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Not a presentation per se, but more like a PPT newsletter. Was developed for an internal audience of strategists to demonstrate point-in-time understanding of moms in key markets around the world. Not client, brand or even category-specific. If you use some or all of this, I'd love to know what, how and why.

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Winning MOMentum jan 2013

  1. 1. WinningMOMentum Greetings from the Global Mom HEC team! Over the past year, we have steeped ourselves in Mom learning, combed through insights and listened to what Moms are buzzing about. Moms are the queens of the household—as influencer, gatekeeper, shopper and key decision maker. All activities and decisions start with her. For many brands, winning Mom is key to brand momentum. In recognition of Mom’s centricity to all experiences relating to family and home, we wanted to kick off this new year by sharing some fresh thinking and insights about what matters most to her. Towards the end of 2012, we asked several Mom experts in key global markets to provide their perspective on local Moms. The same three questions were sent out to network strategists in each market. By weaving in local market threads with each market in its own voice, we hope to share a tapestry of global Moms. What follows is a rich market-level view that, taken together, layers into a portrait of Moms around the world. In addition to strategist perspectives, we tapped our global community of Moms to talk to us about what’s on their mind and pulled together some key stats on why Mom’s voice is an important one for your brand and target. Read on for a point-in-time view of Moms around the world.
  2. 2. CONTENTS CONTENTSArgentina 3-4China 5-6Colombia 7-8France 9-10India 11-12Mexico 13-14Russia 15-16UK 17-18US 19-20
  3. 3. ARGENTINA PERSPECTIVE Written by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS GET MOMS TALKING HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Maria Yahari In 2012, which brand campaign Who or what got Moms buzzing What’s an interesting mobile or How can mobile phones be Franziska Matthay resonated most with Moms? during 2012? social app to watch with Moms? reimagined to make lives easier? Making kids protagonists in their Preparing children for a more In 2012, two Argentinean business Features that would make the communities and encouraging successful economic future is getting women launched their start up shopping process easier, would environmental consciousness are much focus by Argentinean Moms. project “”. provide immediate improvement meaningful connection points with for Argentinean Moms. Moms 24% Argentinean Moms. Argentina is currently undergoing a critical economic situation. High This new social network seeks to connect working Moms with are passionate about finding offers, mobile payment optionsOwn a smartphone1 Mondeléz International’s “Tang inflation has been and still is a huge nannies more professionally. This and shopping list enhancement Bicibus” campaign featured the issue. concept already exists in countries solutions: achievement of all the kids who like the US, but it is still is an Moms see themselves affected daily participated in the drink package when planning and managing untapped territory in South “…an app that would recycling program that was America . developed by Tang and TerraCycle budgets to sustain the family’s basic recognize the product by 57% in 2011. needs. Lower spending power increases Mom’s desire to guarantee With a growing number of working taking a picture of it andListen to music on women and more needs for support automatically put it onto This unique recycling program is educational success for her kids. At their phone2 still running and has generated the same time, it lowers her ability resources for working Moms, this my shopping list. I lose has been an under-estimated around 1.700 “Brigadas Tang” – to do so. opportunity until now. a lot of time working out self-organized teams of children, Public school is perceived to be low my hand-written or family and school groups. Across The social community seeks manual lists” quality, but is more accessible for the country, these Brigadas Tang bringing effectiveness and 16 / 7 collected 2.5000.000 packages that will be recycled into new, many Argentinean families Private education and the continual demand transparency into the emerging childcare decisions in Argentina. Moms are also intrigued by potential mobile phone usage# of mobile apps / for child development and eco-friendly products. amplifications such as using the enrichment activities are costly. # actually used2 With a rise in working parents, the We are curious to see how this device as a remote control for her Tang and TerraCycle committed to will be adopted over the year. TV and all other household donating 10 Centavos per package earlier childcare need is another expensive investment. These have appliances. In the future, she to each ONG or public school that could see herself controlling and the teams chose, resulting in become core topics and concerns among Moms who seek to prepare connecting to her car using her 250.000 pesos for institutions mobile phone. across Argentina to date. their kids for a more demanding future against economic challenges.1 RCR Wireless. May 2012; 2 Google’s Our Mobile Planet study, 2012Watch the Tang Bicibus campaign: and check out 3
