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Campaigns plansbook, sulwhasoo


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Campaigns plansbook, sulwhasoo

  1. 1. Sulwhasoo2011 campaign proposal
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Meet Core Group 3 Situation Analysis 4 Marketing Recommendations 12 Campaign Strategy 17 Creative Strategy 35 Budget 41 Evaluation 44 Conclusion 47 1
  3. 3. Executive Summary Core GroupCore Group aims to create a valuable campaign for Sulwhasoo in the New York City geographic At the core of all of us there is natural harmony, beauty and balance. We are Core Group andmarket. The proposed goal is to match the success that Sulwhasoo reaped in the Asian marketplace. together we are a powerful, effective force. We are made up of advertising specialists and PRWith a carefully structured media strategy, Sulwhasoo will promote its message of being the most experts who work together to find the perfect balance for our clients and their integratedeffective skin care brand in the market because it contains herbal medicinal ingredients found from communication campaigns.scientific research and Korean wisdom. Core Group’s proposal offers a set of media outlets thatwill help set Sulwhasoo apart from its competition and embed its brand name in the minds of itsconsumers.Core Group decided to focus Sulwhasoo’s comprehensive advertising campaign toward a targetmarket of Caucasian women aged 35-50 with a household income of $150,000 or greater in theNew York City area. These women are characteristically known to regularly shop at high-enddepartment stores and make sure to use facial skin care products daily. Additionally, they maintaina healthy and active lifestyle. Brendan Bailey is a naturally Christine DeSoto is from Amanda Gorin comes from bright force within Core Houston, Texas and is the hot spot of Miami,High-end promotional events such as “The Hamptons Harmony Party” and the Korean fashion Group. He specializes a PR extraordinaire. Florida. She has a flair forshow inspired “Sulwhasoo Sidewalk Oasis” will be implemented to appeal to the target market. in creating imaginative She has an aura of event planning and herOther popular media channels for these women include advertisements in the print magazines, designs for our clients. His professionalism and a red-hot skills in creativeGotham and Hamptons. Moreover, Core Group plans to continuously advertise interactively luminous skills outshine the natural talent for media strategies are a true assetthrough social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as by implementing Search Engine competition. relations. to Core GroupMarketing by purchasing specific Google Adwords and hosting a monthly Korean inspired eventin Bergdorf Goodman’s. Outdoor advertising will consist of bench ads in Central Park, as well asbulletins in highly visible locations throughout New York City. Core Group decided a large amountof promotional events will increase Sulwhasoo’s awareness, knowledge, and liking within thetarget market, so there will also be a Sulwhasoo & Soju Cocktail Hour to kick off the launch of thecampaign, and a Sulwhasoo Spa Partnership.With $300,000 budget, Core Group is prepared to achieve the campaign goals of increasing productsales by 30% through finding new users in the New York City area, increasing brand awarenesswithin the target market to 50%, establishing the target market’s understanding and knowledge Brianna Mynar is a highly Jenny Van Der Kar hails Danielle Wood comes fromof the benefits of Sulwhasoo’s unique approach to skin care to 35%, and fostering a strong base of experienced, well- from Dallas, Texas and is an Leander, Texas and is arepeat customers within defined trade area. rounded PR specialist. advertising strategy master. genuine media expert. She She has an extraordinary She has a soaring talent inundates every campaignIn conclusion, Core Groups strategy of focusing on the herbal medicinal qualities based from talent for locating and for looking at the overall with pristine, thoroughKorean wisdom will create a lasting impression of Sulwhasoo among Caucasian females 35-50. tracking influential picture and a sky-high work planning and is true asset toAs Sulwhasoo makes its preparations to reinvent itself in New York City, Core Group promises to product leaders. ethic. the team.elevate Sulwhasoo to the next level and to be there every step of the way. 2 3
  4. 4. Situation Analysis company analysis In 1973, after six years of research, Sulwahsoo products were introduced into the Korean cosmetics market. It roots, however, stem much deeper. The brand’s parent company, AmorePacific, began with strong belief of the healing powers of Korean herbs. Overtime, that philosophy developed into Sulwahsoo, the Ginseng based skin care line and Korea’s first herbal medicine-based cosmetic line. Sulwahsoo is founded on the basis of harmony between tradition and science, body and mind, and nature and humans. Sulwahsoo uses Asian wisdom of natural herbs and contemporary science to create a Sanseng, the ultimate harmony between opposite energies, and achieve glowing skin. The design of the products is based in traditional Korean aesthetics. Everything from the physical shape of the bottles, color, patterns of the boxes, and the Sulwahsoo logo are Core Group realizes the importance of situation awareness designed to express Sulwahsoo’s philosophy of balance. Sulwahsoo is a luxury brand that uses only the highest quality of ingredients. Besides offering high-quality products that address almost any skin care concern, Sulwahoo prides itself in its in conducting effective decision-making and planning unique counseling services. The brand is a truly unique one with a tremendous amount to offer activities. In the situation analysis, Core Group identifies its customers. elements relevant to the internal and external environment of the brand, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status into the near future. Lastly, an overview of Core Group’s primary and secondary research f indings is provided, followed by the key insights which were derived from this research. 4 5
