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Bedoha Learning Profile


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Published in: Education, Business
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Bedoha Learning Profile

  1. 1. Leadership<br />Communication<br />Team Work<br />Creativity<br />Corporate Social Responsibility<br />Conflict Resolution<br />Values & Induction<br />Presentation Skills<br />Self Discovery<br />
  2. 2. The Philosophy<br />The Be Do Have principle proposes a simple and yet the most powerful approach to learning and development.<br />We all have dreams and desires. However, only a handful of us achieve our dreams. Bedoha is about guiding you to put your dreams into action so that you can have what you want. They could be professional or personal goals. To us, they are your goals.<br />At Bedoha, through our programmes we motivate and encourage you to…<br />Beckon your dreams, Become what you want to become, Begin what you have been procrastinating…<br />Don your creative hat, Dogged approach to your ambitions, Dow a purpose…<br />Have what you want, make a Habit of winning, Create your Haven…<br />…at work and at home.<br />
  3. 3. There are two aspects to Facilitation of Learning. The What and The How!<br />What: We create our material and simulations with a meticulous, systematic, realistic and rational approach in consultation with you for your unique requirements. With team members and associates who bundle in an average of 15 years of facilitation, design and delivery experience you can expect the most purposeful and challenging content.<br />How: The world of creativity lies in The How of delivery. Our positive, energetic, motivating and original style of delivery, which spiritedly engages with the audience is a determined outcome. It is learning with excitement.<br />How <br />are <br />WE <br />unique<br />Organisations: Top, Middle and Entry Level. We cater to customised and off-the- shelf programmes at all levels. Call us to find out more.<br />Academic Institutes: Customised learning programmes for students and teachers on personality, communication, leadership and creativity.<br />Individuals: Psychometric tools based approach to counselling and coaching in career, growth and life skills.<br />We<br />cater <br />to<br />
  4. 4. To provide Learning and Development Strategies, Solutions and Services<br />To provide services in the entire Learning and Development cycle or in any specific area of your choice<br />To provide specific interventions and diagnostics to address any or all of the 7 steps.<br />Your benefits in partnering with us<br /><ul><li>Empowering employees to act
  5. 5. Enhancing productivity in individuals, teams
  6. 6. Creating openness in communication
  7. 7. Facilitating ownership of process and outcome
  8. 8. Promoting a culture of collaboration
  9. 9. Promoting inquiry and continuous learning</li></ul>We can partner <br />with you <br />Learning and Development Cycle<br />
  10. 10. Using activities to draw out personal challenges and comfort zones. Experiencing new stretch zones. <br />Perform<br />Do It!<br />Go Ahead!<br />Do<br />What Happened?<br />New & Old Experiences<br />Apply<br />Reflect<br />Ponder<br />Practice<br />What can be Learned ?<br />Plan to Tackle<br />Encouraging reflection, and communication from past and present experiences.<br />Applying new learning to performance.<br />The Experiential Cycle<br />
  11. 11. Four Stages <br />of <br />Skill Development<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />The skill becomes so practised that it enters the unconscious parts of the brain ‐ it becomes 'second nature‘ <br />Common examples are driving, sports activities, typing, manual dexterity tasks, listening and communicating <br />
  12. 12. What is the situation?<br />What is it about the situation that you want to change?<br />What is the context of the Learning Intervention?<br />Situation<br />What are you hoping to achieve?<br />Self Discovery<br />Engagement<br />Team & Leadership<br />Intention-Implementation Gap<br />Skill Enhancement<br />Outcome<br />Depending on the Situation/Outcome that your organisation would be looking at, the Learning may last from a one day to a few months intervention.<br />Action<br />
  13. 13. Time Lines<br /><ul><li>Self Concept & Reliance
  14. 14. Motivation & Values
  15. 15. Interpersonal Relations
  16. 16. Learning Skills
  17. 17. Organisation Based Assessments:</li></ul> -Psychometric Profilers<br /> -Personal Development Plans<br /> -Personal Interest<br />Skills & Competencies<br />(2-5 days)<br />Attitudes and Attributes<br />(2-5 days)<br />Understanding & Application<br />(2 days to a few months)<br /><ul><li>Intention & Implementation
  18. 18. Guidance & Coaching</li></li></ul><li>These programmes can be more meaningful when you opt to have an MBTI and/or DISC profiling done followed by coaching. These are offered as outbound and also classroom sessions.<br />Teams & Leaders<br />Learning to work as a teamReassessing your team's goals and direction<br />Communicating better as a teamGiving your team a boost of energy <br />Teams<br />How to initiate leadership behaviours <br />Understanding how commitment works <br />Leading by example <br />Influencing skills <br />Empowering and motivating others <br />Thinking on your feet <br />Leaders<br />Managing Change Communication Coordinating<br /> Decision-Making CreativityDelegation<br />Learning Interpersonal skills Leadership <br />Team Development Team Building Listening<br />Negotiating Planning Entrepreneurship<br />Problem-solving Time management Strategising<br />Competencies<br />
