A newsletter from sIGICom!   No. 1 / 2010  INFRA MeAsuReMeNt NewS                   KänSligT bygge measurements for unatte...
no. 1 2010      Editorial      We are all sensitive to noise!       Vibration levels caused by blasting are relatively hig...
Advanced comfort level measurementalong the Mälarbanan rail lineThe mälarbanan rail line from Stockholm will be extended b...
Whose noise is it anyway?                                                                                                 ...
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Sigicom Infra News Nr 1 2010


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Engelsk adaption (målgruppsanpassad översättning) av svenska texter till kundtidning.

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Sigicom Infra News Nr 1 2010

  1. 1. A newsletter from sIGICom! No. 1 / 2010 INFRA MeAsuReMeNt NewS KänSligT bygge measurements for unattended monItorIng IntellIgent noIse KRäVeR noggRanna mäTningaR USA-mäSSA ComPlICated sound enVIronment en frAmgång SWEDISH RAIL LINE REQUIRES ADVANCED MEASUREMENTS FOR COMFORT LEVELS noIse measurement sorts out PoRTugal SPRängeR med PReciSion och SäKeRheT
  2. 2. no. 1 2010 Editorial We are all sensitive to noise! Vibration levels caused by blasting are relatively high and buildings Another article describes how we can need to be protected from potential adverse effects. People, how- systematically map vibrations emanat- ever, have entirely different sensibilities when it comes to noise and ing from rail traffic. Since we measure vibration and the disturbance they cause. Especially when distur- inside buildings, it is important to be able bances happen at times of day that are normally a little calmer. to differentiate the relatively small vibra- The INFRA-system allows cost effective, autonomous, long-term tions caused by the train from the normal monitoring of noise and vibration to ensure that levels fall within vibration levels of the building itself. This specified boundaries that often vary throughout the day. When is accomplished in a simple way and is boundaries are breeched, a recorded signal is received in the of- described in the article. fice so that the cause can be determined, which is a prerequisite for taking appropriate measures. In this issue we describe how the Christer Svensson INFRA noise monitoring system and long term measurements can CEO, Sigicom AB determine the reasons for the disturbance. Causes are not always what we might expect. Existing vibration and noise environments can also be mapped out with the INFRA-system, which helps in planning new construction or safeguards for protecting existing buildings. Intelligent noise measurements for unattended monitoring noise can occur at any time or any place - indoors and outdoors. unattended monitoring allows noise to be easily measured and analyzed. and if disturbances suddenly exceed stipulated levels corrective measures can be implemented faster. The INFRA S50 features a high quality measurement microphone and electronics for digital signal processing. The meter is a type Want to knoW more? 1 and can be directly connected via a bus cable to an INFRA field measurement system. All filtering and signal processing occur digitally in the sound level meter. When recording begins from an INFRA Master unit the user chooses the measurement configura- tion. Maximum and equivalent sound levels are measured simulta- neously and measuring intervals can be set anywhere from 5 sec- onds to 20 minutes. It is also possible to designate a trigger level Please contact roger Lindstrand, for recording of time courses. The operator can quickly ascertain roger.lindstrand@sigicom.com the reason for high noise levels by analyzing the time course within INFRA’s software package. Several measuring units can be switched on from the same INFRA Master unit and users can combine vibration sensor devices with sound level meters. If noise occurs at different locations, a meter can be mounted near each noise source. Measurements are carried out simultaneously in the places where disturbances are noted. All measurements are time synchronized via Internet time servers so that noise disturbances can be com- INFRA S50 for pared directly with the noise at the respective source. unattended monitoring No. 1 / 2010 PUBLISHED BY SIgIcom AB
  3. 3. Advanced comfort level measurementalong the Mälarbanan rail lineThe mälarbanan rail line from Stockholm will be extended by several tracks with someof the construction conducted in very densely populated areas. This means more trainsoperating at higher speeds, and thus more noise. banverket (Swedish Rail administration)is facing some decisions regarding noise and vibration dampening measures. The highcosts involved require that decisions are based on careful measurements and forecasts. Andreas Wennblom, acoustic and vibration consultant with WSP AcousticsA section of the actual track line surrounded by business and residential property. V10 V12W SP Acoustics received the contract to measure daily vibrations alongthree kilometers of track in the Stockholm between 65,000-70,000 passes within the actual project testing area. A vertical geophone is placed on a stake counter measure suggestions and therefore Banverket’s future costs,” says Andreas. “These geophones can measure fre-suburb of Järfälla and to forecast the effect in the ground near the track and functions quencies down to 1Hz. The system is alsoof increased rail traffic and suggest counter- as a triggering mechanism. When a train durable, weather resistant and easy to workactive measures. At least 100 properties are passes it triggers the other two geophones with, and that also makes it the most pricedirectly influenced and more than 100 more – one on the ground wall (V10) and one worthy. After a one day training sessionindirectly. inside the dwelling