  4. 4. MOMS TALK BACK SMG Mom Community WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? FUTURES BEGIN TODAY Involved Parenting THE FINAL WORD A direct pathway into Mom’s mind Opportunities to support Mom’s There is a desire for resources Random musings from the mouth Local Mom maestro: work to secure her child’s future. 6 that help parents teach their of Moms.6 Franziska Matthay children ethics, social and Moms HEC, LatAm As Mom detectives, we used Given the country’s economic environmental consciousness. On whether a tablet is worth the netnography and chatted up the uncertainty, Argentinean Moms feel investment: Moms in our proprietary online Moms want to help identify their 91% community to give you some point- increasing pressure to do what they can to make their child’s future more children’s talents and provide “It does not replace a in-time clues about the mysterious secure. them with tools and resources of Argentina’s needed to foster and build those computer, but it does go inner workings of the motherhood. online population There are opportunities to help and talents. where the computer cannot. on Facebook4 You may think you know Mom, but support Mom’s efforts. To improve Sometimes I like to spend some common assumptions may be her child’s future, she will take Parents have increased need to connect with their children to the day outdoors. This red herrings… action in three core areas: build life skills that will enable allows me to relax. As long SHOPPING MIGRATION development of desired values, as I have mobile internet, Financial Management Argentinean Moms look to shop Moms need to manage budgets work ethic and self-sufficiency. with a tablet it is possible to the most budget-effective way.6 get work done from closely and find more ways to save Family budgets are not plentiful, money. Additionally, there is a need anywhere.” nor does money stretch far in to protect and diversify family Argentina. income sources to guarantee funds On Moms being friends with for good education. teenage children: "El Raton Argentinean Moms would be motivated to shop more online if “Moms have to set Technology Perez" it was the most cost effective channel. They will go where the Moms know that being tech savvy is boundaries and limits areArgentina’s version best deals are to be found. critical for future success. This part of that makes them more open to equipping education. Sometimesof the tooth fairy5 their children with emerging “…in our country, our technology and devices. It also teenagers do not family’s budget must be makes them more eager to learn understand, but as more “productive,” our themselves. happened with us, the effort money is very devalued” is appreciated with age.” 4 Comscore, 2012; 5, 2012; 6 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse Netnography Image credit: Dan Heller’s Tumblr: 4
  5. 5. CHINA PERSPECTIVE Written by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS GET MOMS TALKING HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Cherry Tan In 2012, which brand campaign Who or what got Moms buzzing What’s an interesting mobile or How can mobile phones be Silver Duo resonated most with Moms? during 2012? social app to watch with Moms? reimagined to make lives easier? A video that resonated greatly among Among Chinese Moms there is Microblogging sites are successful Like their global counterparts, the Chinese Moms was not a product ongoing debate about whether it is among the Chinese, including mobile phone has become an or brand campaign, but rather an better for a working mom to leave her Moms. Only four years old, there essential and indispensable tool amateur-produced ‘public service job to stay home with her baby or are 400MM active Weibo accounts. for Chinese Moms. Recently, 59% advertisement’ about family. It got many views on Sohu, a Chinese leave the child with the grandparents. Weibo has fostered development of online communities around shared Chinese Moms were asked to reimagine mobile phones to be of the population internet video platform similar to Most Chinese women go back to interests and facilitates self- even more convenient and useful with internet work after having a child, leaving expression. This may not be unique Youtube. In China, PSAs videos for everyday Mom use. a void at home. As a result, in the Western world, but it is a access1 share a personal point of view about grandparents have stepped in and are Many of their ideas for a mobile themes valued by the Chinese. gamechanger for China. increasingly becoming primary phone designed with Mom in The video was produced by a recent caretakers of their grandchildren. On Weibo, you’ll find Chinese moms mind included voice recognition 33% college graduate as a way to publicly Some middle class parents hire a full congregating and connecting. Weibo has become the primary and artificial intelligence. recognize and honor his mother. In smartphone the video, the young man tells about time nanny to take care of the baby source of real-time, local Sometimes, Mom don’t have a penetration in while they work. However, there