  5. 5. market analysis product analysis Sulwhasoo is entering the market during a time Sulwahsoo offers a large variety of products from skin care to hair care. Their basic line for of economic uncertainty. Although the economy “natural health” is a six-step system that is meant to hydrate, moisturize, and revitalize skin is beginning to show some signs of improvement, as well as reduce wrinkles and keep skin looking young. It uses a variety of natural Korean many Americans are still concerned about their herbs to deliver powerful nutrients to the skin and restore its natural health. The basic line is spending. Wealthy Americans were the least packaged in sleek bottles with traditional Korean colors of tan and cream. affected by the recession and are beginning to make luxury purchases again. Sulwhasoo offers four other skin care lines for specific needs including Snowise, Hyrdoaid, Extra Refining, and a Men’s Line. They also offer several additional products than can be added to any There is a current trend towards “going green and regimen for increased results. increased interest in natural and organic products. Products ranging from laundry detergent to food Sulwahsoo is a luxury brand with high-quality ingredients. The products in the basic skin care have begun to produce environmentally safe line range in price from $60 to $120. The products in the special line are upwards of $250 and products. Americans are beginning to care about those offered in the premium line are upwards $400. The cleansing products range from $30 to ingredients and brands that have implemented $40+. organic ingredients in their products have benefited from this trend. Many consumers that buy organic products enjoy the image that accompanies the purchase, and may be more inclined to choose the product if words such as “natural” or “organic” appear on the packaging. A baby boomer turns 50 every seven seconds. As the younger members of the baby boomer generation continue to age, one of the largest groups in America will be in the prime stages First Care Balancing Balancing Revitalizing Firming Rejuvenating of their lives for anti-aging products and other Serum Water Emulsion Serum Cream Eye Cream cosmetics. This group also has a large amount of disposable income. Baby boomers between the ages of 46-54 control 70% of the total net worth in the U.S. This is too large of a group, with too much buying power to be forgotten in the marketing strategies. 6 7
  6. 6. competitive analysis • Origin: Japanese Shiseido • Where Sold: High end department stores to lower end department stores such as Macy’s and Sephora • Selling Feature: focuses on three core values of rich, humanSulwhasoo positions itself as a luxury product that focuses on fundamental rather than immedi- science, and omotenashiate restoration. Some of its major competitors include: La Mer, Sisley, La Praire, Shiseido, Estee • Price Range: $35 - $90Lauder, SK-II, and Lancome These brands range in price, philosophy, and science. • Advertising: Angelina Jolie as a spokesperson in 2006 • Origin: French La Mer • Origin: #1 beauty marketer in the United States Estee Lauder • Where Sold: High end department stores • Where Sold: Anywhere beauty products are sold • Selling Feature: A “miracle broth” that erases scars; focuses on • Selling Feature: Re-Nutriv Collection specialized treatments for individual needs • Price Range: $50 - $125 • Price Range: $135 - $1,650 • Advertising: Huge advertising effort; social media presence; • Advertising: Minimal advertising efforts featured Elizabeth Hurley as a spokesperson • Popular Products: Creme de la Mer • Popular Products: Advanced Nigh Repair Serum • Origin: French Sisley • Where Sold: Mostly in France, but available in 80 countries and • Origin: Japanese SK-II five continents • Selling Feature: Pitera, a nutrient-rich liquid found in Sake that • Selling Feature: Use of phytocosmetology - a technology that helps to soften skin uses natural plant extracts • Price Range: $50 - $200 • Price Range: $70 - $500 • Advertising: Print and TV; credited for saving the brand and • Advertising: Sales promotions, price-off promotions, sampling expanding awareness in the past decade • Popular Products: Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream • Origin: Swiss La Prairie • Selling Feature: Patented Cellular Complex; focuses on youth and • Origin: French Lancome • Where Sold: High end department stores combating premature anti-aging • Selling Feature: delivers French elegance • Price Range: $150 - $500 • Price Range: $50 - $200 • Advertising: TV ads; tagline is “Performance Beyond • Advertising: features spokespersons such as Julia Expectations” Roberts, Kate Winslet, and Anne Hathaway; one of the top • Popular Products: Swiss Cellular Serum; Swiss Cellular Radiance advertisers in the luxury beauty arena Cream 8 9
  7. 7. consumer analysis SWOT analysis Sulwhasoo has many potential problems and opportunities to consider when determining theAlthough Sulwhasoo is already a strongly established brand in several countries, the company campaign plan. A quick look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will help tohas only recently started to offer products in the United States, and little information is available gain a greater understanding of Sulwhasoo’s position in the current market.on the exact demographics of the US consumer. However, in Honk Kong, the average age of theirconsumers is 28-42, and in Korea, it is slightly higher. • Sulwhasoo is the first Korean herbal medicine • The lack of instantaneous results may be Strengths WeaknessesSulwhasoo currently sells its products in Bergdorf Goodman in New York, both in-store, and skin care to enter the US giving them a discouraging to some potential usersvia their website. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Sulwhasoo’s customer base currently can competitive advantage • The budget for promotion is relatively smallbe limited to the customers of Bergdorf Goodman. Sulwhasoo currently targets three classes of • The unique counseling services Sulwhasoo ($300,000/year)consumers: offers suggests that Sulwhasoo understands the value of getting to know their customers and • Sulwhasoo does not offer scientific evidence of provides Sulwhasoo with a strong foundation for proven results on their website relationship selling• Household income of • Income of $80,000+ • Household income ofWealthy and Established: Global Professional: Affluent Natural Living: • The lack of locations to purchase the product $200,000+ • Employed full-time $100,000+ • The brand offers a unique ingredient not used in is inconvenient for consumers and reduces the• Doesn’t need to be • Uses facial skin care daily • Doesn’t need to be other skin care brands, Ginseng number of potential buyers employed • Travels internationally employed • Americans are relatively uneducated on the• Uses facial skin care