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My edu

  1. 1.
  2. 2. MVPrAmy bryant, Amanda Crowley, Rachel Daneman, Jill Dunn, Laura fidelman, Brooklyn Garner, Ashley Jennings,Kathryn lord, brianna mynar, erin riddle
  3. 3. ResearchSecondary Primary Competitor Analysis  Focus Groups (2)  Rate My Professor  Surveys  Koofers  College & high school  Student’s Review  Individual Student  Big Words Interviews (10)
  4. 4. Primary Research: College Survey
  5. 5. College Survey
  6. 6. Video
  7. 7. Key Findings Lack of Awareness Price and Convenience are the most important factors in textbook buying Students tend to wait until the first week of classes to buy their books Peers and on-campus contacts are the most important sources of influence and awareness of brand
  8. 8. Target and Objectives Target: college students who are current members and non-members1. Increase textbook sales on MyEdu2. Promote official textbook requirements that are available at MyEdu       3. Increase the number of new members
  9. 9. Campaign Strategy Develop a plan that creates awareness of MyEdu’s official course booklists and price comparison tool MyEdu works directly with universities to post which textbooks are required for courses. Members can build a class schedule to  automatically see the books they need at the best prices.
  10. 10. MyEdu Back-to-School Week! Booth in parking lot next to Mellow Mushroom with laptops and T-shirt giveaway for people who register at booth Fliers with step-by-step instructions on how to use the textbook tool Current MyEdu users and those who sign up throughout the week will also be eligible for all other events/promotions the rest of the week Cross-promotional efforts with local businesses
  11. 11. Monday Sidewalk chalk “MyEdu week” info from 21st to 28th Street       Flier dorms and major West Campus apartments with schedule of week events Send out a social media blast promoting the upcoming week long events
  12. 12. Tuesday“We make your first day easier!” Give out free breakfast tacos to first 100 students that come up to the booth and take a flyer and/or register on MyEdu
  13. 13. Wednesday“We make getting organized easier!” Giveaway Wheel with prizes to help you get organized:  Planners  Water bottles  Apple TV (1 slot on wheel)
  14. 14. Thursday“We make textbook buying easier!” Photo booth where students passing by interested in MyEdu can have their photo taken Campus Reps should emphasize textbook tool and how much money it saves students – especially for College Night and the upcoming weekend
  15. 15. Friday“We MADE back to school week easier!” Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf giveaway with free coffee to students who register at the booth
  16. 16. Advertising Efforts Capital Metro Bus  Wrap the 1L/1M for one month Facebook Ads for targeted college networks  $50 a day at $0.92 per click for 30 days Daily Texan Ads for one quarter
  17. 17. Budget Merchandise: $5,040 Promotional: $1,774 Advertising: $4,598.75 Professional Fees: $1,000__________________TOTAL: $12,412.75
  18. 18. Projected Results & Measurement From January 15, 2011 – February 15, 2011:  Increase number of new memberships by 15% compared to previous month  Increase number of Facebook fans by 300 people  Increase number of of textbook tool users by 30%
  19. 19. Additional Recommendations Work with student organizations  Promote MyEdu in club meetings, sorority/fraternity houses and handing out fliers  Encourage Orientation Advisors, Resident Advisors and Camp Texas counselors to promote MyEdu services to their new students Establish relationships with high school counselors, as they influence graduating seniors Administer fliers in dorms during freshman orientation
  20. 20. “My Edu Makes College Easier!” Questions?
  21. 21. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Weaknesses• Credible brand equity because of Pick-a- • Pick-a-Prof vs. MyEdu confusionProf • Lack of awareness of resources and• Large database and monetary resources tools• Resources and tools in one place • Only needed twice an academic year• Completely free online resources • Lack of use and sign-up rate of those awareOpportunities Threats• Capitalizing on credibility to increase • Four or five significant competitorsawareness• Differentiating as the only site to combine all • Students tend to go directly to bookeducational resources in one place sellers• Increase number of MyEdu accounts amongthose aware of brand • Graduation turnover means the• Increase number of users utilizing the text tools must be promoted every yearbook tool
  22. 22. Additional Budget Info Merchandise Costs:  T-shirts:  $3,975 for 1500 t-shirts at $2.65 each  Planners:  $695 for 500  Water bottles: $70  Apple TVs:  $300 Promotional Costs:  Banner: $45  Flyers: $.10 for 5000 flyers = $500  Tent: $75  Tables: $45  Wheel:  $299  Breakfast tacos: donated  Chalk: $10  Photo booth:  $800 Advertising/Marketing Costs:  Daily Texan ads: Quarter – $228.75  Facebook ads: $0.92 per click - $50 per day for 30 days - $1,500  Metro bus ads: $1,310 iPhone app:  $1,500 Professional Fees:  $1,000
  23. 23. College Survey Results
  24. 24. High School Survey Results