br />