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Social (Facebook) CMS


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A tumblr like designed CMS (content types include article, video, audio, link) that works as a facebook canvas app.

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Social (Facebook) CMS

  1. 1. facebook CMS(social reader) by beeherd
  2. 2. FACEBOOK APP/CONTEST• maximum user engangement• like to company’s Facebook Page prerequisite• viral spread (news feed, wall post, invite function)• user data (per promo and total)• promosmust run on an app in order to be compliant with Facebook’s promotional guidelines
  3. 3. FACEBOOK APPSTECHNICAL STUFF• php + javascript facebook API• hosted on our secure (https) webserver• pure html/php/javascript (i.e work on every browser/device)• MySQL DB (with app and user data)
  4. 4. USERS DB• Collect user data• Use for email marketing• In the long term build a db that displays your company’s actual audience• Use this db for marketing purposes
  5. 5. • tumblrlike designed CMS (content types include article, video, audio, link)• create articles, youtube videos, images, mp3s and more• usesFacebook access permissions to get user details to external db (optional)• importautomatically content from your RSS feed/twitter account or enter manually your content exclusively for Facebook users
  6. 6. • allows users to easily share content on their wall or• allows users to send content using Facebook messaging system• implemented loyalty system with points for each shared content (different points for different content type possible)• admin backend, WYSIWYG editor• customizable theme using your logo and background image/colors• ...
  9. 9. From news websites to coffee shops to retail brands, more and morecompanies are using social media to extend theirbusinesses, increase brand awareness and expand.Your business can, too! Image from Flickr
  10. 10. @beeherdgrscanformoreinfo!