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GSS Infosoft Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />1<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />GSS Infosoft Pvt. Ltd<br />Company Presentation<br /> By BD Team <br />
  2. 2. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />2<br />GSS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., (GSS) is promoted by group of IT professionals having 25+ years of experience in cutting edge technologies and various domains in the area of Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Government, Logistics, Education, etc. <br />GSSis engaged in Offshore, Offsite and Onsite Services and Solutions in the area of Consulting, Software Development, Multimedia, and BPO Services providing total solutions on the latest and cutting edge technologies to its customers worldwide. GSS can take up any new area of Development as the Company keeps on updating the Technology and working through extensive R & D work on a regular basis.<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />Software <br />Development<br />Outsourcing<br />Consulting<br /><ul><li>RPO
  4. 4. Contract staffing
  5. 5. HR Mngt .services
  6. 6. IT Security
  7. 7. IT Infrastructure
  8. 8. ISO certification
  9. 9. Application development
  10. 10. Software Testing
  11. 11. Application support
  12. 12. ERP implementation
  13. 13. CCTV Cameras
  14. 14. Boom Barriers
  15. 15. Bollards
  16. 16. Access Control etc.</li></ul>Our Services<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />Physical Security Services <br />And Solutions<br />6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />
  17. 17. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />4<br />Our Technical Skill<br />Dedicated team of professionals with the following technical expertise:<br /> <br />Java Development Center<br /> <br />J2EE, J2ME, Java Server Pages, Servlets, Struts, Enterprise Java Beans, JavaMail, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, Applets, Java Swing, Web Services<br />Oracle, DB2<br />Visual Age, J Builder, JDK, CORBA, Eclipse, Rational Web Developer<br />Web Logic, J Boss, Web Sphere, Tomcat<br />Methodologies - UML, RUP, OOAD/OOP<br /> <br />Quality Assurance and Testing Center<br /> <br />Rational Robot (SQA Robot), ASTRA, WinRunner, LoadRunner, WAS, VisualTest, SilkTest, ACT<br /> <br /> <br />ERP Implementation Center<br /> <br />SAP B1<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />
  18. 18. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />5<br />Our CMMi3 Level- Agile Development Process<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br /><ul><li>Our development process are in line with CMMi3 guidelines
  19. 19. *Our hosted model services are having compliance with ISMS / ITIL framework</li></li></ul><li>6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />6<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />IT Security Consulting Services<br /><ul><li>Audit of Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of networks.
  20. 20. BCP/DRP Implementation / Audit.
  21. 21. Due Diligence System Audit.
  22. 22. Internal Audits for ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 20000-1 (ITSM), ISO 14001 </li></ul> (EMS), ISO 9001 (QMS) Audits.<br /><ul><li> IS Audit for Certifying Authorities / Registration Authorities as per IT Act, 2000.
  23. 23. IS Audits / IT Security Audits for Applications / Data Centers /DR Sites / Data </li></ul> Migration Audits / Network Security Audits including ERP implementations.<br /><ul><li> Software / Package Audit / Testing.</li></li></ul><li>6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />7<br />IT Infrastructure Consulting Services<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br /><ul><li>Certifying Authority (CA) / Registration Authority (RA) setting up of Office –Consultancy </li></ul> and Audits.<br /><ul><li> Consultancy and Certification for TIA- 942 implementation.
  24. 24. Critical review of Web Site design including security issues
  25. 25. Developing IT Security Apex level policy, IT Sub-policies like Network Policy, Backup </li></ul> Policy, Password Policy, Email Policy, Firewall & Router Policies, Business Continuity <br /> Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) etc.<br /><ul><li> Incidence Response Management Solution.
  26. 26. ISO / IES 20000-1:2005 /ISO 14001:2004 /ISO 27001- Implementation / Audit.
  27. 27. ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System Standard (QMS) Implementation / Audit.
