7 y easter traditions


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7 y easter traditions

  1. 1. Christian Easter
  2. 2. How do Christians celebrateEaster ?Some Christians fast in theseason of lent. Lent beginson ash Wednesday the dayafter pancake day. Theycelebrate it this way becauseof the pagan influences andalso because of thecommercialization but mostChristians prefer to celebrateresurrection day.
  3. 3. Why do Christians celebrateEaster ?On the third day of Christsdeath he rose from the deadand he showed himself tohis disciples. This is whythe Christians celebrate andthe reason is because it is amiracle that he rose fromthe dead.
  4. 4. But why do we eatchocolate eggs ?We eat chocolate eggs because itsymbolizes the empty tomb thatJesus was in before he rose fromthe dead.
  5. 5. What do rabbits/hares haveto do with Easter ?The idea of a hare being part ofEaster is that hares canreproduce without loss of theirvirginity and this is an associationwith virgin Mary.
  6. 6. Easter TraditionBy Ameera andJosh
  7. 7. What is EasterEaster is the greatest holy day in the churchescalendar.Egg.Easter was firstcelebrated 2000 yearsago!Easter celebratesthe resurrection ofJesus Christ.
  8. 8. Why do we have the egg?At Easter we give eggs to celebrate new life!People use eggs in many traditions all over theworld at Easter, this power point will focus onegg rolling!Easter!Celebration!
  9. 9. Egg rolling!Egg rolling is very popular in England, egg rolling iswhen villages get together and roll eggs down a hill.Egg rolling represents the rolling of thestone in front of the tomb Jesus was buriedin. Egg rolling has been carried out forhundreds of years!The egg!
  10. 10. Egg rolling in Preston!Egg rolling has also been carried out as a tradition inPreston for many hundreds of years!The tradition is taken place atAvenham Park, it is shaped like abowl and in that spot the peopleof Preston roll their eggs!
  11. 11. Where has egg rolling spread to?
  12. 12. Egg rolling in different places!ScotlandU.S.AEnglandGermanyAvenham Park
  13. 13. ALL ABOUT
  14. 14. What is Easter!• Easter is a special time for Christian peoplebecause they believe that Jesus resurrectedfrom the dead on the 21stApril .
  15. 15. All about Easter!People Celebrate Easter Because it is a specialreligious event and Easter’s theme is bunnies andeggs and also Easter Sunday is a happy day forChristians because that Jesus died on this day andchurches are decorated with flowers such as lilies andthe colours in the church with white and gold.
  16. 16. Easter is on 22ndof march till25thApril on a Sunday . Manyyear’s ago Christians decidedthat Easter day will be on aSunday following the first fullmoon after the first day ofspring , around 21stmarch.
  17. 17. How do people Celebrate Easter!!!!!!• There are few things such as Easter bunnies ,Easter eggs and chocolates that are commonto Easter celebrations. In different parts of theworld the easter is celeberated differently .
  18. 18. Easter egg rollingThis tradition first begin in Victorian times.It takes place on easter Monday.Around 10,000 people first attended in easter eggrolling in 1862.Some people take boiled eggs with foil wrappedround or chocolate eggs.This will be 151rdyear celebrated.
  19. 19. Easter bunny• The idea of an egg-laying rabbit was taken toAmerica in the 1700s German immigrants. They toldtheir children to make nests with their caps andbonnets, and if they were good the Easter bunnywould leave them coloured eggs.
  20. 20. easter eggs The Christians came up with Eastereggs because they represent theround stone that covered the doorwayinto the cave that was Jesus grave.Easter eggs came from the Anglo-Saxon settlers. Anglo-Saxon legendtells how the Saxon goddess Eostrefound an extraordinary bird thattransformed into a hare. Ittransformed so that it could survivethe winter days. When she saw itagain it had laid eggs. So the eastereggs became offerings to the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre.
  21. 21. Eastereggs By hamzah andGeorgia
  22. 22. Easter is a Christian festival. Wehave Easter eggs because peoplethink that eggs are a celebrationof new lifeThe first eggs given at Easter where bird eggs.These eggs where painted in bright colours togive it a further meaning.Easter eggs got there idea from Anglo Saxons. The Eastereggs are all symbols of rebirth.Easter eggs
  23. 23. The meaning of the colours of the eggsWe use different colours for eggsbecause each colour has a differentmeaning. Red means fire and sun.Black means eternity. Yellow ishappiness and youth. Green meansspring and freshness. Last of all, blue ishealth.
