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Coca-Cola: the brand


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Coca-Cola: the brand

  1. 1. Advertising
  2. 2. Brand History Coca-Cola started out selling 9 drinks per day, which has increased to the current 1.4 billion sold daily. The Coca-Cola brand has expanded to include over 2,800 different beverages. 1886- first Coca-Cola drinks were made 1916- patented a unique contour bottle 1923- introduced the first 6-pack as a convenient way for people to take the drink home 1928- followed the US team to the olympics 1941- the name “Coke” emerged 1943- allowed its product to be sold for 5¢ to any soldier in uniform 1950- first product to ever appear on TIME magazine 1955- king size and family size bottles are introduced 1960s other drinks such as Sprite and Minute Maid juices are introduced 1964- first lift top cans are produced 1970- the white flowing ribbon becomes an icon for the company 1971- commercial of people around the world singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” 1985- first soft drink consumed in space 1985- “Coca-Cola Classic” emerges when a new recipe is rejected by the public 1991- bottles made from partially recycled plastic 1993- the “always Coca-Cola Bear” appears as an icon 2001- fridge 12 pack launches in US 2005- aluminum contour bottles
  3. 3. Brand Application
  4. 4. Competitive Benchmarking
  5. 5. Coca-Cola is set apart Original Innovative thinking differently about how drinks could be sold Drives Industry graphics packaging environment Global