or office (V12). Data in Stockholm, our personnel knew how The area includes villas, apartment recording time is normally 15 seconds. The to operate the equipment on their own. I,complexes, and offices located on vibra- master unit registers the data and sends myself work out of Jönköping , many milestion sensitive land in the form of sea floor it on via GSM to Sigicom’s measurement away from the site. All parameter configura-with streaks of clay. The maximum level is data base. From there, Andreas can access tion and synchronization were made in one1mm/s RMS indoors, and anything over the information at WSP for analysis and day at the office before the project began,”that requires action. Andreas Wennblom forecasting. By triggering the geophones, Andreas points out.has a hand in measurements and analysis. vibration sources other than passing trainsAt the time of interview there were 25 prop- are eliminated from the measurements. Customer factserties nearest the tracks that were being WSP Group is a British-Swedish business groupmonitored for vibration with a comfort filter. Why the INFRA measuring system? with wide operations in the area of management, An INFRA measuring system for a “It is the only system really suited for this public buildings, environment, project planning andproperty in this project consists most often project. I know of nothing comparable, more. The group employs over 10,000 worldwide,of two vertical geophones (V10), a tri-axial at least not in Sweden and not for indoor 2,000 of which are in Sweden. The Swedish(V12) and a master unit. Four such systems use. Not only do I get the top count of operation stems from a merger between WSP and each vibration wave, but I also get the Jacobson & Widmark in 2001. WSP Acoustics,are used in parallel and are usually moved where Andreas Wennblom is employed, hasonce a week to different properties. In gen- time, acceleration and frequency. Low currently 50 employees and is considered one oferal, a train passes by every three minutes frequency vibrations can be a problem the country’s leaders in the branch.during the day. In total, Andreas estimates as well. Frequency issues influence the No. 1 / 2010 PUBLISHED BY SIgIcom AB
  4. 4. Whose noise is it anyway? RECEIVER:– ÅF separates the noise sources in a complicatedsound environmentThe sound environment surrounding scrap metal recycling company Ragn- SENDER/RETURN ADDRESS: Sigicom AB Alfred Nobels Allé 214, SE-146 48 Tullinge, SwedenSell’s facility in the city of Västerås is a complicated one. The municipalityrequires regular noise control, but between the facility and the nearestresidential area there is both a rail line and an automobile road. There areother sources of noise in the area as well.“We began with near field measurements of noise sourceswithin Ragn-Sell’s facility,” says Paul Appelqvist of ÅF-Ingemansson, the company in charge of the assignment.“From this measurement data we put together a noise map,which allowed us to make changes in the operation, and thus Paul Appelqvist, ÅF-Ingemansson.approved noise levels in the residential area were reached.” A control plan with measurements conducted for one weekevery 6 months has now been in place for 5-6 years. With thehelp of the INFRA equipment, S50, the company has beenable to separate the various sources of noise and report themin the measurement data so that guidelines set forth by themunicipality are not exceeded. “At first we had another contractor supplying measurementequipment, but there were breakdowns and malfunctions, andthe equipment had no means of remote control. The INFRAequipment is reliable and weather proof, even the master unit isimpervious to bad weather. And in addition, there is no powersource required. Battery life is fine for our measurement periods, Ragn-Sells recycling facility for scrap metal in Västerås. S50and the equipment is easy to operate remotely,” says Paul. Facts on ÅF-Ingemansson and Ragn-SellsRemote controlled trigger levelsIn addition to isolating noise sources outside Ragn-Sells, it is The ÅF Group is one of Sweden’s largest technical consulting firms withimportant to set the correct trigger levels and adjust them fur- approximately 4,500 employees located in 70 offices in 19 countries. Ingemansson was acquired in 2006 and is currently a part of ÅF’s Infrastructurether when changes occur in the sound environment. division. The company has more than 50 years experience dealing with noise “At the chosen trigger level we also record a sound se- and vibration issues. Currently there are 80 employees working out of 10 officesquence so that we can later clarify the sound source. We have in Sweden, Denmark and France.learned from the complaints of the local residents that the dis- Ragn-Sells employs 2,300 and is one of Sweden’s largest environmental and recycling companies and the market leader in a number of segments. Theturbing noise comes from other sources, and not Ragn-Sells”, company collects and recycles scrap and waste products from residential andsays Paul. industrial sources at a large number of recycling plants. Ragn-Sells deals with It is a big advantage that parameters can be remotely all types of refuse with the exception of nuclear waste. They also provide con- sultant services for environmental studies and life cycle analyses, among otherconfigured. For example, trigger levels can be adjusted from things.ÅF Ingemansson’s office in Solna, even during an ongoingmeasurement period. “We are now looking forward to INFRA Net, which will upcoming events with sigicomsimplify things even more. The client will be able to follow themeasurement process live on the Internet as it occurs,” says a XXX xxxhappy Paul Appelqvist. www.xx.xx ADDRESS Alfred Nobels Allé 214 TELEPHONE +46 8 44 99 750 E-MAIL info@sigicom.com SE-146 48 Tullinge, Sweden FAX +46 8 44 99 769 INTERNET www.sigicom.com