  24. 24. The date of EasterWe always celebrate Easter on a Sundaybut every year it is a different date. EasterSunday is the first Sunday after the firstfull moon after the vernal equinox.Easter is on the date is somewherebetween the 23rdof march and the 13thofApril.
  25. 25. The Origins Of The Easter bunnyBy Joshua Slater And Ella Davey
  26. 26. Birth Of The BunnyThe Easter Bunny was Born in the 1500’s By aGerman author.The first edible Easter Bunny was made in the1800’s made out of pastry and sugar,People say that the Easter Bunny laidwonderful colourful edible eggs inchildrens Bonnet.The German’s travelled to America to spreadthe Easter joy.
  27. 27. The Easter bunny Todaybunny V bunnyBUNNYFROMTHENTONOW
  28. 28. What date do we celebrate Easter?We celebrate Easter on somewhere betweenthe 22ndof March and the 15thof April as wehave leap years and lots of others things thatwe get held back.
  29. 29. EasterBy Paige and Adil
  30. 30. Why do we celebrate Easter ?Easter is celebrated because it is associated with the death of Jesus.He was crucified on the Friday before Easter and ascended into heaven on Easter Sunday.Why do we have eggs at Easter ?We have eggs at Easter for Christians to custom of giving eggs at Easter celebrates newlife. Easter eggs are special eggs which are often given to celebrate Easter andspringtime.Why do we have egg rolling in Preston at Easter?Egg rolling is a traditional game played with eggs at Easter.They hold this game on Easter Mondays at Preston’s Avenham and Miller Park.Due to the time of year is it mostly raining when they do the egg rolling.Egg rolling has been an important tradition for Preston for over 100 years.
  31. 31. Why do we celebrate Easter with a bunny?The story of the Easter bunny was around in the 19thcentury too.Rabbits usually give birth to a big litter of babies this is whythey are a symbol of life.The Easter bunny also lays, decorates and hides the eggs.When is Easter celebrated?Easter is celebrated on different days each year between the 21stof march to the 25thof April, depending on when theres a full moon in spring.Easter holidaysIn the UK at Easter we have 2 bank holidays. This means that families can spend timetogether.Easter is a time for holidays a time to give chocolate eggs and for festivals.
  32. 32. We hope you have a good Easter !!Happy Easter
  33. 33. EasterBy Ammarah and Barakah
  34. 34. What is Easter?Easter is a festival celebrating Jesus coming backalive when the Romans solders killed him on across and nailed him down and hurt him. lotsof Christians still celebrate it to this day toremember what had happened to him.
  35. 35. When is Easter?Easter is on the 31st of march on Sunday itwas the day when Jesus died on the crosswith a very painful death. Also Easter isalways on a Sunday, Sunday is a holly dayfor the Christans.
  36. 36. THE STORY OF WHEN JESUS DIEDJesus was killed on the cross because he believed inGod so the roman soldiers wanted to kill him. Sowhen Jesus found out he was wanted dead hehad a meal with his disciples then he went intothe garden and when the soldiers came peter oneof the disciples, chopped off one off the soldiersears. They took him to court and he was foundguilty so they nailed him to the cross when hedied they took him to the tomb then a lady foundhis body gone so she was shouting for help butthen a man came and said he was Jesus and toldher to tell everyone that he was alive. So that’swhat she went and did then he rose into heavenand that is why we have easter.
  37. 37. The tradition of Easter!
  38. 38. • We often think of the Easter bunny sneaking into your gardencarrying a basket of brightly coloured, chocolate eggs, and hidingEaster eggs around our garden, but no.....• The idea that a hare could reproduce, without loss of virginity leadto the association with the virgin Mary, with hares sometimes seenin painting with Mary and the Jesus Christ!
  39. 39. Easter eggs are special eggs, that are often given to celebrate Easter orspringtimeIn Christianity Jesus. Though anegg appears to be like the stoneof a tomb, a bird hatches from itwith life; similarly, the Easteregg,For Christians it is areminder that Jesusrose from his tomb,and rose to heaven!
