Internet Marketing Tips For Holiday Traffic


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During the holiday season, it's essential that businesses optimize their web site content to target holiday shoppers. This 20 page eBook from Advice Interactive Group ( is the ultimate guide for holiday social media campaigns, seasonal coupon ideas, holiday email marketing tips, holiday-infused blog content, and more!

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Internet Marketing Tips For Holiday Traffic

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Customizing your content and marketing strategies to match the needs and wants of your readership is imperative in the upcoming months. SO, WHAT DO CONSUMERS WANT THIS TIM E O F YEAR? All things Christmas. Hanukkah. and Thanksgiving. Holiday- proofing your internet marketing strategy will keep your web presence fresh, current. and relevant-all things Google looks for when evaluating search rankings. Search engines arent the only ones who w ill appreciate your efforts. Holiday-infused content and special offers will benefit your clients os well, providing them with relevant, useful information and extra rewords for being loyal followers of your business. From m id-October to early January. business owners should be gearing up for holiday shoppers. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) can profit from holiday- proofing their web p resence. By implementing these marketing tips, your business will see an increase in: • Exposure • Consumer interest • Site traffic • Engagement • Conversion roles • Cheer & merriment!Share this guide!
  3. 3. ~ , , ,, , , ,, , , ~ ~ An integra l part of your companys holiday makeover should include offering your clients deals. Theres nothing more appealing ~ to a customer than the words free, discount, limited offer, and coupon. This is a m plified during the holiday season ~ when consumers scour advertisements and the web for the best deals out there. Specia l holiday offers d isplayed prominently on your site s main page may g ive an online customer ~ the extra push to purchase or schedule services. ~ Discounts and promotional codes can be used in a variety of places: thank you pages, emails. social media sites, etc. Throughout the rest of this guide, we II delve further into where and how best to display holiday deals. Share this guide! fmiJrJ-·----
  4. 4. (ULH.h (/ /H_/_/JU_/~ ~ PLAN FOR THE MAJOR SHOPPING DAYS _...~ ~ Its of utmost importance that your business plan a campaign centered on some of the biggest shopping doys of the yeor. fJ ~ ~ Just o reminder: • Block Friday (November 23) • Small Business Saturday (November 24) ~ • Cyber Monday (November 26) • December 23 (Greatest percentage of purchases mode) • Christmas Eve (December 24) • Christmas Day (December 25) Make sure to get the word out about your holiday specials ~ before these dates. Offering your products and services for a limited time may prompt consumers to act faster. You may also choose to highlight the advantages of shopping online versus i n-slore: no wait. no crowds! Dont be afraid to try different tactics to see what works best for you. Shore this guide! lmiJrJwww.odvic:Wlt~ctiv•group .com
  5. 5. ~, , , ,, i , ,, , , ~ ~ For businesses whose main traffic comes from online users, your website is your digital storefront. Business owners ~ ~ have a lo t of leeway to create a user ~ experience that s overflowing with holiday ~ spirit. Create an inviting a tmosphere that people want to shop in. ~ Your goal is to create a user experience that s both attractive and p romotes traffic a nd sales. The simplest way to do this is to decorate. ~ ~ ~ ~Share this guide!UDIIrJ
