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การสืบค้นข้อมูลโดยใช้ค่า Attribute


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การสืบค้นข้อมูลโดยใช้ค่า Attribute

  1. 1. Attribute (Select by Attribute) SQL country LAB11 > wolrd > country country > Open Attribute Table Table Option > Select By Attribute
  2. 2. Select By Attribute 1000000 Method Create a new Selection “SOKM_CNTRY” Operation > Get Unique Values 1000000 SQKM_CNTRY" > 1000000 Verify OK Apply
  3. 3. (Definition Query) country LAB11 > wolrd > country country > Properties
  4. 4. Layer Properties Definition Query Query Builder Query Builder 8507128 “SOKM_CNTRY” Operation > Get Unique Values 8507128 SQKM_CNTRY" > Verify OK Apply
  5. 5. Navigation Tools Identify Navigation
  6. 6. (Select by location) (Spatial Query) VILLAGE TRANS KANJANABURI >Kanburi
  7. 7. Selection Selection By Location Selection By Location Selection method
  8. 8. Target layer Source layer Spatial Selection Method Apply OK
  9. 9. Attribute (Select by Attribute) Location Selection Selection By Attribute Selection Selection By Location OK 100 OK Selection By