  40. 40. The story of Easter....Last Supper: On Maundy ThursdayChristians rememberwhen Jesus ate the Passover mealwith his disciples, breakingbread and drinking wine, which isnow known as the Last Supper.Many Christians remember this bysharing bread and wine together in aservice called Holy Communion,Eucharist or Mass. It is a reminderthat Jesus sacrificed his life formankind.Good Friday:Good Friday is the Friday beforeEaster Sunday. It commemorates theexecution of Jesus by crucifixion.Good Friday is a day of mourning inchurch. During special Good Fridayservices Christians remember Jesussuffering and death on the cross,and what this means for their faith
  41. 41. Easter TraditionsEaster TraditionsBy Theo and Jasmine
  42. 42. Why do we have the Easter Bunny?The Easter bunny or other known as Easter Rabbitis a character created to bring Easter eggs. Inprevious legends the rabbit/bunny carries round acolourful eggs in a basket or carries sweets andalso toys he takes them to the homes of childrenand as the same as Santa because they both bringgifts on the night before of the holiday. It was arabbit/hare because it was popular in medievalchurch art. The idea of the bunny laying the eggcame to the us in the 18thcentury when Germanimmigrants told their children about theosterhase ,hase means hare not rabbit. According tothe legend only good children got gifts of colouredeggs in the nests that they made in their bonnetsbefore easter.
  43. 43. EASTERThe first Easter egg came from France and Germany in the 19century but in there day they where hard and bitter. But overthe years they became more hollow they became popular veryquick. We have Easter bunnies the Easter bunnies lays adecorate eggs then hides them they are a symbol of new life.The Easter bunny doesnt do all the work alone in Switzerlandthe eggs are delivered by a cuckoo and by fox in parts ofGermany.
  44. 44. Why we have Easter?We have Easter because Jesus died on the cross on good Friday. Easteris on different days each year depending on the full moon.By Ethan J and Subhan
  47. 47. Many Christians do this thing called lent,it starts on ash Wednesday the dayafter pancake day where you givesomething up for 40 days before EasterSunday. A lot of people give up chocolateso when its Easter they can enjoy eatingit. The last week of lent is called TheHolly week it has the important daysMaundy Thursday(also known as HollyThursday), and of course Good Friday.
  48. 48. A lot of us may chomp on chocolateeggs at Easter, but originally eatingeggs was not allowed by the churchduring the week leading up to Easter(known as Holy Week).So any eggs laid that week weresaved and decorated to make themHoly Week eggs, then given tochildren as gifts.Victorians adapted the tradition withsatin covered cardboard eggs filledwith Easter gifts.
  49. 49. Thank you for reading.......Have a good Easter.
  50. 50. Easter chocolate bunniesBy KeturahBradley andEthanChadwick
  51. 51. What are chocolate bunnies?• Chocolate bunnies are either solid or hollowchocolate in the shape of a bunny.• You can have white chocolate bunnies, milkchocolate bunnies or dark chocolate bunnies.• They are wrapped in foil sometimes gold witha little bow.
  52. 52. Why Chocolate Bunnies• The story of the Easter Bunny is thought tohave become common the 19thcentury.• Rabbits usually give birth around Easter time.They give birth to a big litter which are calledKittens, this represents new life.• Christians believe that they are a symbol ofnew life like when Jesus gave his life for hispeople.
  53. 53. Easter Eggs• The custom of giving Easter Eggs is to celebratenew life.• Christians remember that Jesus, after dying on thecross, rose from the dead. This miracle showedthat life could win over death.• In some countries parents tell their children theEaster Hare or Bunny has hidden chocolate eggsand they race to find them round the house orgarden.
  54. 54. Why we have Easter?By Amber and James
  55. 55. What happened when Jesus died?• Jesus died because he believed in God so the roman soldierscaptured him but before they could, he sat down and had ameal with his friends. When they came to get him they foundhim in the garden but as the captured him peter chopped offone of the solders ears off. They took him to the court and hewas found guilty so they screwed him to the cross and left himto die when he died they put him in cloth and carried him to thetomb. 3 days later a lady went to visit Jesus in the tomb but tofind his body missing then a man walked up to her and said telleveryone that I have risen from the dead so she went and toldall of Jerusalem that he had risen from the dead but they didn’tbelieve her. Only his disciples believed her so they went towatch him go to heaven. That’s why we celebrate Easter andgood Friday.
  56. 56. Good Friday• People don’t eat meat on Good Fridaybecause Good Friday is the day that Jesusdied on the cross. Also people eat hot crossbuns because they have a cross on the top ofthem. That is why there are crosses inchurches and some Christians wear crosses.
  57. 57. Easter Sunday• On Easter Sunday Christians say that it wasthe day that Jesus rose from the dead and alady found out that the body of Jesus wasgone then she saw Jesus and went to tell allof Jerusalem that he was alive.