are ‘uncensored’ thoughts, perspective free hand to use her phone. What how he came from a poor family. many parents who don’t have the if the phone could recognize and China2 His father passed away when he resources to do so or who are and news. Moms share interests, was young, so his mother raised him advice and resources in an open respond to Mom’s voice unwillingly to hire a stranger to be exchange in a way they could not commands? alone. He expressed gratitude for their child’s primary caregiver. before. Popular recent topics have his mother’s sacrifice to provide him 19 / 8 with an education that meant more and better options for his life. Grandparents may have not recently included conversations about love and romance, parenting strategies What if Mom’s ‘smartphone’ actually had some artificial practiced parenting skills or may have intelligence?# of apps on phone a style the mother does not want for and challenges, dealing with aging/ # actually used2 The video story demonstrated his parents, local government and more. her child. Different generational As Mom used her phone, it would love and respect for his mother and parenting styles have led to clashes. ‘learn’ her desires, understand her also how mothers sacrifice for their Over 22% of the online Chinese needs and ‘predict’ how to meet families and children. Public shows Moms are struggling with what to do. population uses Weibo as their them. The phone could give her of emotion and acknowledgment are Should they leave the child to their primary connection platform. Usage personalized reminders and rare in China, and Moms were deeply parents or quit their job to take care remains a huge opportunity area for suggestions transforming it from a touched by his story and his gratitude. of their children themselves? communication with brand fans and functional tool to a mind-reader. for yourself prospects and will evolve over time.1 eMarketer, May 2012; 2 Google’s Our Mobile Planet study, 2012Watch the Mom PSA: 5
  6. 6. MOMS TALK BACKSMG Mom Community WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? SHOPPING MIGRATION THE WIRED HOME THE FINAL WORDLocal Mom maestro: A direct pathway into Mom’s mind Chinese Moms want online Chinese Moms envision tech- Random musings from the Cherry Tan shopping to carry less risk.5 enhanced living. 5 mouth of Moms.6 Moms HEC, China As Mom detectives, we used For Chinese Moms, online buying One of 2012’s hottest Weibo topics When it comes to technology, netnography and chatted up the would increase if there was lower Chinese Moms embrace change and was completing the prompt ‘My Moms in our proprietary online perceived risk. To shift more spend innovation. In fact, they demand it. Mom is always saying.’ This community to give you some point- online, Chinese Moms need more received hundreds of responses in-time clues about the mysterious guarantees. When Moms think about how that showcased the perspective inner workings of the motherhood. technology will be enhancing their and advice commonly given by <1 You may think you know Mom, but Like Moms in other markets, Chinese Moms are also concerned about price lives in the future, they imagine technology embedded into their Chinese mothers. % of Chinese on some common assumptions may competitiveness, payment security, homes and home products. Based on volumes of pasts, some be red herrings… on-time delivery and return options. of the most ‘familiar’ sayings of Facebook3 To Chinese Moms, technology will Chinese Moms include: However, unlike other markets, be so accessible that it will be UNGATED CONTENT Chinese Moms are particularly “Youth these days don’t know integrated into every facet of their Chinese Moms value content how to “eat bitter.” If you KNITTING channels with fewer restrictions.5 sensitive to guarantees about product quality and service commitments. daily lives. Moms envision this as the way of the future. enjoy life too much as aWhat ‘tweeting’ is Video is an important media format China struggles with counterfeits, so Chinese Moms dream of living with youth, your older years will called on weibo for Chinese Moms. For video, Moms Chinese moms need online technology such as 3D TVs. Remote be harder. “ overwhelmingly prefer watching microblogs4 guarantees of product authenticity to controlled cameras for setting up the “Good fortune in life is not to online rather than on TVs. protect them from fakes and perfect shot and even smart robots unreliable goods or sellers. They that will do household chores like meet the best person, but to For the Chinese who have struggled with censorship and restricted access want to be reassured about merchant cleaning and laundry to Mom’s meet the person who will be dependability as well as post-sale exacting specifications. accompany you into old age.” to content, the online channel seems service commitment. a less restrictive option. Moms also envision shape-shifting And of course, popular questions While the online market provides portable technology to meet asked by Moms around the world: Online access is real-time, without access to more choices, it also changing environmental needs. For commercial interruptions and can be “Why haven’t you found work opens the door for shady sellers and example, maybe there is a ‘laptab’ shared via Weibo. There is much more on-demand control and access questionable goods. Guarantees that at home takes the shape of a yet? You have no boyfriend! to a broader and less censored would help safeguard the online laptop and when mobile changes When are you going to shopping experience and provide into a tablet. get married?” content. greater buyer reassurance for Moms.3 Social Bakers China, 2012; 4 5 SMG Mom Community / Pulse Netnography; 6 6
