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Become a Freelancer


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After completion of ‘Become a Freelancer’ course, you will be able to:
• General Transcription: Transcribe interviews, sitcoms, movies, workshops, radio shows, etc
• Blog and Article Writing: Write publishable articles and blogs on any topic
• SEO Writing: Use the Google keyword tool and write search engine friendly articles
• Web Research and Data Mining: You will be able efficiently execute any web research and data mining projects
• Virtual Assistant: You can generate a handsome income by acting as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home (Highly recommended for educated homemakers and stay at home moms.
• Get freelance job opportunities; Create a profile with portfolio offering
• Offer General Transcription, Website Content Writing and SEO Writing, Web Research, Data Mining, Article and Blog Writing services.
• Generate a steady source of income (You are limited only by your ambition and commitment).

Why Become a Freelancer
The advent of latest remote and cloud technologies has been the driving force behind the freelance market boom. Have a look at the following numbers:
• 42 million Americans are freelance workers (Employers are looking to outsource these jobs to markets like India, Philippines, etc.)
• 40% of the US workforce are freelancers
• 22% of workforce of 200 largest companies are freelancers
• There are 1 billion freelancers on oDesk alone.
• In 2012, 1.5 million freelance jobs were carried out.

Golden Nuggets of the Freelance Industry
This brings us to the question: What are the genuine freelance jobs out there that can not only guarantee you an income, but also help you make a career for yourself from the comfort of your home?
Years of research and toiling around to make a freelance career for ourselves has lead us to answer the above question. Following are the freelance professions that allow you to capitalize your skills and encash them for a decent payout.

What Will I learn in " Become a Freelancer" training course:
You'll master the skills in demand:
General Transcription
Article and Blog Writing
Website Content and SEO writing
Web Research and Data Mining

How to start of the course:
Take the first step: Enroll for a FREE session ;

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Become a Freelancer

  1. 1. FREELANCER HOW TO BECOME A A Simple and Definitive Approach
  2. 2. BECOME A FREELANCER You can Become a Freelancer if: • You can type and send a mail (read: Basic English and Internet Skills) • You have the quest to learn the simple skills we teach in this training Visit the 4th slide for Special Link for the FREE Intro Session of the Workshop
  3. 3. BECOME A FREELANCER How will I Become a Freelancer? • The workshop and the training session will train you to systematically develop, showcase and promote the required skills, along with creating an attractive portfolio and choosing the right work in a practical way. What are the topics covered in the workshop/training? • You will be practically trained to develop a freelancing mindset, master the skills in demand, and to choose, accept and complete projects. • More in detail….. Visit the 4th slide for Special Link for the FREE Intro Session of the Workshop
  4. 4. BECOME A FREELANCER Acquiring a Freelancer Mindset S I P O C Model S – Supply I – Input P – Process O – Output C – Customer • Self Motivation • Self Organized • Meticulous • Time Management • Quality Minded • Virtual Communication
  5. 5. BECOME A FREELANCER Magical Skill 1 – Mastering ‘General Transcription’ • Why? – Imagine what is out there that needs to be transcribed (podcasts, movie and sitcoms subtitling, interviews, brainstorming sessions, radio shows, web casts, video tutorials etc.) • How? – Hands-on training on transcribing audio/video of varying difficulty and accent with assistance from our experienced trainers. Learn transcription style guide and accent recognition • Upload weekly assignments & interact with trainer through LMS. • Encash?
  6. 6. BECOME A FREELANCER Magical Skill 2 - Web Research, Data Mining and Being a Virtual Assistant •Why? – Web research, data mining and virtual assistant are the most outsourced jobs in the freelance market. Minimal Skills and dependability of the freelancer is of great value to the employer •How? – Develop, through practical and interactive activities, the much needed research, analytical and logical mindset needed to carry out above jobs. •Uploading through the LMS followed by oDesk searching.
  7. 7. BECOME A FREELANCER Magical Skill 3 – Blog and Article Writing •Why? – Internet thrives on new and dynamic content. Blogs and articles account for majority of the content on the web. •How? – You’ll learn what to write, how to research and write reader friendly articles and blogs. The writing technique is simple, yet prolific. •Uploading through the LMS followed by oDesk searching.
  8. 8. BECOME A FREELANCER Magical Skill 4 – Website Content and SEO Writing •Why? – Quality content and high SEO ranking determines the success of the website. Gap bet •How? – You’ll learn to write different web pages like home, about us, services and more. Once you learn the skill, you’ll feel like a web consultant. There are thousands of employers who require this service •Uploading through the LMS followed by oDesk searching.
  9. 9. BECOME A FREELANCER Services You Shall offer after the Training: • Transcription • Web Research • Data Mining • Blog/Article Writing • Website Content and SEO Writing • Simple Copywriting
  10. 10. The FREELANCE System The System: You’ll learn how to receive Payments from Domestic and International Clients to your: •Bank Account •Paypal ( We’ll help you to create) You’ll also be introduced to other tools and resources which can speed up your work with more quality = More Money
  11. 11. BECOME A FREELANCER After the Training you shall be A Confident, Skillful Freelancer who can determine your work timings and your income.