The industrial revolution in photos


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The industrial revolution in photos

  1. 1. Looming MillWorking Conditions infactories improved after theFactory Act and this photo,taken in a Scottish women’slooming mill, was taken in1900 after these changes weremade.
  2. 2. Child LaborLittle boys often worked infactories with dangerousmachines. Their limbs weresometimes injured or eventaken off by the machinery.To add to this, the childrengot paid only a fraction ofadults, and worked longerhours.
  3. 3. FactoryThis factory is anotherexample of children workingin factories in Britain. Theworking conditions werecrowded, with low pay andno holidays. Factories likethis lost a lot of child workersafter the Factory Law whichbanned children under 9 towork long hours.
  4. 4. PotteryThis painting representschildren working in Potteriesin Staffordshire at mouldrunners. They would evensometimes work longer daysthan adults.
  5. 5. Coal MinesWomen and children had towork in coal mines, sincethey were small and could fitin small spaces. The MinesAct in 1842 stopped womenand girls from working inthem, but boys 10 and olderstill could work.
  6. 6. Cotton FactoryChild Workers in a cottonfactory in steam-runManchester in 1820. Thesechildren had to wake upbefore the sun rose to workall day with terribleconditions and no breaks orholidays.
  7. 7. Mule SpinningCotton factory in Lancashire.A child is sweeping theinside of a machine.
  8. 8. Weaving1844 in Germany in aWeaving mill. Workers triedto revolt because of the poorworking conditions but thePrussian military suppressedit and the working conditionsdidn’t change.
  9. 9. LoomingTaken in 1845 in a PowerLoom. The first power loomwas invented in 1784 byEdmund Cartrwight. Newmachine invented that madework into simpler, smallertasks, making it easy to hire alot of workers for small pays.
  10. 10. BricksPakistani Thaminah Sadiq, 7,working in a brick factory inIslamabad, Pakistan. Shemakes 250 Rupees, about $2 .77, per day.
  11. 11. Indian BoyIndian Migrant boy workingin a sari factory Katmandu,Nepal.
  12. 12. TruckYoung boy cleaning parts ofa truck in New Delhi, India.
  13. 13. OverworkedA child worker in New Delhi,India, after being rescuedfrom a garment factory onWorld Day Against ChildLabor on June 12, 2012.
  14. 14. Dirty FeetA child’s dirty feet after along day of work inNicaragua.
  15. 15. LandfillChild collecting waste in aNicaragua Landfill(Managua). TakenSeptember 20, 2012.
  16. 16. Hands of an 8 yearoldChild laborer in a garmentfactory in Dhaka, India. Hishands look like an old man’sand they show how he hasbeen worked way too much.
  17. 17. NormaA young girl (5 years old)named Norma in El Salvador.Her and her 6 year old cousin(in the background) fill bagsof charcoal to get money fortheir family. They are not inschool and already haverespiratory problems.
  18. 18. Charcoal DumpChild workers at a charcoaldump in Manila Philippinesin June 2012. 5 millionchildren from ages 5-17 inthis country work.
  19. 19. AppleChinese workers in a factoryfor Apple, assembling iMaccomputers.