daily • Willing to try new brands • Uses facial skin care daily powers of Ginseng in the context of skin care• Willing to try new brands • Shops at department stores • Willing to try new brands• Shops at high end • Likely to be urban • Shops at department stores department stores • Lifestyle traits: career • Suburban or urban • Sulwhasoo can use its parent company, • American opinions of Korean products are Opportunities Threats• Likely to live in suburbs driven, reads business • Lifestyle traits: health AmorePacific, to help establish credibility in the relatively neutral creating an opportunity for• Lifestyle traits: travel, books and magazines, food/vitamins, yoga, American market Sulwhasoo to create, not combat, a perception of foods, trends, fashion, networking events, foreign charities/causes, self-help, their brand • The economic stamina of Sulwhasoo’s target social status, culture, home languages holistic well being market provides an opportunity for growth, even • The current trend toward natural and organic decorating during period of recession products is something Sulwhasoo can capitalize on • Some of Sulwhasoo’s largest competitors utilize • Sulwhasoo is facing competition from brandsThe high price of the product will limit the consumer demographics to those with higher very little advertising, giving Sulwhasoo an that have been prevalent in the American market advantage if they decide to do so for many years and established long-term andincomes. As long as Sulwhasoo is only offered in one location, the company is also heavily supportive relationships among customerslimiting the potential to reach a wider variety of consumers. Offering the products in stores • American opinions of Korean products aresuch as Whole Foods will provide great opportunity for reaching the “Affluent Natural Living” relatively neutral creating an opportunity for • Other brands are beginning to offer all-natural Sulwhasoo to create, not combat, a perception of product ingredientsconsumers, who have proven they are willing to pay a premium price for products with higher their brandquality ingredients. • Other brands are more catering to American’s • The current trend toward natural and organic desire for instantaneous results products is something Sulwhasoo can capitalize on 10 11
  8. 8. primary research Marketing Recommendations•Core Group conducted a twenty-one question survey and six in-depth personal interviews togain further insight about the target market’s opinions of skin care products. A total of 132respondents participated in the survey. The research provided a valuable basis for Core Group tocraft the marketing recommendations and campaign strategy. The following list is composed ofthe most important key insights derived from the research.Key Insights• There is very little awareness of the Sulwhasoo brand among the audience interviewed• The main suggestion among respondents for changing something about the product included using more expensive materials in the production of the bottles. Reactions to the color scheme of the packaging were mostly positive. In the following section, Core Group describes a general• Among the skin care concerns reported, anti-aging, cleansing, moisturizing, sun damage, and adult acne ranked the highest, respectively. Few reported interest in purchasing an entire line course of action and recommendations for Sulwhasoo. After of products by the same brand without first being able to sample each product.• The majority of respondents reported purchasing their skin care items in-store. Respondents identifying the potential target market and the opportunities rarely went online to buy products. Magazines, salespeople, and friends were listed as the sources from which respondents retrieved their information about skin care. that await, Core Group proceeds to discuss organizational• Respondents were extremely brand loyal. New research, recommendations from a strategies and the different aspects of the marketing mix. professional, recommendations from a trusted salesperson, and being able to sample new products were listed the most frequently as reasons that respondents might consider Segmented by product, price, distribution, and promotion, Core switching brands.• Most respondents reported little knowledge about Korean products and Ginseng for topical Group’s marketing reccomendations are generally designed usage, but were open to the idea. Both the idea of “healing from the inside out,” and herbal- based skin care received positive responses. to achieve three main marketing-related goals: increase in• Chanel and Lancôme were the brands that respondents listed the most frequently when asked what brands they consider luxury skin care brands. product sales, brand awareness, and product knowledge.• Respondents repeatedly chose effectiveness as being the most important quality when choosing a skin care product. 11 13 12
  9. 9. target market campaign goals 1. To increase product sales by 30% through finding new users in the New York City area SalesCore Group has selected to target Caucasianwomen, ages 35-50 throughout the proposedcampaign. These women regularly shop at high 2. To increase brand awareness within the target market to 50% Brand Awarenessend department stores and make sure to use facialskin care products daily. They are not necessarilyemployed, but have a household income of at least 3. To establish the target market’s understanding and knowledge of the benefits of Sulwhasoo’s Knowledge$150,000. They may or may not have children,but if they do, these children are likely growing unique approach to skin care to 35%older, and they are gradually feeling morecomfortable spending more of the household 4. To foster a strong base of repeat customers within defined trade area Loyaltydisposable income on themselves.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the mostimportant things to the target market. Theyfrequently shops at health food stores such as measurementWhole Foods, and has proven their willingnessto pay more for a product that contains higherquality ingredients. They visit the gym andexercise frequently, and their appearance is veryimportant to them. The group knows that they are Sulwhasoo will conduct a survey inreaching a point in their life where taking care of the New York City area with a sampletheir skin is crucial if they want to minimize the consisting of people in the target marketappearance of aging. a month before the campaign launches. A final survey will be conducted at theThese women are interested in a skin care line end of the campaign to measure thethat can minimize the effects of aging on their total change in percentage for bothskin, and fits in closely with their active and brand awareness, understanding andnatural lifestyle, through style, a strong brand knowledge. This will determine whetherimage, and high-quality, natural ingredients. or not the campaign is effective in achieving the stated objectives. 13 14 14
