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Programmatic: The Glue That Binds Data and Creative


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Thanks to all the data now at marketers' disposal, it is possible to create several thousand variations of ad units via versioning and sequencing, but at the end of the day all we're really seeing is an improved banner ad. As an industry, we need to change our mentality and stop separating creative from data, leveraging programmatic to do so.

In this presentation from the 2015 IAB Ad Technology marketplace, learn how Beeby Clark+Meyler and ERA Real Estate worked with publishers to create a unique media-buying model based on consumer behavior.

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Programmatic: The Glue That Binds Data and Creative

  1. 1. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA PROGRAMMATIC: The Glue That Binds Data and Creative Lijo Joseph Senior Director Performance Media Chris Trick Chief Marketing Officer Presented by: @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA
  2. 2. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA CHALLENGE • Increase Brand Awareness • Drive Online Leads to Local Real Estate Agents • Deliver Relevant Messages To Consumers
  3. 3. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA • Programmatically Buy Dynamic Display Ads Using 1st Party Data on Limited Audience to ERA Website SOLUTION
  4. 4. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA SOLUTION • Scale the Audience by Targeting In-Market House Shoppers on Zillow
  5. 5. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA SOLUTION • Dynamic, data-driven ads were created by incorporating real time search data from Zillow. City and State queries were used to deliver relevant messages to the right audience.
  6. 6. @GoBCM | @ASmarterERA RESULTS