  7. 7. COLOMBIA PERSPECTIVE Written by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS This humorous and non- HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Pilar Tinjaca In 2012, which brand campaign conventional detergent brand What’s an interesting mobile or How can mobile phones be campaign was very engaging to Franziska Matthay resonated most with Moms? social app to watch with Moms? reimagined to make lives easier?4 Colombian Moms. It resonated due The detergent “Ace” has a relatively to the well-chosen local celebrity It will be interesting to see how Colombian Moms have an interest low penetration rate in the and the fresh portrayal of an Moms adopt and use Instagram. in voice recognition. This would Colombian market. However, the “irreverent” Mom hero. We expect this app to become allow Mom to control her phone 54% brand created attention this year by launching a campaign that It also connected meaningfully increasingly popular among Moms throughout the year. while her hands are occupied. Mom could speak to her phone and through the authenticity of Moms Of the population challenged typical detergent confronting their child’s have it respond to her to locate it at marketing. With a growth of high-res, camera- the bottom of her handbag. has internet transformation from adolescence to equipped smartphones and the access1 The protagonist mom – a famous young adulthood in a market where growing popularity of mobile In addition to being convenient, Colombian actress and comedian – it’s very common for kids to live operating systems such as iOS and voice recognition could also finds a maltreated bra that once was more years in their parents’ home. Android, Instagram has become an simplify device usage. Mom could $6,100 white, but is now gray in his young attractive mobile application. bypass lengthy or complicated adult son’s room. The mom GET MOMS TALKING Instagram is closely approaching thephone menus by saying aloud what Average annual confronts her son’s girlfriend Who or what got Moms buzzing country’s top 10 most downloaded she wants the phone to do. Voice without knowing that the bra is not during 2012? mobile applications. recognition would even help avoid income in US hers. It actually belongs to one of fraud by recognizing and dollars2 her son’s five other lovers, one of The Olympic Games touched Since ‘Mamarazzis’ are tremendously authenticating her voice when whom is a famous Colombian Colombian Moms this year keen on taking pictures of their Mom accesses her phone. model. especially due to the achievements children and documented family of female Colombian cyclist moments, we believe that this app Security is quite an issue in recent 88% The spot is the trailer of a mystery amplified throughout multiple media Mariana Pajón. will revolutionize Moms’ ability to years, especially in Bogotá, with photograph, document and share her increasing cell phone robberyof Colombians have vehicles including social. She won her first and the country’s favorite experiences. cases. Comments by MIC Moms Consumers are asked to figure out second gold medal in its entire reflect this current concern: a mobile phone3 Olympic history. the answer to “Whose maltreated, “Devices should look differently gray bra is this?” The Colombian Government even to be easier to camouflage the awarded her the “Orden de phone and avoid robbery. It Boyacá”, a highly honorific medal should also have an integrated for outstanding services to the alarm system to surprise and homeland. frighten the thieves.”1 Internet World Stats, 2012; 2 World Bank, 2012; 3 La Razon, 2011; 4 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse NetnographyWatch the Ace campaign: and also here: 7
  8. 8. MOMS TALK BACK SMG Mom Community WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? FUTURES BEGIN TODAY THE HOT LIST THE FINAL WORD Local Mom maestro: A direct pathway into Mom’s mind Opportunities to support Mom’s Security concerns aside, Moms Random musings from the Franziska Matthay work to secure her child’s future.6 still want the latest and greatest.6 mouth of Moms.6 Moms HEC, LatAm As Mom detectives, we used Moms are increasingly faced with In spite of concerns about theft, On what Mom won’t leave home netnography and chatted up the challenges to balancing family and fraud and security, Moms still without: Moms in our proprietary online work-life. As Colombian Moms highly desire technological community to give you some point- continue to become integrated into devices. “I do not go anywhere in-time clues about the mysterious the labour markets across the region, without my lipstick, a inner workings of the motherhood. they are faced with a shortage of Like other areas of the world, 89% You may think you know Mom, but time and a growing