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Q2 evaluation


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Q2 evaluation

  1. 1. Our media products are effectivebecause we have used the title ineverything, linking them alltogetherclearly
  2. 2. Also, the same voiceoveris used for theprogramme and the radiotrailer, linking themtogether
  3. 3. We have used the sameslogan; What makesyour skin crawl? inboth promotional texts,so that the audienceknows that they are onabout the sameprogramme
  4. 4. Our programme would bebroadcast on BBC1, so we hadto use the channel identity onthe promotional texts, so thatthe audience would know whatchannel to tune in to, to watchit
  5. 5. We have used clips from thedocumentary like vox popand interview answers in theradio trailer, to engage theaudience and make themwant to watch thedocumentary
  6. 6. The image that we used forour print advert clearlyillustrates the topic of fear,and by using a male in ourimage it challenges thestereotype that women areafraid of more things thanmen, and the snakerepresents a common fear
  7. 7. The radio trailer would be played on anational radio station like Radio 1, Radio 5live as it is a spoken channel and other BBCstations so the majority of our targetaudience would hear it. The newspaperadvert would then be published innewspapers like; The Sun, The Daily Mirrorand The Daily Mail as they are popular dailynewspapers
  8. 8. Our radio trailer tries to shock the audience because it sounds more like a horror film trailer rather than a documentary mainly due to the voiceover, so this would get the audiences attention. This then reflects the tone of our programme. The snake from the print advertreflects the theme and what the programme is about
  9. 9. The newspaperadvert has a blackbackground so that itwould stand outbetter
  10. 10. The documentary is quitehumorous as well asshocking so that it wouldappeal to the audiencemore, as comedy intereststhem
  11. 11. Overall, our documentary iseffective with the combinationof the ancillary texts becausedifferent elements of eachproduct are used on one of theothers, like the title