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Smart Goals: Deliver Desired Outcomes


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SMART goals have been used for a long time. I have been learning and executing the past year. Here is my summary of using them, which when combined with other tools for managing and tracking are pretty good!

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Smart Goals: Deliver Desired Outcomes

  1. 1. SMART Goals - Deliver Desired Outcomes - Personalize for your company Personalize for yourself Personalize Productivity
  2. 2. Why SMART Goals?  “Gut feel” makes you “feel good” but may not deliver desired outcomes  “Measured” success delivers results and desired outcomes  “Measured” lack of success provides a path to refine and success to “measured” success  SMART goals are a proven method  I suggest personalize them for your company and yourself
  3. 3. What are SMART Goals?  Specific  Measurable  Actionable  Results Oriented  Timed Note: Results Oriented and Relevant are interchangeable for the “R” and should be “personalized” for your business or yourself
  4. 4. SMART Goals Defined Source:
  5. 5. How do you personalize?  For your company  Tie the goals to the company, department, & function mission  Define specific outcomes desired  Limit to 3-5 specific items per quarter  For yourself  Designed for career planning not “home” life  Careers take strange paths at times, but SMART goals for your career can prepare you for periodic measurement  Be honest with yourself, always include achievable and stretch goals
  6. 6. Summary:  The web: there is much written on SMART goals  Not every SMART goal program works or fits the culture  Do some research, look for low hanging fruit to make small step changes on a quarterly basis  Refine and refine until consistency and desired outcomes are achieved on an ongoing basis  Never settle for “ok, always drive for “best-in-class” outcomes  Personalized Productivity is an inherent benefit
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  8. 8. Thank you!