number of demands personal portable technology such as tablets and smartphones are small vial of perfume, a hair brush and my of Colombia’s some common assumptions may desired by Colombian Moms also. sunglasses .”online population be red herrings… To counter this, Moms plan to make However, there is also a desire more time by reorganizing for high tech family entertainment on Facebook5 SHOPPING MIGRATION themselves through work schedule On strategies for sticking to a at home. Next-generation TVs budget: Colombian Moms have concerns redefinitions, household assistant are hot items for the Mom set. about online shopping.6 contracting or home officing. “Imagine being a single SHAKIRA Significant distrust hinders Moms However, Moms are also thinking Mom. It’s a little difficult,is the reigning fan from doing more shopping online. about ways to engage differently but I think the basis of Based on warnings about the safety with their children. They are looking success is organization. favorite on of online payments, Moms remain for greater participation in their Facebook5 cautious and hesitant. children’s activities and interests. Nothing is impossible, Colombian Moms want to get more but I have to distinguish Rampant data theft and payment involved in the their children’s world what are priorities. fraud is suspected. There is also a and daily challenges, including their predisposition towards vendor I purchase for quality, education and career development. mistrust with Moms questioning not quantity so that I have whether they will actually receive fewer things, but better. what has been sold to them. Doing like this has been “…I must be completely what works for me.” confident that the sites have measures to avoid abuse”5 Comscore, 2012; 6 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse NetnographyImage credits: YMCblog, 8
  9. 9. FRANCE PERSPECTIVE Written by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS GET MOMS TALKING HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Julie Devinant In 2012, which brand campaign Who or what got Moms buzzing What’s an interesting mobile or What will Moms be doing more of resonated most with Moms? during 2012? social app to watch with Moms? in social or mobile this year? In France the one that is our In reaction to the “Mommy Wars” Maman in the City Is an A quantitative study recently favorite is the Nestle Guigoz in the US, 2012 was full of press application winking at Carrie conducted by the French Moms campaign “Let’s talk Baby”. It was articles focusing on the parenting Bradshaw and the Sex and the City team on Moms and mobile usage impactful among Moms and style controversy. phenomenon. found that French Moms use their France offers the gathered many positive reactions. mobile phones and tablets This iPhone and iPad application is differently. WORLD’S The strength of the campaign was the focus on babies and what they dedicated to our urban and busy Moms who want to remain aware Mobile phones are used much BEST think when we talk to them. In a very funny way, we were put in and on top. more practically for in-the-moment communication and immediatematernity benefits1 the babies’ heads realizing what The application allows Moms to information access. Nearly 60% of they think when we address them easily find a baby-sitter, a trendy French Moms use their mobile with words that have no real evening party or leisure ideas and phones primarily to call peers. The 2012 book written by Pamela information. The biggest cities in Popular mobile apps supported the meaning. This commercial Druckerman “Bringing Up Bebe: France are involved: Lyon, use of the mobile for immediacy 1,153,157 featured clever insight into how people talk to babies. The One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting» Marseille, Paris, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse and expedient information access. emotional appeal connected with GPS/maps, locator, banking andViews of Nestle’s was a little bomb that triggered and Nice. news apps continue to be most Moms.campaign to date2 even more articles and front pages. popular. The brand also developed a fully This application perfectly Even if most of our Moms In contrast, Mom’s tablet usage is integrated campaign with an OOH resonates with our French remained spectators of this much more around passion points plan inviting people to scan QR interests: how to combine a controversy, it has been the biggest and deep-dive information hunting codes and discover online what mother and a woman’s life, how to Mommy noise in our French press. when time is less of an issue. babies were saying. gain more time to do everything they want and how to use There is great opportunity for The uproar led to our effort to technology - especially Mom-interest apps for tablet better understand what it is to be a smartphones - to be always more users. Use of social features is French Mom in 2012. We efficient. more of an emphasis for tablets as conducted an investigation which French Moms love to share tips led us to develop a unique French and discoveries with the French perspective on the Mommy Wars* mommysphere.1; 2 YouTubeWatch Nestle Guigoz’s campaign: 9*For a French perspective on the Mommy Wars, contact Julie and team.
