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tHIS is my new ple

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  • My new PLE

    1. 1. LE P nt My e ironm Env r ni ng l Lea sona Per By: Lorena Beatriz Fernández García
    2. 2. ook ceb Fa Facebook is the world's most popular social network website. It makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online. My PLE: Interact Homework Share • • •
    3. 3. T wi tter Twitter, is a social network where you can send short text messages with your friends, or "followers.“ My PLE: •Follows Important pages. •Important People. •Learn some tip
    4. 4. Gmail Gmail, is a search-based e-mail service, which is accessible from a Web browser anywhere in the world. My PLE: •Sharing Document •Send and Receive e-mail Message. •See document of my classmates.
    5. 5. Hotmail Messenger Hotmail, is a important tool , I use Hotmail for sending and receiving emails.
    6. 6. You Tub e  YouTube, for me is a video sharing web site on which users can upload, share, comment on and watch videos. My PLE: • Watch Instructional videos. • Down load
    7. 7. Blogger Blogger, is important tools that which gives us easy access to share an easy way our thoughts about current events , what's going on in your life, or anything else you'd care to discuss for example some important or interesting topic with the world. My PLE: •See Information about some topic. •Share document.
    8. 8. Viber, is an app that help to the people to stay in communication. My PLE: •Ask about the classes.
    9. 9. ZUN AL  Zunal, is an important tool for our development. I use this wed site to share and interact with other people, and also here I can share my knowledge.
    10. 10. RUB I STAR  Rubistar, is a good tool for the professor and also for me because now that I use I can make my rubric more easy.
    11. 11. TWI T TER FEE D  Twitter Feed, is an wed sites where I can link the social network that I use with my blog.
    12. 12. All social network help me to create an space of interaction with different people and also are important for my communication, it just not in the communication also in the study is interesting because via social network I can share my thinking and my knowledge , but I think that are little social network that I have but I guess that the social network that I use are the more important. In conclusion I think the social network have the same propose and is keep in touch.
    13. 13. REFERENCES: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Gmail: • Hotmail: • YouTube: • Blogger: • Viber: q=tbn:ANd9GcQQUhNVWVnOA7TYrA3NqU3NsrfiGQpmHFGCLrAivoYalms_AlT K • Zunal: • RubiStar: • TwitterFeed: