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Food inspector powerpoint presentation

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Food inspector powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Food Inspector Trent Allison 5th
  2. 2. Food Inspector• I chose this career because I thought it would be fun to inspect animals before they are slaughtered and after and to make sure the animals are safe to eat before being slaughtered.• This job requires good skills and great visibility and handling techniques.• Requires you to be calm and gentle and you need to take your time.• Focus on details and specify• Have high and joyful energy• Make sure things are clean and well cooked
  3. 3. Nature of Work• Have to have good handling skills• Have to have good vision• Have to be able to focus on details and specify• Have to be able to observe well• Have to have a strong stomach• Good communication• Good decision making skills, ect…
  4. 4. Working Conditions• Outdoors• Indoors• Variety of weather conditions such as snow, rain, hot summer days, ect..• Loud or quiet areas• Clean or dirty areas
  5. 5. Education•In order to be a food inspector you have to have a bachelors degree and a high school diploma.
  6. 6. Job Outlook, Employment• $32,760 per year• No work experience and on the job training is required• 21,300 jobs• Job outlook is 7% slower than usual• The employment change is 1,500 lay offs a year
  7. 7. Earnings• High earnings a year = $61,000• Low earnings a year = $24,00• Average earning = $32,000 to $33,000
  8. 8. Use of Technology in Career• X-ray inspection (Anritsu HD and Ultra HD x-ray)- Detects anything other than metals and access items in the food while being processed and finds contaminant products in items.• Checkweighers (SV series)- Limit the amount of product giveaway and keep it even through all packages keeping the weight at a minimum.• Metal detectors (Anritsu DUW (Dual Wave) series metal detection)- Detect metals in food and missing items and underweight items also limits metal contaminant without fail.
  9. 9. Is this Career Still Appealing to Me• This career is still appealing to me because I love animals and I think it would still be fun to inspect animals before and after they are dead. I have a very strong stomach that can handle the stench of the dead animals and the site of them. This would be a great career to pursue also because I have great vision and respect for food especially food I eat.
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