  10. 10. MOMS TALK BACK SMG Mom Community WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? Though it may vary from the THE HOT LIST THE FINAL WORD A direct pathway into Mom’s mind perspective of native French Moms, Local Mom maestro: Tactile, self-expressive items are Random musings from the experience the inimitable magic Julie Devinant popular among French children. 4 mouth of Moms.4 of the Parisian experience through Moms HEC, France As Mom detectives, we used the eyes of an ex-pat: French children are entranced by On how the French pregnancy netnography and chatted up the things that engage their imagination, experience compares to other Moms in our proprietary online “Paris is one of the few their senses and enable them to European countries: community to give you some point- major metropolitan centers express themselves. in-time clues about the mysterious that provides a much needed “They treat expectant inner workings of the motherhood. respite from the “race.” Xoomy, a toddler tablet was a Mums like popular holiday request. Other treasures here.” 60% You may think you know Mom, but some common assumptions may be It’s a place to catch one’s popular toys include board games such as Mastermind and Monopoly, of mothers with red herrings… breath long enough to and Playmobil sets. On favorite foods: young children properly look outward (and inward), interpret Art supplies that facilitate creativity “I am French so for me it return to work3 SHOPPING PREFERENCES Online may be easier, but strolling and express. are also desired. While girls remain is the general pastry or the stores remains preferred.4 drawn to makeup palettes, boys are the gratins.” In a world where doing drawn to the pleasure of sweets 2 out of 3 French Moms see online shopping as offering greater convenience, and achieving seem to have and chocolates. On where French Moms love French children of but not their preferred way to overtaken all else, Paris 2013 RESOLUTIONS to vacation:working parents are shop. remains a city devoted to French Moms look to self- “The Mauritius Islands -cared for a nanny3 ideas, discussion and the improvement with benefits.4 Over half of French Moms prefer to simply amazing. The shop in-store. pleasures linked to the French Moms are family-focused when landscape, the food, the senses, rather than to it comes to personal goals for 2013. Online shopping offers high tech people...everything was material things. They are looking for ways to improve for routinized purchases. But, for the emotional and economic health of wonderful !” high touch purchases, the sensory “Philosopher” is still a their families. Summing up the 2013 pleasures of the Parisian shopping recognized and accepted resolution theme of Moms: “I love London, best experience that a store provides is job description here.” shopping experience impossible to replicate through “I will get a new job and be a technology. ever.” - HIPPARIS Mom blog better wife and Mum.”3 Insee, 2011; 4 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse Netnography 10
  11. 11. INDIA PERSPECTIVEWritten by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS GET MOMS TALKING HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Aarti Bharadwaj In 2012, which brand campaign Who or what got Moms buzzing What’s an interesting mobile or What will Moms be doing more ofGautham Ram Pingali resonated most with Moms? during 2012? social app to watch with Moms? in social or mobile this year? Sujata Dwibedy In India, a brand that definitely has The Olympics fueled many The NDTV Cooks mobile application We expect there may some Sulina Menon left a mark on moms of multiple conversations among and about will become increasingly popular mobile apps developed to help generations is ‘Woodward’s Gripe Moms this summer. Given exposure among working Indian Moms with mothers to better keep in touch Water.’ When a baby is upset, and visibility through P&G’s the need to manage household meal with their children during the everyone around is unhappy. Gripe Olympics TV campaign, Moms were planning and preparation. school day without being too Water is a product developed to both involved in and the subject of intrusive. 37% relieve gas and soothe crying babies. It has been an integral part of mothers’ conversations this year. For Moms who would love to churn up food that the family would love, Between the two cases in of the Indian lives for over 100 years. One inspiring Mom who generated without having to waste time Norway which have been flashed much discussion and inspiration finding a recipe, this app is apt. It across media and the US schoolpopulation owns a Brand messaging features the product was Mary Kom. Mary Kom is a catalogs hundreds of recipes from shooting in Connecticut, Indian smartphone1 rescuing upset mothers who cannot female Indian boxer. She is a five- leading Indian chefs with detail parents are rethinking how and to stop their baby’s crying from irritating time World Boxing Champion. The about how to prepare them at home. what extent they communicate all those around. Soothing the baby only Indian woman boxer to have with and monitor their children. soothes everyone. In 2012, advertising qualified for the Olympics, she won For working Moms who do not haveSAMSUNG played on a heritage of success, but has the bronze. shifted to present the product as the time to cook, the app also enables Another growing concern