  10. 10. strategy In the United States, Bergdorf Goodman Distribution New York is the only luxury department store through which Sulwhasoo is currently distributed. Distribution of Sulwhasoo to additional luxury department stores, suchCore Group recommends that the packaging of Sulwhasoo’s Basic Line be altered to represent the as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, andProducthigh-end and luxury product that it truly is. The current material that the packaging is comprised Barney’s New York, should be considered inof is plastic, which conveys to the consumer that the product is not of superior quality. If the order to give the brand a greater presenceproduct were to be encased in a thicker plastic or glass packaging, the brand image of lavishness and accessibility among its target audience.and luxurious beauty will be expressed. Creating relationships with such national retailers will provide Sulwhasoo with theAdditionally, the coloring of the packaging should be richer. Primary research suggests that the foundation for a smooth transition in itscolors do not stand out against the competition and that richer coloring will communicate quality eventual expansion to the West Coast.and luxuriousness.The actual shape of the packaging should remain the same because it accurately reflectsSulwhasoo’s concept of harmony and balance. In additional to traditional media efforts, Sulwhasoo should place a large emphasis of the Promotion promotional activities on public relations, in-store events, and sampling. The relatively lowThe marketing goals can be achieved by modifying the packaging because the target market will cost of these methods will ensure Sulwhasoo the greatest opportunity to achieve the marketingbe more likely to be attracted to the product, which will increase brand trial and brand awareness. goals among the target market. Public Relations efforts should include reaching out to influencers, such as those who frequentlySulwhasoo is a premium skin care line with premium pricing. Currently, products prices range blog about skin care and related causes, allowing audiences to gain increased knowledge of thePricefrom $30-$400+. The pricing of Sulwhasoo products is placed appropriately for the value brand and product benefits. Sulwhasoo should also invite key members of the press to theircustomers receive. The pricing of products should remain constant but other areas, such as events to generate positive buzz about the brand.product packaging and advertising, will be increased and improved to highlight the value and trueworth of Sulwhasoo products to help justify the high price-tag. In-store events, hosted after hours by Sulwhasoo will provide customers with a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere to sample the line and become educated on the benefits of theSmaller versions of popular products can be made available for customers to purchase at lower product.price points for the purpose of trial usage. With smaller quantities, pricing can naturally bedecreased without affecting overall revenue. With a lower price for specialized smaller quantities Sampling is an effective way for users to be able to try the product without having to purchaseof the most popular products, potential customers will be more likely to buy a Sulwhasoo an entire bottle. According to research, members of the target audience place heavy emphasisproduct for the first time, use the product for an appropriate amount of time to see the benefits on the importance of trying products pre-purchase, so Core Group feels sampling is anof the Sulwhasoo brand, and purchase more, normal sized products becoming a loyal Sulwhasoo important part of Sulwhasoo’s promotional strategy.customer. 15 16
  11. 11. Campaign Strategy target audience Catherine is a stay-at-home mother with two children Catherine Jelf - age 44 in high school, a boy and a girl. Her husband is at the prime of his career, so the family has a high disposable income and Catherine is finally able to spend money on herself without feeling guilty about it. She enjoys visiting vineyards on the weekends, relaxing in health spas, and participating in a local book club in her free time. Catherine is health conscience and goes to yoga and pilates classes 4 to 5 times a week. She is also aware of the importance of nutrition and spends several hours a week planning healthy, organic meals Great campaigns are created by narrowing in on “big idea” for her family. She takes vitamins daily and is hoping to find a skin care product that combats anti-aging that resonates with the target market. Core Group believes that while providing important nutrients to her skin. without a core concept, campaigns will not be effective. Using Melanie Carmichael - age 35 Melanie is a single investment banker living in Upper research and a bit of insticnt, we hone in on that one aspect East Side. She is extremely hard working and career- oriented, but insists the key to her success is achieving a healthy balance between work and free-time. To help unwind, Melanie enjoys shopping, frequenting that place our client’s brand at the top of consumer’s minds. trendy night clubs and bars, and working out with her personal trainer. Melanie also enjoys running In the next chapter, Core Group reveals the “big idea” behind in Central Park when the weather is nice. Although she has a busy lifestyle, Melaine invests a significant Sulwhasoo products and the engine that drives the media amount of time in her appearance and is looking for a skin care product that helps keep her skin healthy. objectives, choices and campaign strategy. She has worked hard to achieve her success and knows results do not always come quickly, so is more concerned with finding a quality skin care product that helps maintain glowing skin and fix fundamental problems. 17 18
  12. 12. message objectivesSulwhasoo is the most effective skin care brand in the market Advertising Objectives 1. To create awareness of the ad among 35 percent of members in the target audiencebecause it contains herbal medicinal ingredients found from 2. To establish a favorable attitude towards of the ad among 75 percent of target audience years of scientific research and Korean wisdom. members that view the ad 3. To create awareness of the ad so that members of the target audience are more likely to recognize the Sulwhasoo name in other areas of the campaign 4. To create favorable opinions of the ad so that members of the target audience are more likely to positively receive other aspects of the campaign in turn increasing their overall liking of the “Unearth the mystery of Korean beauty.” Sulwhasoo brand. Media Objectives 1. By advertising in the two high-end, luxury 1. Bench advertisements placed in Central Magazine: Outdoor: magazines, Gotham and Hamptons, with Park will provide a daily effective circulation circulations of 65,000 and 40,000 respectively of 7,000 people. This will occur in the fall and Sulwhasoo’s target market will be successfully spring seasons for four weeks each. reached. 2. 26’ x 24’ bulletins will be placed in highly 2. Through reaching affluent residents in the visible locations in New York City with a daily area, magazine achieves a 35% awareness of effective circulation of 89,000 people. the Sulwhasoo name and product offerings. 3. Sulwhasoo’s out of home campaign will 3. By advertising with Gotham and Hamptons, achieve 40% awareness of the brand name Sulwhasoo will get the added value benefits and 30% knowledge of its location in Bergdorf of continuous editorial consideration, brand Goodman throughout the geographic market. sponsorship of events, online and electronic promotional support, and direct mail and polybagging opportunities. 19 20
  13. 13. 1. Search engine marketing (SEM) will aid 1. Sulwhasoo will foster positive brand media prof ilesOnline: Events:Sulwhasoo in getting its name out to visitors attitudes in the target market. Eventand residents of New York City, and inform sponsorship is the most necessary advertisingconsumers that Sulwhasoo’s products are medium needed to achieve this.natural, organic, and luxurious. With a high Core group plans to use two high-end luxury magazines, Hamptons and Gotham, to successfully Printpercentage of Internet users in the geographic 2. Donating 300 samples of Sulwhasoo’s reach the target audience. The general target audience for both of these magazines are females withlocation, this is critical. basic line to luxury Hampton’s spas will be a household income in excess of $200,000. Both magazines are distributed in the New York City effective because the target market will get the area to spas, restaurants, targeted retailers, newsstands and directly to reader’s homes. They focus2. The cap on the cost per click budget at opportunity to interact with Sulwhasoo and on fashion, entertainment, parties, beauty, business, and other cultural events in and around the Big$1,875 per day, bringing the total CPC budget to experience the brand in a luxury and familiar Apple.a maximum of $22,500. setting. By advertising with Niche Media publications, Sulwhasoo obtains a wide variety of added value3. Facebook and Twitter pages will increase 3. The Korean inspired event at Bergdorf benefits including branding, sales support, event support, and online promotional support. As athe target markets knowledge and liking Goodman’s will educate the target market partner, Niche Media will continuously look for creative ways to keep the brand top-of-mind to theirof Sulwhasoo by having an interactive and of Sulwhasoo’s products and benefits while readers in the editorial pages of the magazine. Additionally, Sulwhasoo is invited to submit photospersonal connection with the brand. focusing on the unique Korean wisdom and from their events to be placed in the ‘Flash’ section that showcases the latest events, charities, galas, culture that Sulwhasoo’s science is based on. and parties in both the New York City and Hamptons areas.1. Press releases given to press members 4. Sulwhasoo & Soju Cocktail Hour will Circulation - 65,000Public Relations: Gotham:and influential bloggers will be strategically aim to educate the guests about the historyreleased before events to increase interest and of Sulwhasoo and familiarize them with Readers of Gotham are likely to dine out more than one time per week,awareness. the product in a memorable way that will drink luxury spirits, premium beers, and imported wines, attend encourage the formation of favorable attitudes cultural performances, frequent nightclubs/lounges, and exercise more2. Promotional packages given to influential toward the brand amongst key figures in the than two times per week. Compared to the general population, Gothamskin care bloggers in New York City will industry and media. readers are 2x more likely than the national average to go on a ski orinduce them to write about the brand and its golf vacation and purchase women’s designer fashion and accessories.product line and thus increase awareness and 5. Sulwhasoo Sidewalk Oasis will focus on They drive luxury cars, own designer watches, and purchase health andknowledge among their followers. educating consumers about Sulwhasoo’s beauty products regularly. restoration properties. In addition to creating a positive association with the Sulwhasoo brand, Circulation - 40,000 Hamptons: the store will help to generate PR. Hamptons magazine chronicles one of the world’s most exclusive 6. Hampton’s Harmony Party aims to foster resort communities, and brings it all to you week after week. Readers more knowledge of the Sulwhasoo brand of Hamptons are likely to vacation abroad each year, visit a spa during and it’s lasting results and ultimately causing vacation, attend cultural performances, and are likely to exercise more more members of the target market to adopt than two times per week. Sulwhasoo as their skin care brand of choice. 21 22
