What Is Ignite Fitness?


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Ignite! Fitness is a unique forum that spotlights creative health and fitness professionals! Ten speakers will share their current projects, favorite ideas and motivational stories. The catch? They each have 5 minutes and 20 slides to present their thoughts. This fast-paced session is like nothing you've ever seen before at IDEA Health & Fitness Convention (www.IDEAfit.com).

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  • So what exactly is IGNITE FITNESS? Good question!
  • Well, it is an event where 10 health, fitness or wellness professionals from all over the world are selected to share an inspirational story or an interesting idea about fitness in one fast-paced, explosive session!!
  • An exercise physiologists unique perspective on finishing his first marathon. http://www.flickr.com/photos/paco_calvino/1392780778/
  • A personal trainer’s touching story about a client who changed his life forever…
  • The entrepreneur who started a kids fitness program with nothing but video games which lead to the creation of an online competition between UK gamers and US gamers.
  • A group fitness instructor who inspired 22,596 people around the world to perform the Thriller dance simultaneously, breaking world records and raising over 85 thousand dollars for 80 charities!
  • Topics can be about anything and everything, from industry-specific to casual fitness (so long as it’s entertaining, educational, creative and… obviously, ignites our passion for fitness)!!!
  • Oh – and one more thing. Each presenter must share their story in 20 ppt slides in 5 mins – no more, no less. That means each slide gets 15 secs of screen time before the next slide automatically appears. Presenters get in, ignite and get out. Yeah, we figured we would leave those 1-2 hour sessions to the professional conference presenters. At IGNITE FITNESS it’s all about the un-told stories WE DON’T get to hear from the creative, amazing attendees who may not want to present a full- session, but still have so much to share!!!
  • This year, IGNITE FITNESS will premiere its first showcase at IDEA health & fitness WORLD convention in Los Angeles, CA. And we are accepting submissions now for presenters!
  • Here’s the logistics: First you’ve gotta submit at topic idea. (Only if you’re selected will you have to worry about creating ppt slides). For now, simply submit your idea on our website by Friday June 25 th by 5PM EST. In order to for your submission to be considered, you must be attending the IDEA Convention, too. And if chosen, you must be available to present on Friday Aug. 6 th from 400-6:30pm (which is the time of IGNITE FITNESS session).
  • One thing tho: NO BIASES, NO PRODUCT PITCHES OR SALES ABOUT YOUR SERVICES and NO SAMPLE WORKOUTS The fitness expo is the place for all of that… IGNITE FITNESS is about listening to the stories of real attendees from the real-world trenches of the fitness industry.
  • Again… all the rules & regs are on this website: http://tinyurl.com/Ignite-Fitness Read it. Read it again.
  • Are you still wondering if you should submit or not??? Anyway, if we haven’t convinced you yet… how about this incentive. If your topic is selected, besides getting the chance to present at a huge conference in front of your colleagues, sharing your creative passion for fitness… we will we score you some VIP tickets to the exclusive presenter party (where you can get up-close and personal with IDEA presenters!) and if you’re nice to us, we will score you additional fitness swag, too! (And trust me, these freebies are seriously awesome!)
  • And even if you don’t submit – be sure to plan on attending this inspirational session! This is one presentation you won’t want to miss!
  • Well, if you have any additional questions email us: Biray Alsac Or Ryan Halverson
  • What Is Ignite Fitness?

    1. 1. So, what exactly *IS* IGNITE FITNESS?
    2. 2. Fitness Journalists Exercise Physiologists Yogis Pilates Specialist Wellness Professional Nutritionist Group Fitness Instructor Program Designer Athletic Director Health Coach Personal Trainer Kinesiologist
    3. 3. Photo: Paco CT
    4. 4. Photo: Paulo Sena
    5. 6. Ines Markelle
    6. 7. Photo: ViaMoi
    7. 8. Photo: Old Shoe Woman
    8. 9. August 4-8, 2010 Los Angeles, CA http://ideafit.com/ For information about the WORLD conference go to:
    9. 10. http://BeFitWithBiray.com/IgniteFitness Submit your idea on our website by Friday June 25 th by 5PM EST NOTE : You attend the IDEA Convention to be considered. If chosen, you must be available to present on Friday Aug. 6 th from 400-6:30pm
    10. 12. http://BeFitWithBiray.com/IgniteFitness
    11. 13. So, are you going to submit a talk for IGNITE FITNESS?
    12. 14. IGNITE FITNESS at IDEA WORLD SESSION # 439 Friday Aug. 6 th from 400-6:30pm
    13. 15. Contact Us: [email_address] @IgniteFitness4U http://BeFitWithBiray.com/IgniteFitness