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Presentation 16 may casestudy 2 evalisgreen kaisa unander


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentation 16 may casestudy 2 evalisgreen kaisa unander

  1. 1. Help, the legal deposit for electronicdocuments is hereMMC SeminarHilversum 16th of May 2013Kaisa Unander , National Library in Sweden, Eva-Lis Green , Sveriges Television
  2. 2. Researcher in the future
  3. 3. E-legal depositThe Process started 2003Study 2009– Act in force from the 1 July 2012– From 1th April 2013 for a selected groupof suppliers– From 1th January 2015
  4. 4. The Legal processInvolvementInvolvement
  5. 5. E-legal deposit – the Supplier?• Authorities /incl. universities• Producers with automatic constitutional protection according to the Act ofFreedom of speech, i.e. editors of newspapers, journals, radio and tv-programmes and news agencies.• Professional producers and publishers
  6. 6. Kungl. bibliotket 2012-09-05E-legal deposit – what?• electronic material that is completed and of permanentcharacter.• electronic material that is made available to the general public by”transmission over the network”• has the general public in Sweden as main target group orthe material has a Swedish author or creator or the material ispresented in Swedish to a substantial amount
  7. 7. E-legal deposit – What?• I.e. editorial electronic material that is web unique
  8. 8. E-legal deposit – No legal deposit
  9. 9. E-legal deposit - How? – When?• Carriers- USB:s or cd:s• Alternative ways of delivery: onlinenetwork - ftp, webbformulär, RSS
  10. 10. E-legal deposit – legal regulationsAccording to the e-legal deposit act the National library of Sweden maystipulate certain metadata.Regardless the choice of delivery there must be information about thedelivered files concerning:- Where and when the file was first published- The fileformat- Codes that are needed to enable reading a password-protecteddocument- Relations to other files (for example: an article is structured in text,pictures etc.)- The relation between an e-legal deposit file and an object that ispart of a legal deposit delivery (example: a printed book withpassword-protected exercises on the web)All this is necessary for the long-term preservation and accessibility.
  11. 11. Retrieving IT-system• MIMER
  12. 12. SVT Deliveries• Cant be done in one way of delivery since the different media objects shall bedelivered separately together with additional metadata• Delivery plan• Webb unique video –on demand” - ”SVT built workflow” 1 of April• Articles and stills – ”RSS –feeds” - September at earliest• Live streamed video – recordings (as broadcast) – 1th of August• Open Archive – selection of program and clips not published before- Manual
  13. 13. Standard XML-format for , example 1,2, and 4
  14. 14. For the live streamed video, example 3• The files separately delivered in the same workflow as broadcast• The metadata sent separately from the planning and scheduling system in thesame XML-format as broadcast schedules are sent called “TV-XML”
  15. 15. National Library reflexions
  16. 16. Kungl. bibliotket 2012-09-05E-legal deposit –rights managementAccessability• To whom• When• Where• Open access, CC-licenses, copyright, agreements?• Other countries?
  17. 17. Conclusion• No clear picture concerning the metadata needed for preservation• The National Library has a plan for long term storage and preservation• Does this fit with PREMIS ?
  18. 18. A Happy Researcher in the future ????