  19. 19. Communication, Presentation and Negotiation<br />Understanding communication dynamicsWorking with body languageDealing with assumptionsUnderstanding patterns, habits and beliefsDeveloping great listening and responding skillsGaining confidence<br />Communication<br />Exploring how presentation worksUnderstanding an audiencePractising a whole range of techniquesHints and tips for effective presentationStretching your capacity to presentPresenting with flair<br />Using support materials<br />Presentation<br />Skills<br />Negotiation Skills<br />Customer Service<br /> Only customised options as per organisation’s requirement<br />
  20. 20. Creativity<br />What is creativity<br />Nature of creativity<br />Blocks to creativity<br />Games and exercises<br />Left and right brain<br />Brain dominance and brain function<br />Whole brain thinking and creativity<br />Nature<br />Of<br />Creativity<br />Visualisation<br />Preparing for visualisation<br />Applying visualisation<br />Morphological Analysis<br />Story Writing<br />Techniques<br />Values Session<br />Induction<br /> Only customised options as per organisation’s requirement<br />
  21. 21. Practical Competency based approach<br />STAR Technique<br />Filtering<br />Questions – to ask or not to ask<br />Behavioural <br />Interview<br />MBTI soft and hard copy versions<br />DISC hard copy version<br />TKI paper and pen version<br />More powerful self<br />Psychometric Profiles<br />Favourable Environment<br />Unfavourable Environment<br />Less Powerful Self<br />
  22. 22. Learning @ Movies<br />Call us to understand more<br />Learning @ Books<br />… and many more<br />Elizabeth<br />Saving Private Ryan<br />Gladiator<br />… and many more<br />Team working and Self-discovery through…<br />Learning @ Theatre<br />Learning @ Music<br />Based on Augusto Boal’s Work<br />Call Us. Find out more.<br />All members are given a percussion instrument and under the guidance of an experienced tutor are taken from a beginners stage to a team effort at symphony<br />
  23. 23. Choose from 3-5 day or a few weeks options<br />Work with villages<br />Cooking<br />Cleaning up<br />White washing<br />Educating village adults and kids<br />Tilling the land, planting seeds<br />Planting trees along villages and trekking routes<br />… and any other way you would like to contribute, we can make it possible<br />Corporate <br />Social <br />Responsibility<br />
  24. 24. Has close to 15 years of experience in facilitating and designing of Learning & Development initiatives both indoors and outdoors. Has been involved with line functions in organisations and running a profit centre.<br />Has worked with The Body Shop, Freight Systems, Samsung and Nokia.<br />Is accredited in MBTI, DISC and TKI. Has run various Value workshops at all levels of organisations<br />Is a Member of Toastmasters International, theatre enthusiast, SCUBA diver and enjoys horse riding, cooking and the outdoors<br />Before moving into L&D has run a farm, taught at a leading boarding school and worked at an elderly peoples’ home<br />Has worked in Learning and Development with Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks in India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. Have also worked in Dubai, Lebanon, Kuwait, England for other clients. Ranbaxy, Gabriel India, Hindustan Motors, Eicher Motors, Ranbaxy, L&T amongst others<br />Vikram Mall<br />+91 987 1100 950<br />+91 993 5690 032<br /><br />The Team<br />Has over 13 years of experience in facilitating and designing learning interventions for the outdoors and classroom. Has been involved in line function for <br />Has been involved in Change Management, Employee relation interventions based on competency maps<br />Has done Value Workshops for organisations at all levels<br />Has worked with DHL and British Airways<br />While free-lancing has worked with E&Y, Vodafone, Vaish Law Firm, UT Star Com, HLL, DHL and business schools<br />Is an accredited MBTIpractitioner<br />Is a keen artist and yoga enthusiast<br />Nishi Bajpai<br />+91 999 992 5515<br />+91 11 4554 2630<br /><br />
  25. 25. Over the last one year he has co-facilitated workshops with clients like Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Bechtel and Safenet both indoors and outdoors.<br />Has a years of experience with DCMDatasystems in HR.<br />Is a very keen outdoor person and very passionate about his job.<br />VarunAgarwal<br />+91 991 0665 256<br /><br />
  26. 26. Our Outdoor Team<br />Yogi, as he is warmly called, has been in the outdoors since a young age and has now 16 years of experience tucked under his belt. He completed his basic mountaineering course from NIM, Uttarkashi and advanced from HMI, Darjeeling. He has been part of various rescue operations in the Himalayas. Yogi has over 5 years experience working with corporate team building and leadership interventions. He has also vast experience in leading school adventure courses. He leads the outdoor team and loves to cook, play the guitar and sing in his free time.<br />YogeshBisht<br />+91 986 808 2195<br /><br />Ravi has been working in the outdoors with organisations and schools for over 5 years. A thorough team player with a brilliant sense of humour, he loves to dance and sing. Ravi was a gym instructor for a long time before venturing into the outdoors.<br />Ravi Prakash<br />Prakash is the youngest member of the team and is certified in Basic from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkashi and his passion for the outdoors is why he is here. A very keen learner and singer he is an integral part of the team.<br />PrakashNagarkoti<br />