  14. 14. Core Group is strategically utilizing the best of New York’s outdoor advertising to promote the Core group will strategically release press releases and conduct consumer promotions. TheseOutdoor Public RelationsSulwhasoo brand and create awareness. activities will solely focus on reaching key influencers in the press and blog world to create a positive buzz about Sulwhasoo products. DEC - 7,000 Benches: Core Group will use bench advertising in Central Park Press releases will be written to give to press members and influential bloggers. Press releases Press Releases: during fall and spring seasons for four weeks each. Central will include information about the Sulwhasoo brand, in-store and out-of-store events and the Park is located two blocks from Bergdorf Goodman and is a brand’s healing benefits. Press releases will be strategically released before events to increase popular recreational location for our target markets. interest and awareness. Promotional packages, including sample-size Sulwhasoo products and literature, will be Consumer Promotions: DEC - 89,000 given to influential skin care bloggers, especially those with an emphasis on New York Bulletins: Core Group will use 26’ x 24’ bulletins in highly visible City. Sulwhasoo social media experts will research which blogs and bloggers are most relevant locations in New York City during each of the three flights and connect with them. These people will be personally invited to various Sulwhasoo events for four weeks each. The displays provide impact in throughout the year. Some blogs to consider include the following: size, placement, color and lighting and allow for creative flexibility. Core Group will use these large forms of outdoor advertising during high traffic season within the season to maximize reach and frequency.Core group will utilize search engine marketing and social media to help effectively reach ourOnlinetarget market online.Search Engine Marketing will help to increase Sulwhasoo’s visibility in search engine result pages. Outblush 5th and 58thCore Group plans to implement specific Google Adwords about Sulwhasoo’s name, location,and products to create a presence online. The keywords “natural skin care,” “natural skin carecompanies,” “luxury skin care,” “organic skin care,” and “skin care brands” will used by consumersin the information search process, when they are most ready to absorb information about newbrands.Facebook and Twitter are cost-effective tools that provide ample amounts of information toSocial Media:members of the target audience. Those who become followers and friends of the Sulwhasoo pageswill receive insider information and tips about the brand as well as special deals and give-a-ways. Vanity F Blog air Jack and Hill 23 24
  15. 15. Core group will utilize search engine marketing and social media to help effectively reach our strategyOther Marketing Communicationtarget market online.Sulwhasoo will be using a variety of different events, scheduled continuously and also centered August 22, 2011 - June 22, 2012Events: Continuous Mediaaround New York City’s Fall and Spring fashion weeks. Events will center around Korean TOTAL: $98,240.48wisdom, and Sulwhasoo products’ relaxing and natural healing skin care effects. Events will Core Group’s media plan for Sulwhasoo employs continuous elements throughout the campaigninclude personal, one-on-one interactions between Sulwhasoo brand representatives and to stay top of mind with the target. Foundational elements help to build awareness andkey influencers, bloggers, and beauty experts and also up scale parties hosted by Sulwhasoo knowledge of Sulwhasoo’s products and develop loyal customers.highlighting the brand’s healing powers. Events will have a natural, relaxing mood all whilecentering around Sulwhasoo’s Korean wisdom. Target audience members will be reached inboth in-store, at Bergdorf Goodman, and out-of-store events, strategically located near Korean Print: $67,400 Monthly In-Store Parties:: $7,113designers at Fashion week and at other locations that target audience members frequent, such as Core Group plans to place four full page Each month Sulwhasoo will host a KoreanCentral Park. ads in the March Fashion issue, the April/ inspired event at the store in Bergdorf’s. May issue, November issue, and December The events will include free consultations, issue. Gotham will successfully reach prize baskets of Sulwhasoo products,Sulwhasoo will donate 400 samples of their basic line to luxury spas throughout the Hamptons. 65,000 members of the target audience and traditional Korean snacks. TheySpa Sample Give-Aways:The cost of the samples is $23,212 and the cost of getting the spas to promote and use our which will increase awareness and will educate the target market of theproducts is estimated to be $5,000 since the spas already have skin care products they use knowledge of the Sulwhasoo name. Sulwhasoo’s products and benefits whileand sell, so they will need an incentive to promote Sulwhasoo. This promotion will be effective focusing on the unique Korean wisdom andbecause the target market has the disposable income to visit spas on a frequent basis and culture that Sulwhasoo’s science is based on. The events will be promoted through Social Media: $300because they spend their summer months in the Hamptons. It will be a perfect way for Melanie $300 total will be allocated toward socialand Catherine to interact with Sulwhasoo and get to experience the brand in a luxury and media. Sulwhasoo will create a Facebook Sulwhasoo’s Facebook and Twitter, thefamiliar setting. page and Twitter account to inform Sulwhasoo website, and in the Bergdorf followers about the Sulwhasoo brand. The Goodman’s store. pages will include helpful skin care tips, a daily interesting factoid about Korean wisdom’s influence on Sulwhasoo products, SEM: $22,500 $22,500, or 90% of the total online budget, and important information about events will be used to make this SEM effective as happening in and out of the Sulwhasoo a major support medium. Seven keywords store. will be purchased to support continuous Consumer Promotion: $928.48 events and general inquiries. Core Group will send five samples to each of the four blogs listed in the media profiles section to generate buzz about the product. 25 26
