Institutional research task 3


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Institutional research task 3

  1. 1. INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH By Rebecca Pottinger
  2. 2. TASK Using a variety of sources, carry out a market analysis of the thriller genre for the year 2012/2013 and present your findings as a slideshare. You should aim to find out:  How many thriller films were released in this period  How profitable the genre is  Which films were most successful (and why)  What are the characteristics of the audience for this genre (age, gender, social class) I am finding out this information so I can summarise what I’ve learnt and look over the research gathered to be able to explain what I need to do to make my thriller film successful. The research collected, will help me to understand what makes a good thriller films, the audience that’s needs to be targeted, and how popular the thriller genre is.
  3. 3. THRILLER GENRE 2012-2013. H OW M A N Y T H R I L L E R S W E R E R E L E A S E D D U R I N G THIS TIME PERIOD?  According to this website, there were a total of 220 thriller films during the year 2012:  But according to IMDb there was a total of only 61 thriller movies released during 2012: UQFjAA& Npw The difference in the numbers could be because one website may only count the thriller genre and not include the sub-genres such as horror and Sci-fi, which are often used conventions in thriller movies.
  4. 4. H OW P RO F I TA B L E I S T H E T H R I L L E R GENRE? 
  5. 5. WHICH THRILLER FILMS ARE MOST SUCCESSFUL?  Here are some of the most popular Thriller films, some of these films consist of sub-genres. viemeter,asc&title_type=feature Here is the box office for the thriller film Gravity; I think that this was a successful thriller film, because it consisted of the main thriller conventions
  6. 6. WHICH THRILLER FILMS ARE MOST SUCCESSFUL? This website, the numbers, shows the top movies ( Thriller genre included) from October 18th 2013 Not only do both results show the most popular thriller film, but on this chart it shows that thriller is the top of the chart even compared to other Genres.
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE CHA RACTERISTICS OF THE AU D I E N C E F O R T H I S GENRE? From this table we can see that the most popular age associated with thriller movies is within the age group 15-24. This information helps me, as I now know the target audience age and can use this my advantage of making sure that the thriller opening sequence is of a suitable age range.
  8. 8. S U M M A R I S E W H A T Y O U H AV E L E A R N E D AND CONCLUDE BY EXPLAINING WHAT YO U W I L L N E E D T O D O T O M A K E YO U R FILM SUCCESSFUL By gathering this evidence I can now use this to create an accurate and appropriate thriller opening sequence. This has helped me to understand what makes a successful thriller and improved my knowledge of the right target audience. By looking at the most successful thriller films released, I can use this by making sure I'm including the appropriate key genre elements.