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Question 1 evaluation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Question 1 evaluation

  1. 1. Throughout the construction process wefollowed all the codes and conventions of the genre, therefore we have not challenged or developed these conventions
  2. 2. • We used a male voiceover in our documentary because we didn’t want to portray the stereotype that women have more fears than men• The narrator speaks in Standard English and the narration also acts as glue holding the elements of the documentary together to construct the narrative• The narrator is of a relevant age to our target audience
  3. 3. The interviews are framed either to the left or rightof screen in either; medium close up, close up or bigclose up, depending on the mise-en-scene Our documentary Professional documentary
  4. 4. • Cutaways were used to break up interview answers• A variety of camerawork was used and on still images the camera zooms to make it more visually stimulating
  5. 5. • Cut is the main edit used in our documentary so that it does not distract the audience from the subject matter• We have also used cutaways after each question during an interview so that there are no jump cuts• No fancy editing effects were used that may distract the audience, the only effect used was the fade in and fade out of the graphics• Fade to white is used after the title sequence to make it more visually creative• Questions from the interviews were edited out so that we could only hear their answers
  6. 6. • Single strand• Non-linear• Music was used to create an atmosphere. For example during the spider interviews we wanted it to come across as scary so we used the exorcist theme song. We also then used a Kings of Leon song so that it would be suitable and enjoyable for the target audience
  7. 7. • Relevant to the topic. For example, for the spider interviews we created a collage of spiders to make the background more interesting and also we did it because they were filmed in medium close up. For the fear of tall buildings, we filmed the interviewee outside the largest Cathedral in England. Then for the interview with the psychologist we just used a plain wall as the background as he was filmed in big close-up
  8. 8. • There are two lines; the first is the name and the second is the relevance to the topic• First line is a bigger type size than second• Simple fonts and colours are used and they are consistent throughout the programme as well as the length of time they are on screen• Graphics on title sequence are more creative than the rest