Twittnite Hamburg


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Twittnite Hamburg: an Event about Twitter & Social Media

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Twittnite Hamburg

  1. 1. ...proudly presents: Hamburg, May 2011
  2. 2. A meeting of Hamburgstwitter scene
  3. 3. The TwittniteThe Twittnite is uncomplicated andlay back kind of event where:• Bloggers & Micro-Bloggers;• Web 2.0 & Social Media experts;• Creatives;• Corporate communication experts from Start-Ups & established companieswho use Twitter in a professional orsemi-professional way meet up.
  4. 4. Twittnite What‘s the event all about?The goal behind it is to provide an place for active Twitterers fromHamburg and region to gather...
  5. 5. Twittnite What‘s the event all about?• to have a place to network...
  6. 6. Twittnite What‘s the event all about?• to discuss new trends..
  7. 7. Twittnite What‘s the event all about?• to exchange experiences about the media...
  8. 8. Twittnite What‘s the event all about?• and to inspire each other.
  9. 9. Twittnite What‘s the event all about? All-in-one. Sometimes over a drink ...or two.
  10. 10. And where does it all take place? Dates & Location
  11. 11. Dates & LocationFrom December 2010 on the quarterly meetings are taking place at the bar/event space 13. Stock, in Hamburgs trendy neighborhood Sternschanze.
  12. 12. Dates & LocationOrganization flow The date & location of the meeting starts being communicated ca. one month in advance through different social media channels. The participation list reaches it‘s max. capacity normally within two hours. No problem there! The location offers enough place for the 200 guests. And just in case a few more show-up (ca. 20 - 30 people) it‘s still plenty of room!
  13. 13. Location 13. Stock (Hamburg‘s Sternschanze)
  14. 14. Do some (social)Good!
  15. 15. Twittnite Do some (social) good!Not only does it offer an platform to exchange knowledge, the event alsooffers a platform for related activities, like the #watsa:
  16. 16. Twittnite Do some (social) good!#WATSA? #WTF? Welt-AIDS-Tag -Twitter-Spenden-Aktion World AIDS Day fundraising campaign! • 3846 Tweets with the #watsa- Hashtag; • One Euro per Tweet until 1150€. Sum raised in less then five hours; • The money was donated to the AIDS-Hilfe-Hamburg organization.
  17. 17. SponsorshipCase:
  18. 18. Twittnite Do some good (for your Brand)SponsorshipThe sponsor gets the chance to be placed in a credible environment of stronglynetworked and communicative people. Ambient & Social Media
  19. 19. Twittnite Do some good (for your Brand)Case klarmobil.deThe sponsor of the last Twittnite was, a german telecommunicationsprovider. Using subtile measures, like „branded“ cocktails, a tombola to rafflemovie tickets and a canvassing display plus communicating with the guests overtwitter, we managed to raise attention to the brand and it‘s affinity to the topic.
  20. 20. Twittnite Do some good (for your Brand)Case | The Buzz
  21. 21. The Buzz What happens at the Twittnite...goes online... ...not only on Twitter, but also on Social Networks and Blogs, Picture and Location Based Services.
  22. 22. The Buzz What happens at the Twittnite......goes online and mostly stays there.
  23. 23. Did we catch yourattention? YES NO Go ahead :)Start again from the beginning.
  24. 24. GREAT!Because we‘re alwayslooking for sponsors!
  25. 25. Get in contact with us: We‘re all ears. Well, we‘re all eyes and fast typing fingers!beebop media agLippmannstraße 5922769 Hamburgfon 040 - 284 09 28 0mail info@beebop.deweb
  26. 26. The Screenshot-URLs you‘ll find here:➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ please think about this (copyright):The copyright over the pictures on this presentation are from the agencybeebop media ag and the photograph Stefan Groenveld.