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P and-w japanese-mailer-mar11

  1. 1. ould like to say hajimemashite...
  2. 2. These are challenging times for brands, whether they are national brands, international brands or private brands. However those brands thatsurvive global economic challenges will emerge stronger and more dominant within their sector.For any brand to be successful it needs to understand consumers. Companies need to think their way out of difficult trading climates not justbuy their way out with expensive marketing programmes and advertising campaigns. Design is the most cost-effective form of marketingbecause it can entice consumers into stores then persuade and excite them once they are in the shopping environment.P&W has 20 years experience in the creation and development of brands. Working on international brands such as Ajax (Colgate Palmolive)and Piat D’or, UK retailers such as Tesco and M&S and internationally for Fresh & Easy (USA), Emmi (Switzerland) and Seicomart (Japan).Our designs have won over 60 international awards. We have been voted Gramia Agency of the Year 2007 and 2009 by The Grocer magazine.Our relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust, understanding and a determination to maximize the potential of their brands.
  3. 3. The following pages show some of our award winning designs, a glimpse of the Fresh & Easyrange and a selection of recent projects that we hope you will find of interest.
  4. 4. LOSELEY ICE CREAMLoseley is an English premium ice cream brand thatdesperately needed revitalising. The solution was to goback to the origins of the brand, to use portraits based onthe pictures hanging in Loseley House. At first look theyappear deadpan but closer scrutiny reveals that they wereall painted enjoying Loseley ice cream.Graphis©P&W Design Consultants
  5. 5. TESCO TORTILLA CHIPSPackaging design for a new range of Standard TescoTortilla that communicates the flavours and Mexicanorigins with wit. The Bandito creates a generic icon acrossall packs with subtle humorous ‘ideas’ relating to producttype e.g. Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and mobile phone forthe ‘Cool Charro’ or a fire extinguisher, water bottle andred cheeks for the ‘Chilli Charro’. Strong colour codingenhances the flavour variants for strong shelf impact.©P&W Design Consultants
  6. 6. TESCO INGREDIENTSPackaging for an extensive range of cooking ingredients.The concept was to display a recipe card on each packsuggesting how the product may be used.©P&W Design Consultants
  7. 7. TESCO FINEST* CHOCOLATEP&W has been guardian of the Finest* brand for over adecade, but this evolution was the most significant inrecent years. It included this sub range of premium Swisschocolate bars, based around shipping crates, reflectingthe exotic origins of the cocoa bean. The crates weredistressed, communicating the long heritage of cocoa.They are brightly coloured to differentiate within therange and also to stand out from competitor brands thatare generally dark and understated.©P&W Design Consultants
  8. 8. VERACRUZANO MEXICAN RUMA new premium rum from Veracruz in Mexico. Sold primarilyduty free, it had to stand up against more famous brandsfrom the Caribbean. We played to its USP. Its origin. Thebrand is infused with imagery of rum, conquistadors andpirates from the historic Mexican port of Veracruz.©P&W Design Consultants
  9. 9. BAMBARRIA TEQUILLAA premium Mexican tequila that didn’t look premium. BEFOREPrimarily sold at duty free, it needed to compete withmore famous brands. The packaging wasn’t working hardenough. It was recessive and lacked credibility. By digginginto the past we found credibility for today by makingBambarria THE Mexican Tequila.©P&W Design Consultants
  10. 10. PLJ CITRUS JUICEA tired brand that needed reviving to make it fresher, BEFOREmore confident and visible. The solution was to stay trueto the brand, evolution rather than revolution, building onpast equities.©P&W Design Consultants
  11. 11. THE FRESH & EASY BRANDTesco went Stateside with their new Fresh & Easy conceptfor small format stores, selling own-brand productsalongside brand leaders. P&W were asked to look at theirbranding and ambient packaging.By establishing strong values that focused on freshness,authenticity, and origin, we created a confident brand thatcould compete directly with both in-store competition andother retailers. Design Effectiveness Awards©P&W Design Consultants
  12. 12. F&E FLAVOURED WATERFreshness was the key value to communicate, this wasachieved through meticulous art direction of beautifulproduct and ingredient photography, as demonstrated onthese flavoured water packs.©P&W Design Consultants
  13. 13. F&E TORTILLA CHIPSOne of our designers used the graphics they saw whiletravelling around Latin America as a backdrop to thesetortilla packs. The illustrations were created with the helpof local Latin illustrators for added authenticity.©P&W Design Consultants
  14. 14. F&E PANCAKE MIXWhen a product looks really delicious, show it how it is.There is no need to oversell or add unnecessary clutter.©P&W Design Consultants
  15. 15. TESCO JAPAN PB PACKAGINGOur relationship with Tesco has been built over more than twodecades. In 2009 we were asked to develop a “look and feel” forTesco Japan private brand packaging, synchronising with theforthcoming launch of Tesco stores based in the Tokyo region.The success of our response depended on our ability to blendconfident retail branding with a respect for cultural influencesand subtle competitor design cues.We achieved this by introducing Japanese creatives and accounthandlers into the team, working seamlessly with designers thathad the greatest experience in working with UK retailers. Wecreated more than 180 sku’s in just four months.©P&W Design Consultants
  16. 16. SEICOMART REBRANDING BEFORESeicomart is a Japanese retailer with 1,000 to support their in-house design team, makingstores based in Hokkaido. P&W has worked sure that their new branding is functioningsuccessfully with Seicomart for 15 years and effectively and consistently. The brand musthas designed numerous packaging ranges as continue its evolution, it should never remaindiverse as fine wine to canned coffee. static. We will also be directly involved with the During 2010 we have worked on a still development of their PB packaging in 2011.broader brief that has encompassed corporate We believe that applying our experienceidentity, store facias, interiors, point of sale, of UK retailing can be highly beneficial whenvehicle liveries, uniform, as well as identities working with international clients and wefor their group companies. look forward to developing this aspect of our We continue to offer our consultation service business over the coming years.©P&W Design Consultants
  17. 17. ord Whitefo Adrian 9 23 889 )20 77 +44 (0 23 6131 )20 77 +44 (0 d- om and w.c info@p-Pemberton & Whitefoord Ltd Simon PembeEstablished in 1987 rtonEmployees: 20Turnover: 2008-09 £2.3millionWe specialise in the creation and development +44 (0)20 772of brands, retail brands, packaing, identity, +44 (0)20 772 3 8899literature, pos and web design 3 6131 info@p-and-w member
  18. 18. ord Whitefo Adrian Akiko Morita 9 23 889 )20 77 +44 (0 23 6131 )20 77 +44 (0 d- om and w.c info@p- +44 (0)20 772 3 8899 +44 (0)20 772 3 6131 akiko@p-and- Simon Pembe rton +44 (0)20 772 3 8899 +44 (0)20 772 3 6131 info@p-and-w