among searching for restaurants by cuisine, Indian Moms is the safety of Is the top-selling solution for children having any trouble. The fact that she has succeeded in a location, special offers or reviews. children while commuting to and mobile brand in physically-demanding and from school, as well as during the India2 Nearly all Indian Moms have an traditionally male sport while a Moms can even place restaurant school day itself. Keeping emotional connection with the product. mother of two is an inspiring orders from within the application, children safe and protected and Product use has been passed down example for many Indian mothers. selecting individual menu items and teaching them to protect over generations. Recently, my sister scheduling pick-up or home delivery. themselves is a growing concern. had a baby. My mother and my sister’s Not only does it illustrate that girls in-laws separately flew from India to and women can succeed on a Currently, the application provides the US to help her with the baby. different playing field, but it inspires coverage in four major Indian cities, Both carried a fair supply of working Indian women who are but due to popularity is expanding to Woodward’s Gripe Water for my niece often forced to chose between eight more within this year. as it was used on my sister when career and kids. This summer, she was a baby. The brand continues Mary Kom gave Indian Moms a lot to be ingrained with Indian mothers. to talk about.1 eMarketer, May 2012; 2 India Times, 2012Watch the Woodward’s Gripe Water spots: and also credit: SMG Moms MIC 11
  12. 12. MOMS TALK BACK WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? 2013 RESOLUTIONS THE HOT LIST THE FINAL WORD SMG Mom Community A direct pathway into Mom’s mind Indian Moms seek inner Portable personal technology is Random musings from the tranquility.5 popular among Moms.5 mouth of Moms.5 As Mom detectives, we used Indian Moms occasionally feel Though they may come at a price, On how technology has impacted netnography and chatted up the overwhelmed by the constant din Indian Moms remain entranced by childhood: Moms in our proprietary online and growing demands of mobile devices. Increasingly they community to give you some point- technology, family, work and are interested in technology that “Technology has made in-time clues about the mysterious household pressures, facilitates experiences that mother children lethargic. We inner workings of the motherhood. and child can enjoy together. 5% You may think you know Mom, but They seek feel more centered, to seek a respite from the whirl of In India and like much of the rest would walk 1-3 km without fuss. If my kids go to a of the Indian some common assumptions may be pressures around them. See below of the world, the technology friend’s place they will not population is on red herrings… for how some Indian Moms intend most-wanted by Moms and their go walking. They will take Facebook3 to reclaim tranquility this year. kids include: MOBILE REIMAGINED More importantly, what can your a rikshaw or invite them to Increasing phone dependency may brand do or stop doing to help • Tablets chat on Face Book. “ conflict with focused family time.5 them achieve it? • iPads and iPad Minis • iPhones On how it feels like today’s world is 1 in 3 Indian Moms find themselves conflicted about the deepening “…meditate more, talk less, lead a • Nintendo Wii and Wii U less safe for children: Indian internet Speaking of hot technology, integration of their mobile phones more peaceful life.” according to a 2012 study “Sometime I feel todayusers are women4 into daily life. conducted by Cartoon Network, there is no one whom I can Moms view their phones as “…be less angry.” 1 in 10 Indian kids have regular trust. I remember when I essential and enjoy them, yet there access to a mobile phone. was a kid, I sometimes is a nagging suspicion that the “…spend more time with played at my neighbours technology can diminish focused my daughter.” home, when my mom was family time. “…spend more time with out for some important “The phone helps things to be my daughter.” work or just for a change. done much faster. But it puts pressure all the time to do even Today, I dont think I can more. Sometimes, I feel I have leave my kids like that.” to steal time for my family.”3 Social Bakers India, 2012; 4 ComScore, 2010; 5 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse Netnography 12
  13. 13. MEXICO PERSPECTIVEWritten by: MOM-LOVED CAMPAIGNS GET MOMS TALKING HEY, WATCH THIS! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST Andrea Lopez-Bancalari In 2012, which brand campaign Who or what got Moms buzzing What’s an interesting mobile or How can mobile phones be Lourdes Hernandez resonated most with Moms? during 2012? social app to watch with Moms? reimagined to make lives easier? Franziska Matthay For Mexican Moms, Coca-Cola’s Rallying together against breast Two different social apps seem to Mobile-enabled child safety fruit juice brand “Jugos del Valle” cancer is an emotional cause for be capturing the interest and connection is of great interest to campaign stood out. Designed to many Mexican Moms. Men, attention of Mexican Moms. Moms in Mexico. For many strengthen the brand’s “the secret is women and children unite in a Moms, “hyper-parenting” phone love” positioning, the campaign stand “against breast cancer.” Increasingly, more Moms are features