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Online Shopping Mall Presentation by Beeru Prasad at


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The Online Shopping is a platform where any user can buy different products online.

This presentation is created by Mr.Beeru Prasad at

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Online Shopping Mall Presentation by Beeru Prasad at

  1. 1. Online Airline Reservation System Presentation Committee Members: BEERU PRASAD & PRADEEP SHUKLA
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Introduction • Objective • Technology used • Project Functions • Modular Description • System analysis • System Design • Database Schema & Entities • Summary
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • It is very tough task to reserve a seat in any type of transportations vehicles without the Internet. • If we do this by internet then it is also required a very organized structure for completion of the many processes. • So our project “ONLINE AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM “ is a structure that helps to any user that want to reserve a seat in the airline flights. • In this project we only provide the facility for some specific airlines not many .
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE • The main objective of this project is to reserve a seat in the flights of airline from anywhere at any time. • To automate the entire processing to maintain proper records. • To make the present manual system more interactive, user- friendly and speedy. • The target user of this project are any user , airline employees , airline management and who want to interact with this system.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY USED • FRONT END- using C# • BACK END- MS SQL Server. • SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT- Operating System: Windows XP or Higher Web Browser: Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher Visual Studio: 2005 or higher.  HARDWARE REQUIREMENT- Processor-Pentium series. 1 GB RAM or Higher 80 GB or Higher HDD Space
  6. 6. PROJECT FUNCTIONS The major functions include • Providing flight details. • To reserve a seat in airline. • Flight bookings for a particular destination, with date and time. • Customer can modify or cancel his reservation provided by the agency. • Displaying a report of the number of people flying in a particular flight. 6
  7. 7. MODULAR DESCRIPTION In this project there are following modules- 1-Login Module 2-Company Module 3-Reservation Module 4-Fare Module
  8. 8. LOGIN MODULE In this module the Passenger can fill up the form and then they will be provided a login id and password through which they will be able to make Reservation. This module also integrated with Restriction of unauthorized access.
  9. 9. COMPANY MODULE • This module provides all details relating to the Company. It tells the customers about the various Flights available at various Companies. • It provides to customer the details of the fare and discounts available to the customers. • It also provides to the customers the search for different Company.
  10. 10. RESERVATION MODULE • This module provides all details relating to the flights Reservations. It tells the customers about the various Classes available at various Flights. • And it reserve the proper seat in the flight on the basis of given details. • It also cancel the reserve seat.
  11. 11. FARE MODULE • This module deals with all matters related to Fare. • This module conducts Cost of Reservation. • The customers after getting the full details of the flights with ticket, he pay the cost of reservation with available mode of payment.
  12. 12. SYSTEM ANALYSIS Benefit to organization:- The organization will obviously be able to gain benefits such as saving in operating cost, reduction in paperwork, better utilization of human resources etc. The initial cost:- The initial cost of this project is very low by including all the hardware and software setups. Running cost:- Cost for the system including the issuing charge, stationary charges, cost for human resources, and cost for updates / renewal of various related software. It is also low. Need for training:- It requires training to understand the whole system activity.
  13. 13. SYSTEM DESIGN System design includes the following diagrams- • Class diagram • Use case diagram • Data flow diagram • Entity relationship diagram • Page flow diagram
  17. 17. LEVEL 0 DFD Sept. 2008 17 Airline Reservation systemuser ticket Flight database Register/login and then request for booking flight. approved On the basis of users details Check availability response cancel
  18. 18. LEVEL 1 DFD Sept. 2008 T. Pavlidis 18
  19. 19. Flight database – I n f o . 3 Check availability Booking department USER ticket check confirm Info send Approved/cancel Acc.dept payment Ticket database. update Acc.databasee reservation database flight LEVEL 2 DFD
  20. 20. ER DIAGRAM 20 O.A.R.S. passeng er flights fare seat ticket login reserv e to from has take Confirms/ cancel for cancel
  21. 21. PAGE FLOW DIAGRAM Register.aspx About.aspx Login.aspx Contact.aspx Home.aspx Flightdetails.aspx Data entry.aspx Serachflight.aspx Reservation.aspx Payment.aspx Ticket.aspx Logout.aspx Cancellation.aspx
  22. 22. SCHEMA • There are following database tables in this project-: 1-Login table 2-Passanger table 3-Flight details table 4-Reservation table 5-Payment table 6-Ticket detail table 22
  23. 23. ENTITIES • There are following entities in this project- Passenger. Flight. Fare Ticket. Seat. Airport. 23
  24. 24. HOME PAGE Sept. 2008 T. Pavlidis 24
  25. 25. USER HOME PAGE Sept. 2008 T. Pavlidis 25
  26. 26. SUMMARY • It is very interesting to develop this project . • We would like to say thanks to Mrs.Vandana Ma’am for guidance of this project. • We trying to do our best in this. thank you. Nov,2011 Beeru Prasad 26
  27. 27. THANKS YOU Sept. 2008 T. Pavlidis 27