  16. 16. August 29, 2011 - September 23, 2011 flFlight I: F Restoration all Saturday, September 3rd Sulwhasoo & Soju Cocktail Hour: $10,000 TOTAL: $58,500 Less than a week after the official launch of the campaign, Sulwhasoo will kick the beginning of their Fall marks nature’s transition from the summer to the winter. Nature begins the process of campaign off with an exclusive bash at Bergdorf Goodman’s New York. Key members of the presspreparing for the long, cold winter months and our skin is no different. The Fall Restoration flight will be invited to help create buzz about the upcoming campaign. On the day of the party, Bergdorf will focus specifically on Sulwhasoo’s restoration process for when skin’s vital energies fall out Goodman’s will be transformed into a swanky Korean- of balance. The flight also revolves around New York’s famous fall fashion week, a key interest inspired cocktail lounge, adorned with lavish red of the target demographic. Sulwhasoo will build awareness through extensive print and outdoor and gold decor to create an ambiance of harmony, advertising while utilizing the highly publicized events to help gain free PR. balance and elegance. While guests are mingling with Sulwhasoo’s brand experts and consultants, they will be served complimentary Soju Ginseng Berry martinis along with traditional Korean appetizers. Ultimately, the event will aim to educate the guests about the Print: $16,850 In addition to the continuous placement history of Sulwhasoo, including the Asian wisdom in Gotham, Sulwhasoo will also place one and research upon which the brand was founded, and additional full page ad in Gotham’s special to familiarize them with the product in a memorable B Fall Fashion week issue to specifically way that will encourage the formation of favorable promote Sulwhasoo’s special events attitudes toward the brand amongst key figures in the occurring during the week. Benches: $5,650 industry and media. 42 benches through out Central Park will be utilized as display advertising during the four week flight. Central Park Friday, September 9th is located directly across the street from Sulwhasoo Sidewalk Oasis: $6,000 Darosch Park where many of the week’s Sulwhasoo will create its very own “pop-up” store outside of Lincoln Center on the same date as events are held. The park is also a prime Concept Korea’s fashion show. The fashion show features popular Korean designers such as Lie place to reach the target market while Sang Bong, Steve J & Yoni Po, Do Ho, and Bum Suk Choi. The theme of the show is inspired by they exercise, one of their many interests Korean’s contemporary film, fine arts, and fashion cultures and will be the perfect opportunity for and concerns. Sulwhasoo to capitalize on its rich Korean wisdom and history. The pop up store itself will focus on educating consumers about Sulwhasoo’s restoration properties while providing a natural oasis for fashion-week-goers to relax in between events. There will be Bulletin: $20,000 One 26’ x 24’ bulletin will be used during lounge chairs with free shoulder massages, product give-aways, and extensive information about the the four week flight to reach city-goers as product available. Free cocktails created from the same ingredients used in Sulwhasoo’s products the travel to and from fashion week events will be provided along with other traditional Korean snacks. Besides creating a positive association and their regularly scheduled routines. with the Sulwhasoo brand, the store will help to generate PR. 27 28
  17. 17. January 30, 2012 - February 24, 2012 flFlight II: Spring Rejuvenation TOTAL: $48,500The second flight in Sulwhasoo’s campaign strategy, Spring Rejuvenation, will focus on the healing properties of Sulwhasoo products. Spring is the season of nature’s rebirth and a time for skin to repair and heal. The flight also corresponds directly with New York’s spring fashion week so Sulwhasoo can capitalize on the high traffic and publicity of the events. Sulwhasoo will build awareness through extensive print and outdoor advertising while utilizing the highly publicized events to help gain free PR. In addition to the continuous Print: $16,850 placement in Gotham, Sulwhasoo will also place one additional full page ad in Gotham’s Jan/Feb issue to specifically promote Sulwhasoo’s special events occurring during the week. Benches: $5,650 42 benches through out Central Park will Friday, September 9th Sulwhasoo Sidewalk Oasis: $6,000 be utilized as display advertising during Sulwhasoo will create its very own “pop-up” store outside of Lincoln Center on the same the four week flight. New York City’s date as Concept Korea’s fashion show. The fashion show features popular Korean designers spring fashion week will be used to such as Lie Sang Bong, Steve J & Yoni Po, Do Ho, and Bum Suk Choi. The theme of the show is highlight Sulwhasoo’s healthy, rejuvenated Bulletin: $20,000 One 26’ x 24’ bulletin will be used during inspired by Korean’s contemporary film, fine arts, and fashion cultures and will be the perfect skin care products. the four week flight to reach a high opportunity for Sulwhasoo to capitalize on its rich Korean wisdom and history. number of target audience members and guests in New York City for fashion The pop up store itself will focus on educating consumers about Sulwhasoo’s restoration week. Bulletins during these times will be properties while providing a natural oasis for fashion-week-goers to relax in between events. beneficial because of the high number of There will be lounge chairs with free shoulder massages, product give-aways, and extensive influencers, and target market members information about the product available. Free cocktails created from the same ingredients in the city for fashion week. used in Sulwhasoo’s products will be provided along with other traditional Korean snacks. Besides creating a positive association with the Sulwhasoo brand, the store will help to generate PR. 29 30
  18. 18. June 4, 2012- June 29, 2012 Saturday, June 9th flFlight III: Summer Relaxation Hamptons Harmony Party: $20,000 TOTAL: $84,759 Sulwhasoo will host an upscale party in the Hamptons to celebrate the summer season. TheThe third flight in the Sulwhasoo campaign, Summer Relaxation, will focus on promoting relaxation party will take place at a rented clubhouse or home in a Hamptons area and will be expected for the mind. Summer is a season associated with taking a break from the hassles of every day to have near 500 guests. Key influencers, such as bloggers and members of the press, along life and spending time on oneself. Sulwhasoo products are more than just about repairing skin, with loyal Sulwhasoo customers will be invited. At the party, guests will enjoy fresh, summer they also are about creating a sensory experience and helping one relax. The flight will be in The foods, including iced ginseng tea and Korean inspired dishes. Sulwhasoo beauty experts will Hamptons, a popular summer get-away destination for the target market. Sulwhasoo will utilize be on hand to give facials and apply Sulwhasoo products to guests while creating a relaxed print advertising in Hamptons magazine, host an exciting summer event, and spa give-aways to environment for the celebration. Brand experts will float around the party, asking party goerspromote knowledge about Sulwhasoo products while reminding Sulwhasoo users that the product what their personal experience with Sulwhasoo has been and encouraging them to