  6. 6. CYBERSPACE DECORATING INSPIRATION Featu re red & green bordered coupons o n the main page. Use related holiday-specific images on your blog posts. Make simple design cha nges to the front logo. i.e., snow-copped text, reindeer a ntlers. Place a border of lights around the Thank You page. Include a holiday poll and offer coupons upon completion. Upload photos of your staff wearing Santo hots f or your "About Us" page. Include a holiday-specific image and text in your rotating bonner.The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to holk:Jay-proofing your website design.Simply work w ith your design team to enhance the look and feel of your website. b logposts. thank-you pages, newsJetters, and more. If you don t have a design team--don·tworry. Theres no need to bombard your clients with gangs of sugarplumfairies or mountains of candy canes. Even the simplest chonges, likeadding a haliday-themed image to your blog posts, con be donewith limited knowledge of website design. Shore this guide! fmllrJ
  7. 7. ~, , , ,, i , ,, , , ~ ~ Like all good greeting cards. your holiday email marketing campaign should include an inspirational. moving message that conveys hope, gratitude. and a bright future. Have your CEO write a letter to subscribers detailing how much you appreciate them. List the companys accomplishments in the past year. Discuss what clients can look forward to in the future. Personalize your message. This is the time of the year those after-school TV moments are more than ok. An e-newsletter is a great opportunity to put a face to your company. let your subscribers be a pari of your journey, and have them with you as you welcome the New Year.Share this guide!mlllrJ
  8. 8. E-Newsletter Holiday Marketing TipsE-newsletters allow your business to speak directly to your consumers. Some important items to include and promote: Current and relevant seasonal content Holiday-inspired visuals Compelling news & updates Free, exclusive content Special discounts Promotions to be cashed during the holidays Pro m ise your latest b log post, newest product, or d iscounted service Service or p roduct re m inders Service or p roduct-related w ish list Partner with a charity and offer subscribers a chance to donate Share this guide! fmllrJ
  9. 9. ~, ,, , , i , , ,, , ~ Slogging during the holiday season is as ~ ~ important as ever. Blogs are the fastest, easiest ~ way to keep your sites content fresh. Theyre also highly sharable via social media networks ~ and have the potential to create Iorge influxes of traffic. ~ ~ ~ ~ Blogs offer the unique opportunity for your company to conne-ct with clients. Like e-newsletters, theyre a great vehicle for ~ humanizing your company. Take your blogging one step further and encourage your readers to subscribe or leave ~ a testimonial in exchange for a holiday promotion or free resources. The rewards will function as extra incentive for consumer engagement.Share this guide!UDIIrJ
  10. 10. BLOGGING IDEAS FOR SERVICE PROVIDERSFor those businesses who sell services and not a specific product or products.never fear. You con still optimize your blogs for the holidays. Offer a couponin the closing call-to-action and be sure to include an image for maximumsharability.Medical Service Provider: "Bring in the New Year Happy & Healthy"Interior Design: "Make Santa Feel Welcome by Feng Shuing Your Home"Real Estate: "Funny Gift ld eas for a Realtor" (Shirts that say "Realtors Need More Closure", etc.)Plumbing: "5 Ways to Keep Frosty From Freezing Your Pipes"Attorney/Law: "1 0 Tips to Protect Yourself from Crazy Holiday Drivers"Heating/AC/HVAC: "Keep Jack Frost from Nipping at Your Nose with Our 12 Days of Heating Maintena nee Tips"Tip: If youre stum ped on what to write about, check out sites Plug in a keyword and it will give you ideasfor blog topics. Or try searching Twitter. Type "how" or"why" + your keyword to view a list of trending tweetsrelated to your topic. Share this guide!
