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Pay Per Click FAQs


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Frequently asked questions about Pay Per Click marketing.

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Pay Per Click FAQs

  1. 1. Pay Per Click FAQs with Advice Interactive
  2. 2. How will Advice Interactive charge me for doing my PPC advertising?  With Pay-Per-Click advertising, you are not paying the search engine to run your ad.  The search engine displays you’re ad for free when someone searches for the keyword you bid on.  Advice Interactive uses a combination of strategies in the bidding process to get your ad the highest number of clicks for the lowest cost per click.  Advice charges you depending on the type and scope of the paid search campaign. You can get a Free Consultation by contacting us online. How do the Search Engines charge me when doing Pay Per Click Advertising? Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. 3.  For a simple Pay-Per-Click campaign, Advice averages two from contract to launch.  More complex campaigns take longer to launch as Advice must keep fine-tuning keywords and ad copy to ensure that you maintain good search engine positions and are meeting your cost per acquisition (CPA) goals. How long will it take me to launch a PPC campaign? How long will it take your agency to launch a PPC campaign? Pay Per Click campaigns
  4. 4. How long do PPC campaigns take to make an impact on my business performance? • The first step to any PPC campaign is setting up proper tracking. This tracking is important to determine if your paid search campaign is getting you more site traffic, leads, calls, or sales. • For the first few weeks after your campaign is launched, Advice will be making a lot of changes including:  Adding negative keywords to exclude non-relevant traffic  Optimizing your bids to ensure you get the best position and cost per click  Reviewing and editing ad copy to see which ads are performing better  Monitoring conversions and adapting the overall strategy of the campaign. Pay Per Click campaigns
  5. 5.  Advice provides thorough PPC reports that evaluate your ad copy, landing page, display settings, conversion metrics, and performance metrics. Who will help me understand PPC reports What Kind of reports will you provide to demonstrate PPC performance? Pay Per Click Reports
  6. 6. When and where will my PPC ads appear? • Your PPC ads will appear on Google and the Google Search Partners whenever someone searches for the keywords you have bid on. • You can also choose to bid on keywords in Bing. • The positioning of your ad depends on which search engine you’re using, the settings you’ve selected, and your keyword bid. • Usually, search engines display pay-per-click ads as “sponsored links” at the top or side of the search results. Pay Per Click ADs
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