give their is also the perfect way to add a few minutes of relaxation into their day. own personal testimonials. Sulwhasoo guest speakers will present their own personal stories about their results and how their skin has not only improved, but also been reborn since using the product. Brand experts will also promote Sulwhasoo’s summer partnership with local June 15th - July 14th luxury spas, reminding guests that Sulwhasoo products will be featured in local Hampton’s Core Group will place six full page Print: $47,250 Sulwhasoo Spa Partnership: $17,509 area spas. Guests will leave the party with not only more knowledge of the Sulwhasoo’s lasting ads in Hamptons magazine in the Sulwhasoo will sponsor a month-long results, but also relaxed and ready to take on the summer with Sulwhasoo as their skin care Memorial Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, spa event at luxury spas in the Hamptons provider. Summer Fashion, Best of, and Polo such as E Day Spa and Salon or Anna’s issues. These ads will continue build Spa. Sulwhasoo will offer 300 samples brand awareness with the target of their basic line to the selected spas market while they are vacationing in for no cost. The spas will then promote The Hamptons. the line by offering the samples to customers during their visit and also giving them the remainder of the samples to take home with them. This will get local spas familiar with the brand and hopefully result in future buying of the products. Additionally, the target market will have a positive experience with the brand because not only do they have an interaction with Sulwhasoo at a luxury spa that they already enjoy, but also they will be able to take home the rest of the product and have more interactions with the brand in the comfort of their own home. Sulwhasoo as their skin care provider. 31 32
  19. 19. f low chart 33 34
  20. 20. Creative Strategy creative brief To establish a strong brand presence in the United States for a product that is already number What are we advertising? 1 in Korea. Women, ages 35-50. These women regularly shop at high-end department stores and make Who are we talking to? sure to use facial skin care products daily. They are not necessarily employed, but have a household income of at least $150,000. The majority of them have never heard of Sulwhasoo, and therefore it does not come to mind What do they currently think? In today’s cluttered world, campaigns may have the when they consider high-end skin care products. Sulwhasoo is a well-established brand that has already proven itself by becoming the number perfect strategy, but with out proper creative execution, they What do we want them to think? one skin care brand in Korea. Sulwhasoo is made of a unique blend of herbal-medicinal ingredients, and it works. The unique combination of ingredients and Asian wisdom that go will be looked over by the target market. Core Group avoids into Sulwhasoo have created a product that will heal your skin inside-out, and is unlike any other product available in the United States. this by centering the design of each ad around the message of the product to create an integrated and consistent Using a unique blend of herbal-medicinal ingredients, Sulwhasoo creates and maintains Single Most Important Thing: healthy, youthful skin by rejuvenating it from the inside out. campaign across all platforms. In the Creative Strategy, Core Group presents the creative brief and executions of each of The product has been preceded by years of research on the ingredients, and has already Why should they believe it? established itself as the number 1 skin care in Korea. the media choices. Mysterious, peaceful, natural What is the tone of the ad? 35 36
  21. 21. continuous fall restoration The following are drafts of the creative executions for the Fall Rejuvenation flight. The billboard and print ads feature fall colors, to suggest a seasonal message and convey a natural feeling. The image of the tunnel through the trees with the black edges in the print ad appears to be never-ending, and gives the ad a mysterious feel. The ad is fairly dominated by the image of the trees, to help portray the natural characteristics of the products. 37 38
  22. 22. spring rejuvination summer relaxation The Spring Restoration flight print and The open landscape of South billboard ads feature a natural and Korea, and the transparent image mysterious theme as well, which is of a Korean model work together portrayed through the flower and water, to display a mysterious, yet calm and the dark reflections the flower and natural scene. Once again, the logos create. The product is featured in product is featured in a subtle a way that grabs the viewer’s attention, way that works well with the ad. without subtracting from the overall The landscape is peaceful, and tranquility of the scene. a perfect representation of the Summer Relaxation flight. 39 40
  23. 23. Campaign Budget general ledger The following is a ls a list of the expenses of the campaign. For more detailed descriptions of the specific costs of each media choice, refer to the media profiles section on page 22. $101,100 33.70% Print Cost %  of  Budget $47,250 15.80% Gotham Benches $11,300 15.80% Outdoor Hamptons Bulletins $40,000 13.30% SEM $22,500 7.40% Online Facebook $150 <1% Twitter $150 <1% Press  Releases $0 0% Public  Relations Consumer  Promotions $928.48 <1% Monthly  In-­‐Store  Parties $7,113 2.40% Core Group understands that one of the client’s biggest Sulwhasoo  &  Soju  Cocktail  Hour $10,000 3.30% Events Sulwhasoo  Sidewalk  Oasis  (x2) $12,000 4% concerns is how their money is being spent. We take make Hamptons  Harmony  Party $20,000 5.70% Spa  Sampling   $17,509 5.80% Contingency $10,000 3.30% sure to spend every dollar as eff iciently and effecitvely as possible so our clients can make the most of their money. In Total $300,000 100% the following section, the costs of each medium are detailed and placed in an easy-to-ready format. 41 42
  24. 24. budget by f light Evaluation Core Group provides a complete evaluation of how all the campaign goals will be measured. Evaluation methods will include monitoring sales, consumer behavior, and analyzing the results of mid-campaign and post-campaign surveys administered to the target audience both online and in-store. In addition to its own evaluation methods, Core Group will consult a professional research analyst firm for more extensive measurements on the effects of its marketing, advertising and public relations strategies. 43 44