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Technology is One Enabler


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Presentation at the Univ of Toronto iSchool "Future Technology Strategies"; discusses the positive tension between organizational and technology strategies - which comes first? Which drives the other?

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Technology is One Enabler

  1. 1. Technology: One Enabler for Digital Strategies Rebecca Jones Dysart & Jones Associates
  2. 2. You need to know: Did you know? 2014 updated
  3. 3. Ah yes….. a technology strategy…
  4. 4. Organizational Toolbox
  5. 5. Which strategy comes 1st?
  6. 6. Technology Strategy Strategy Technology
  7. 7. Considerations for your technology strategy
  8. 8. Drucker Knew
  9. 9. If you watch nothing else Gartner Top 10 Tech Trends - Every autumn
  10. 10. Will a digital future mean a different organizational structure?
  11. 11. Mindset Capabilities Enablers People Organiz ationTools Leadership Culture Process Structure Individual Enterprise
  12. 12. Galbraith’s Star Model Skills & Mindsets Rewards Processes Reporting & Relationships Strategic Direction Organizational Structure
  13. 13. A good digital strategy ….doesn’t focus on the buzz but on the interaction of audiences and their experience within the different channels (i.e., web, portal, mobile, social, etc.). What do customers need and want from you to remain loyal and engaged? Customer-centric content and data management strategy across multiple channels. Develop content and easy access that supports your customers’ needs at all the various touch points.’s Defining Your Digital Strategy
  14. 14. Digital transformation requires transformed organizational structures
  15. 15. Organizational Excellence 1. Simultaneous continuous improvement 2. Breaking down organizational barriers between departments 3. Eliminating layers of management, creating flatter organizational hierarchies 4. Closer relationships with customers and suppliers 5. Intelligent use of new technology 6. Global focus 7. Improving human resource skills MIT’s research of best practices 3 areas relate to Organizational Structure
  16. 16. Factors to consider Rewards Key roles, skills & mindsets Processes (including technology) underpinning services & operations Services Strategies
  17. 17. Technology Impacts: Work processes Communication flows with employees & clients Service delivery Incentives Recognition How it impacts the shape of the organization depends on the people
  18. 18. Draft the frame Your organizational strategies Technologies to move strategies forward Processes to be remade Technologies to remake processes