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Newspaper article research

  1. 1. NewspaperArticle Research Ancillary Task The Guardian
  2. 2. LanguageNew Girl 8.30pm, Channel 4If Zooey Deschanels "Im so - Thisdescription is light-beautiful, but its OK to like me heartedly scathing about thebecause Im clumsy" act is programme: New Girl.wearing thin, you can breathea sigh of relief this week, as its - It describes the programmethe flatmates turn to be but does not persuade theneurotic. Nick persuades Jess to reader either way, whether topose as his girlfriend to make his watch it or not.ex jealous and Schmidt has aninteresting encounter with his - It uses quite sophisticatedsex-nemesis, Gretchen. Oh yes, language, suggesting that theshes wearing stretch pants and audience are well educated.she wont take no for ananswer.
  3. 3. Theres a scene in Gypsy Blood – True Stories (Channel 4) that is at first confusing. The - The writer comments oncamera is jumping around all over the place and its all very close range. Theressome brown fur in there somewhere, plus heavy breathing and a pathetic use of camera, and thewhimpering noise. effect that it has.Slowly it becomes clear whats going on. The scene is actually being filmed by adog, which must be wearing the camera around its neck. So were looking out alongthe underside of the dogs snout. In the dogs mouth is a deer; I know it soundsimplausible but the dog is a very large one (it looks like a greyhound but it may besome kind of lurcher) and the deer is very small (a Chinese water deer, as it - Technical language ishappens). The dog is shaking the deer from side to side. This is killing, up close and used, relating topersonal. The viewer almost feels as if theyre being shaken to death by a dog. documentaries. TheThe scene is characteristic of Leo Maguires powerful observational documentary isdocumentary, both in the artful way it is filmed (maybe a teeny bit too artful, I identified asthought, at times: I could have done with less lingering on poppy fields etc and thewhole thing fitting into an hour) and the cruelty and violence of the subject matter. ‘observational.’There are other violent scenes involving animals. Like hare coursing, and a horriblecockfight in which one bird is on the point of collapse as the other pecks away at itshead and one of the men watching shouts: "Kill him then, you fucking useless cunt. - Some slang is usedOh, hes gone, finish him son, finish him." (No cameras around the cocksnecks, thankfully.) But most of the violence is between men. And between boys. in the article, mixed in with sophisticated"Box, box," says Hughie Doherty to his son, whos pounding the pads his father is language.holding up. "See, he wont give, go on, Charlie, upper cut, Charlie, uppercut, do anupper cut, Charlie, up the way, quick, over the top, hook, bish bash, bing bang ..." - There are a lot ofCharlie is 18. Months. Charlies older brother Francie, seven, is already an establishedfighter. "When Im in a fight, I have to remember its not just for me, its for my family quotes from theand my name," he says. If dad Hughie ever saw Francie not standing up for programme usedhimself, running away, or crying, then hed give him – his own son – a goodslapping, for letting the name down. Names mean a lot around here, especially if its throughout theDoherty. article.
  4. 4. Layout A ‘promo’ picture from theThe newspaper programme is shown in thegives television middle of the page and isprogrammes a The date and time that the surrounded by rating out offive. programme will be or was shown is atThe Titles are bold, slightly larger the start of thethan the rest of the text on the page article and isand are sometimes brightly coloured. shown in bold.
  5. 5. Audience• High level of education (at least a degree.)• High income.• Travel frequently.• Financially aware.• Interest in global warming and the environment.