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Twitter Pod


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Basic intro to using Twitter in teaching & learning. Presentation for Maricopa Tech Conference 2008 ( a 2-year college.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Twitter Pod

  1. 1. Using TWITTER in Teaching & Learning Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!
  2. 3. These individual messages are called “Tweets”
  3. 4. Create a profile so students and colleagues can keep up with your “Tweets”.
  4. 5. Follow your students or colleagues. (in turn, they can follow you)
  5. 6. Send updates on class assignments, announcements, website URLs, or general info.
  6. 7. Your updates will show up on your timeline.
  7. 8. Tweets with “@” plus Twitter username means you are replying to someone else’s tweet. @dncr4u3
  8. 9. You can send a private message directly to a Twitter user, too.
  9. 10. And the updates of your followers (students/colleagues) will also show up on your timeline.
  10. 11. Set up your Twitter with your mobile and send and receive updates from your phone
  11. 12. Grab the Twitter code and embed your updates or timeline on your blog or social network.
  12. 13. So… “ What are you doing?” Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!