that would allow them charmed moms by taking an Breast cancer is highly relevant to attracted to social gaming. to better keep track of their kids 20% unexpected approach. Moms who join together to spread the movement. Especially Zynga’s Farmville has caught Moms’ attention. As are an appealing area with significant opportunity.Own a smartphone1 Inspired by the positive effects of many Mexican Moms are already showing love to somebody, the Every year in October, many brands actively connecting through Adding age-appropriate controls brand featured a romantic ballad of sponsor highly visible and Facebook, embedded games such and features that improve Mom’s love sung by “Chayanne” – a publicized events and activities as FarmVille enable them to play ability to actively monitor her famous Puerto Rican male singer that bring people together in support games with their network of 81% child’s safety gives Mom a sense well-known among and highly of women’s health. This year the friends in a social forum Moms of relief and reassurance. appealing to Latin American initiative expanded to involve the are already using. of smartphone women. Instead of singing a song Mexican Soccer League. Teams “Ah! I would be to be owners watch of affection and gratitude to adoring and referees committed to dress in The other app to watch this year women viewers, Chayanne instead pink to increase awareness levels with Mexican Moms is Pinterest, able to connect my phone online videos2 sang to the orange trees that and give visibility to the cause. It has been a phenomenon in the to our home surveillance produce the Jugos del Valle that he US and is moving to Latin camera so that I could loves. America. Mexico is one of the always see my children 18 / 8 The fresh approach, sweet idea and leading adopting countries, with Moms leading the way. Moms when I am not with them# of apps on phone / the association of Chayanne with already love connecting and and keep watch over them love songs, helped Moms sharing – particularly with food, # actually used2 emotionally connect to the from wherever I am. friends and family. We are campaign. The song used was excited to see how Moms use That would be great!” already familiar to Mexican Moms Pinterest and are sure this will be as it is part of one of the country’s a fascinating platform for Moms highest-rated telenovelas. to experiment with in 2013. 1 RCR Wireless, May 2012; 2 Google’s Our Mobile Planet study, 2012 Enjoy some juicy action: 13
  14. 14. MOMS TALK BACKSMG Mom Community WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? FUTURES BEGIN TODAY THE HOT LIST THE FINAL WORDLocal Mom maestro: A direct pathway into Mom’s mind The traditional view of Mom as Among Mexican Moms, the tablet Random musings from the Franziska Matthay housewife is becoming history. 5 reigns supreme.5 mouth of Moms.5 Moms HEC, LatAm As Mom detectives, we used The Mexican “ama de casa” may Everybody talks about and dreams On the responsibility of parenting netnography and chatted up the soon be an artifact of the past. of tablets and this also resonates a teenager: Moms in our proprietary online Regionally, Mexico is still facing a among our Moms. community to give you some point- predominantly traditional of Moms as “Both the future and the in-time clues about the mysterious housewife. But there is a noticeable The tablet is the most aspirational present of our teenagers inner workings of the motherhood. evolution underway to shift to a technology device. However, more progressive view of Moms. is our responsibility and Moms also strongly desire to 90% You may think you know Mom, but some common assumptions may Mexican Moms themselves are keep up with the latest mobile we must always clear and direct them to advise phone technology. Both theof Mexico’s online be red herrings… actually signaling a changing iPhone 5 and Android-operated people that are good for population on self-perception that brands should smartphones are popular wants. SHOPPING MIGRATION be taking note of. them, their families and Facebook4 A relevant product assortment is wider community.” key for Mexican Moms.5 In Mexico, Moms are transforming into the role of modern professional On personal financial philosophy: Mexican Moms are selective about women. Increasingly, modern Moms MANA assortment. When shopping, they do not want to be seen as a “Make the most of everyIs the reigning fan want variety and relevance. dependent caretaker and homemaker. penny . To multiply (what Instead, they are evolving towards a favorite on Currently, online shopping doesn’t more independent definition of what you have), share with Facebook4 seem to make selection of relevant it means to be a mother. Moms are those who have less.” products easier for Moms. Moms becoming more engaged, creative, would shop online more often if self-expressive and technology savvy. On forgiving and forgetting: there was both selection variety and filters to easily identify relevant The desire to move beyond Mexico’s “I forgive, but if the brands and products. more culturally traditional perception offense is great I would “…more product variety and of ‘Mom’ will have a profound not wish anything bad impact on her motivations, shopping better product descriptions.” behaviours and lifestyle expressions. but would say that our friendship was ended. “4 Comscore, 2012; 5 SMG Moms MIC / Pulse NetnographyImage credit: @kathieg 14