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  2. 2. What Is Social Mediasocial media is basically a conversation social media hi whats up?
  3. 3. Using Networks Such As
  4. 4. How Do You Reach Local Consumers Now?
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGIn 2008, global ad spend in the social networking arena exceeded US $2 Billion, with a global spend of over US$4 Billion forecast by 2011 -Cronos Partners
  6. 6. Which Social Media Sites?
  7. 7. SEO & SMO Work Together• Just adding pages and pages of contentas an SEO strategy doesn’t cut it anymore And I’m SMO.• Social Media is the new way to take your Hello. I’m SEO.SEO strategy to the next level• Social Media increases the number ofhigh quality links & targeted traffic
  8. 8. What an Effective SEO/SMO Strategy Will Help With Increase Promote Brand Products Awareness Promote Get Indexed Services Quickly Dominate The Search Engines
  9. 9. Types of Social Media Campaigns and Tools Social Network Campaign  Custom Application Authority Blog Development Social Blogging  Video Optimization & Campaign Syndication Online Brand Reputation  Social Bookmarking Monitoring Campaign Interactive Site Elements  Photo Sharing Campaigns
  10. 10. Social Media ServicesThe key is to work with you to understand your target market and then our team will analzye the industry to see which social media techniques will work best for your market
  11. 11. Our 6 Stage Methodology Social Marketing Analysis Creative Incentivize Concept Development Tracking For Conversation Success Starter Interaction
  12. 12. TheOpportunityCome Join The Conversation
  13. 13. Protect Your Brand ON THE TOP SOCIAL MEDIA SITES
  14. 14. FACEBOOK
  15. 15. By The Numbers…500 Million • Number of current active Facebook users8 BILLION • Number of minutes spent on Facebook each day, worldwide60 MILLION • Number of status updates each day.15 MILLION • Number of users who becomes fans of pages every day4 BILLION • Total number of photos uploaded to Facebook each month.17 MILLION • Number of videos uploaded each month.3 BILLION • Total pieces of content shared by Facebook users each week.6 MILLION • The number of events created on Facebook per month.50 MILLION • Number of active user groups on Facebook. 65 • Number of languages available on the site 26 • Current age of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
  16. 16. Facebook Tips• Add personal profile• 00301237&ref=name• Add a page (business details)• United-Kingdom/WSI-Internet-Marketing- and-Web-Design/135802883003• Add links to blogs, videos, website etc.
  17. 17. YOU TUBE
  18. 18. Use of Social Media TodayMore than 1in 8 viewersmake a purchase after watching avideo ad online eMarketer
  19. 19. YouTube Statistics
  20. 20. YouTube Statistics• 4th Largest Site on the Internet• In January 2010, there were 32 billion VIDEO searches vs 23 billion normal searches• In August 2008, YouTube became the #2 search engine replacing Yahoo• You Tube is owned by Google
  21. 21. YouTube Statistics 77% of users coming to YouTube comeintending to watch 1 video but end up watching several.
  22. 22. WSI ACTUAL CASE STUDYTaking Your Commercials Online Dominating Search With Video
  23. 23. 36 HOURS – FIRST PAGE RANKING 3600 Monthly Searches in Google
  24. 24. Over 16,000 Views
  25. 25. 12,100 MonthlySearches in Google
  26. 26. YouTube Tips• Set up account• uploads• Upload Videos• Tag Videos• Include link to website• Set channel tags(city, state, category)
  27. 27. TWITTER
  28. 28. Twitter Tips• Set up account•• Upload banner image (include text with website URL)• Enter keywords in Bio• Include website URL
  29. 29. LINKEDIN
  30. 30. LINKEDIN
  31. 31. Linked In Tips• Set up account•• My Company = Website URL• My Blog = URL of Blog on Website• My RSS Feed = URL of RSS Feed
  32. 32. Customer Conversion accounts RatesSales perCustomer Revenues
  33. 33. EmployeeCustomer turnover Churn Marketing(attrition) costs Customer Advertising acquisition Hiring costs costs costs
  34. 34. Leveraging SOCIAL MEDIASEO
  35. 35. About WSI WSI is a Global Research and Knowledge based organization, specializing in Strategic Internet Marketing, Online Branding and Business Automation. We are the LARGEST Internet Marketing Consulting Company in the World#1 IT franchise 10 CONSECUTIVE years in a row (ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE)