Niagara College Hospitality Management- Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)


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Niagara College Hospitality Management- Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)

  1. 1. Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant Management (Co-op) Two Years, Ontario College Diploma Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus
  2. 2. Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus
  3. 3. Curriculum The curriculum for the Hospitality Management- Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op) is structured to include all the different sectors of hospitality. To ensure our graduates leave us with the knowledge to pursue all hospitality departments as a career. We are sure to include classes for Hotel operations, Restaurant operations, Tourism, General Business, Mathematics & Accounting and Communication.
  4. 4. Math & Accounting • Mathematics- MATH1107 • a review of the essential basics of business mathematics. Ratio, proportion and percent will be covered. You will examine retail merchandising and pricing models. Both simple and compound interest are used to solve present value and future value problems. Finally, you will explore amortized loan concepts. • Hospitality Accounting I- ACCT1311 • A first introduction to accounting including: the purpose and nature of accounting for external reporting principles; the double entry recording system; measuring the income of a business operation; end of period adjusting entries and merchandise recording emphasizing the perpetual
  5. 5. • Hospitality Management AccountingHOSP1224 • In this course you will learn how to analyze Financial Statements from the perspective of creditors, owners and managers. You will be able to use several methods to facilitate the price setting decision. You will use the relationships between Cost, Price, and Volume to make decisions relative to purchasing, hiring, or making versus buying manufactured subcomponents. You will also prepare and analyze operational budgets to make business decisions.
  6. 6. As well as.. • Cost Control- HOTL1308 • In this course you will be introduced to food and beverage cost control systems, standard costing, manual procedures and gross profit structures in food and beverage operations. You will also apply spreadsheet concepts to the production environment. • Revenue Management- HOSP1320 • In this course you will learn revenue management principles for strategic pricing. You will learn to apply these principles in both the Hotel and Foodservice areas of the Hospitality Industry. Hospitality Sales is a key skill set that you will also study during the semester. You will analyze the decision making process and the functions of a sales person within the Hospitality sector.
  7. 7. Communication • Writing Strategies- COMM1133 • In this course, you will develop college level and workplace communication strategies. These strategies include reading, writing, and research as demonstrated through problem-solving and critical thinking applied in a variety of practical contexts. • Business Communications- COMM1340 • this course will introduce techniques and strategies you can use to present your ideas effectively, to request and provide information, to deliver negative news and to persuade your reader. In addition to written skills, the workplace also requires interpersonal and teamwork skills. You will develop these skills though participating in group activities and authoring group reports.
  8. 8. • Business Reports- COMM1445 • you will learn all aspects of writing and presenting reports and proposals including: analyzing the business situation; selecting appropriate data and information; drawing credible conclusions and making recommendations; and presenting findings effectively using various professional written, visual and oral tools and formats.
  9. 9. Hospitality- Hotels • Accommodation Operations Management- HOTL1519 • examine the lodging operations management structure, reservation systems, room’s inventory management, guest agent procedures/protocol. • Physical Plant Management- HOTL1309 • examine the day-to-day operations of the facilities management team as it relates to the plant and equipment in the accommodation industry. You will also investigate services, equipment, staff and methods used by housekeeping department in hotels and resorts.
  10. 10. General Business • Computer Applications- BUSN1100 • This introductory course in computer applications provides you with a foundation of general computer skills in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel. A significant component of the course will be the development of your ability to use online and computer assisted learning. • E-Commerce in Hospitality- HOSP1525 • focus on the analysis and design of hospitality and information systems and technology applications. You will also be introduced to ecommerce, system development and implementation as well as current/future trends in
  11. 11. • Hospitality Supervision- HOSP1114 • As a supervisor in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, you will be confronted on a daily basis with demands from guests, employees, higher management, and government agencies. This course will help you deal with these demands by increasing your knowledge of human resource management. You will learn how to develop your leadership style, create a safe work environment and enhance the performance of your staff.
  12. 12. Hospitality- Restaurants • Quality Sanitation Management- HOTL1421 • provides you with a systems approach to answering public health concerns, reducing sanitation risk for guests, staff members and owners. You will explore the "importance of food safety and planning in each critical control point from menu planning to service. • Dining Room Service- HOTL1237 • Provide with an opportunity to become proficient with respect to professional dining room service techniques. Includes live demonstrations, scenario analysis and practical “Hands On” problem solving exercises. Learners will be introduced to the essential elements of professional dining room service behavior and team dynamics within a controlled clinical educational environment.
  13. 13. Students in the Dining Room Service class use a hands on approach and participate in the operations of Niagara Colleges acclaimed teaching restaurant, Benchmark.
  14. 14. • Kitchen Techniques for Foodservice Operations- CULN1110 • an introductory course designed to expose you to the inner workings of a food and beverage’s foods service operations kitchen. You will learn about working in a professional, safe and sanitary manner whilst in the kitchen. The course will offer you the opportunity to cook, compare and analyze some rudimentary foods and focus in on some basic culinary skills. • Food Service Operations- HOSP1425 • gain valuable insight into the different types of Foodservices Operations that exist today. There is a strong emphasis on service concepts, customer orientation, understanding operational challenges
  15. 15. • Wine, Spirits and Beer Fundamentals- HOSP1426 • learn the history and production process of wine, spirits and beer. You will learn how to objectively evaluate these products as well as how to market these products in a hotel or restaurant setting.
  16. 16. Hospitality- Tourism • Introduction to Hospitality and TourismHOSP1115 • learn about the size, scope and breathe of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. As you discover and analyze the eight segments of the Tourism Industry you will also be presented with an overview of career opportunities in the marketplace. Your studies will focus on those businesses and organizations that provide services at a national and international level. • Hospitality and Tourism MarketingHOSP1120 • explore the fundamental principles and functions of marketing in the service centric Hospitality and Tourism industry. you will be expected to market and promote destinations to clearly defined target markets
  17. 17. • Tourism Sales- TOUR1322 • acquaint yourself with the decision-making areas of, and problems faced by, the tourism sales force. You will develop a practical master of the sales cycle with a specialized understanding of closing techniques. The duties you will have to perform as a member of a sales team in the field of Tourism will be examined. • Convention and Group ManagementTOUR1421 • acquaint you with the fundamental principles and practices involved in conference and convention planning. It provides an overview of the key functional responsibilities, as well as
  18. 18. Come join us at Niagara College and start making your mark in the Hospitality Industry!