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Technology in 2023


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Technology in 2023

  1. 1. BY: Brandon Dunn Kai Dominguez
  2. 2. • What will the technology be in 2023?•We will never know the answer.•Technology changes everyday, inventors invent newand created things constantly pushing the envelope oftechnology. Its limitless on how far technology can go.
  3. 3. Computers Now Computers are what runs our world today from schools to businesses to homes. Computers help us connect to people in our lives with Facebook Skype Oovoo and others. Without our computers todays world would be so much more difficult.
  4. 4. Computer in the Future In the future computer will improve One thing I believe is it will be more visually projected. They make computer visual in movies all the time but I believe it will be brought to life. Some movies you see it in that I want to use as examples are I Robot and IronMan
  5. 5. Education Technology Now Some things that are used in education are Smartboards, Computers, and projectors Also we use Online classes for college work another way we use education technology.
  6. 6. Education Technology Future In the future I believe things will be used more visual as well. Things such as Ipads and Macbook with projectors will be used to help education better throughout the world.
  7. 7. •Apple has invented a new morein-depth us of the voice servicecalled siri.• You can ask more questionsand tell it do more variety ofthings.• It helps the user become moreorganized on the daily basis
  8. 8. •I believe in the future apple willmake the use of siri virtual.• Siri will be able to come from youriphone in a hologram form and willbe able to-do more things then makea call.•For example siri can come inhologram from and do things insteadof popping up on your phone it willpop out the phone making anphysical appearance.