  28. 28. Setting up of Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Site.</li></li></ul><li>6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />8<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />IT- Infrastructure Management Services<br /><ul><li> Remote Management Services
  29. 29. Networks Management Services
  30. 30. Disaster Recovery Management Services
  31. 31. Maintenance Services
  32. 32. Database Management Services
  33. 33. Desktop Management Services
  34. 34. Server Management Services
  35. 35. Security Management Services
  36. 36. Storage Management Services
  37. 37. Application Development & Management Services</li></li></ul><li>6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />9<br />Get Accredited ISO 9001, ISO 14001,<br /> ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 Certification<br />ISO Certification Consulting Services<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />We are a small team of qualified standards auditors covering Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental, and Information/Data Security standards. Our client base is spread across India and encompasses a wide range of trades including Banking, Software, Recruitment, Security Guards, Engineering and Construction Contractors. Our fee structure is aimed at affordable certification for our clients using a no nonsense, keep it simple approach.<br />We explain the requirements of your chosen standard/s in plain every day language, along with what is needed to meet requirements, but we will also let you know if your business would not benefit from certification.<br /> <br />
  38. 38. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />10<br />Human Resource Outsourcing Services<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />End-to-end Outsourcing<br /><ul><li> Management of broad HR function
  39. 39. Transfer of Management responsibilities to TSMC
  40. 40. Implementation of integrated business process model</li></ul> Total Process <br /> Outsourcing<br /><ul><li> > Employment </li></ul> Processing<br /> > Benefits <br /> administration<br />Discrete Services<br /><ul><li> Employment
  41. 41. Applicant sourcing
  42. 42. Resume Processing
  43. 43. Benefits
  44. 44. Enrolment
  45. 45. Flexible spending </li></ul> administration<br />
  46. 46. Types of Cameras<br />Dome cameras-mini cameras that feature a lens mounted onto a circuit board.<br />Infrared (IR)- used in areas where light is not sufficient for surveillance.<br />Wide Dynamic Range - to provide clear images even under back light circumstances <br />Internet Protocol (IP) - watch and record live video over a local network or the Internet.<br />Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) - camera with remote directional and zoom control. <br />11<br />www.gssinfosoftnet<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />CCTV Cameras<br />6/25/2011<br />
  47. 47. 12<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />6/25/2011<br />
  48. 48. Regulating and restricting the flow of traffic everywhere like shopping malls, Big Companies, Banks etc.<br />13<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />Boom Barriers<br />6/25/2011<br />
  49. 49. Manual Release<br />Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.<br />Die-casting aluminium alloy motor, precision and good at thermal radiating.<br />Motor cooling fan, solving the problem of heat-protection<br />Double safety limit switches (photo electricity limit switch/motor memory sensor).<br />Reversing on obstacle.<br />Auto-closing.<br />Support the INFRARER PHTOCELL for anti-bumping function (optional)<br />Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional)<br />Traffic light interface<br />Wire control (switch signal)/ Remote control (418MHZ)<br />14<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />6/25/2011<br />
  50. 50. Private use and for reserved spaces<br />Access control<br />Control for limited vehicle traffic and pedestrian zones<br />Anti-intrusion and anti-terrorism security<br />15<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />Bollards<br />6/25/2011<br />
  51. 51. Passage in both directions, electronically controllable with built-in logic control.<br />16<br /><br /> Bollards<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />6/25/2011<br />
  52. 52. 17<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br /> Access Control<br />6/25/2011<br />
  53. 53. There are three types (factors) of authenticating information:<br />Something the user knows, eg a password, pass-phrase or PIN.<br />Something the user has, such as smart card.<br />Something the user is, such as fingerprint, verified by biometric measurement. <br />18<br /><br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br /> Access Control -Authentication<br />6/25/2011<br />
  54. 54. Security Metal Detectors<br />Biometrics<br />Fire Alarm<br />19<br /><br />Other added services<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br /><ul><li>Network Solutions
  55. 55. UPS & Rack
  56. 56. IT support services</li></ul>6/25/2011<br />
  57. 57.<br />Our Partial Client List<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />20<br />
  58. 58. 6/25/2011<br />Confidential <br />21<br />An ISO 9001:2008 Company<br />Thank you<br />Satish: 9739716671/ 9686197315<br />