  11. 11. Having an active web presence an all your social media networks is a must during the holidays. People are off work and are looking for ways to spend their time (and money.) Theyre searching omline for where to go, what to buy. and how quick and easy the process can be completed.Share this guide!mlllrJ
  12. 12. J,_ ~" f i:J ul<e..J ~ ~ Like ._ 16 Like - 16 Like 1...-- --Facebook allows you to interact with your fans in a variety of ways:• Post special holiday offers on your company s Facebook page leadingup to the new year. Host a 12 days of d iscounts campaign offering yourfans a discount a day for the 12 days of Christmas.• Have fans submit videos of their best Grinch (or something relevant toyour industry) impersonation.• Conduct a holiday poll asking your followers what theyre most lookingforward to this holiday season.• Offer a coupon to fans if your "Like" count reOJches a certain numberby Christmas.Conducting polls a nd holding contests and giveaways are great ways toincrease consumer interest and engagement as w ell as reward thosewho frequent your Facebook page. It will create anticipation for whatyoull offer next, making your next campaign even more successful. Share this guide! fmllrJ
  13. 13. TWITTERCurrently there are 100 million active Twitter users and businesses around theglobe are taking advantage of the exposure. No matter the size or the netincome of your company, you, too, can create a h igh lyeffective Twitter campaign. To start off small, simply tweettime-sensitive deals to your followers, and youll quicklyfind that the reason 32% of people retweetcontent is due to discounts and promotionaloffers.Other Twitter campaigns you can try:• Offer o 35% discount to anyone who comes toyour store asking for "Santa," and promote it onlyon Twitter.• Have followers post a p icture of something relatedto your industry and give away a prize a day for thebest picture.• Start an "Alii Want for Christmas" campaign wl1e1·epeople tweet your product/service as whatthey wont for Christmas.As w ith most marketing initiatives, Twitter campaignscan get as creative and involved as you wish. Tryout different campaigns and see what works for your target audience.You may be surprised! Share this guide! fmllrJ
  14. 14. ~- - - i - -- -rJf/ o . #sug arp/ums ~ fJ~ *"~ *nbbon #presents ~ odOVS ~ ~
  15. 15. PINTER ESTThe holidays are extremely visual. Iconic images off turkeys, pilgrims, Sa ntaand 2012 googly-eyed g lasses will soon be pervading your c ity streets andstorefronts. Pinterest is the visual social media marketingtool of todays age. II is the virtual corkboard of theInternet, where users can pin their favorite p ic tureslo various boards and reference them later.For businesses whose products or servicesare visual. such as florists. chefs, orphotographers, having a Pinterest is a must.If this sounds like your target demographic,it may be a good idea spendsame time holiday-proofing your Pinterest.The most popular pins focus on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, recipes, artsand crafts, fashion, fitness, education, and the home. That being said,pinning pictures of your business or products simply wont cut it. Makethe pins useful to your audience.• If youre a p lumber, pin a p icture o f a model kitchen, linking it to an articleabout DIY kitchen remodeling.• If youre a mechanic, you may want to p in a p ic ture of a b lownout tire and write a how-to list on steps for changing a flat tire.• A baker con pin a pictvre of your latest coke creationand link to the recipe. Share this guide! fmllrJ
  16. 16. There are plenty of social media sites to market your brand. You may alsochoose Google+. Linkedln. or YouTube. just to no me a few. Any of thesecampaign suggestions can be enhanced and tailored to the socialmedia site you want to use. Just be sure to track your results. rinse. andrepeal! Share this guide!
  17. 17. WRAP-UP •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• As early as October. people begin actively searching for things to buy and places to buy them from, making it the perfect storm for businesses everywhere. Holiday shoppers are the epitome of the low hanging fruit. and it s in your businesss best interest to ensure your web presence is at its peak performance. Whether youre a service provider or a retail store. your business can benefit from holiday-proofing your web presence. Once youve mastered these aspects of internet marketing. you may want to take your holiday campaign to the next level and partner with a chariiy or foundation to raise money and awareness for a common issue or create a m icrosite for a specific campaign. Keep in mind, however. that doing som e thing small that s really great is better than doing som ething b ig tha ts subpar. Work with the resources you have and, by all means. push the limits. In the end, you II find the right balance of what works for your business and will begin reaping the rewards of an innovative, well- thought-out holiday makeover.Share this guide!
  18. 18. ABOUT THE CREATORS•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• RACHEL KOPP. WRITER Rachel Kopp works on the Advice Interactive SEO content team and focuses on the research and creation of st ellar content for on-page optimization, ebooks, and blogs. Rachel attended the University of Centra l Arkansas and currently &ves in Dallas, TX with her fiance, Jeremy Morgan. and dog, Howard. KATIE RITTER WALSH, DESIGNER/ EDITOR Katie Ritter Walsh works on the Advice Interactive content writing team. T includes implementing email his marketing strat egies as wei as creating graphics and content for on-page optimization. blogs and the Advice monthly newsletter. Katie attended Abilene Christian University and Texas State University. She currently lives in Dallas, TX w ith her husband, JP. and puppy, Adelaide.Share this guide!
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