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Project management: critical skills


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There are many excellent courses, presentations, blog posts and books on project management. This presentation looks at 'must have' tools & skills for the smallest to largest project - beyond the textbook to the sanity savers for project managers.

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Project management: critical skills

  1. 1. ProjectManagement: CriticalSkills SLA2017Sunday@4:00 Rebecca Jones, Director, Branches & Neighbourhood Services @ Brampton Library 2017
  2. 2. Today – Project management methodologies and tools – PM skills – Proven techniques (learned the hard way) for managing projects in an information service or library organization – Shine a light on PMI: Project Management Institute @
  3. 3. Project Temporary: • With a defined beginning, expected deliverable, a defined ending and • Functions with in a clear scope with set resources Unique: It is not a routine operation It is a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a specific goal Team: Who don’t usually work together PMI
  4. 4. PM Processes: PMI Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing
  5. 5. PM Knowledge areas: PMI Integration Scope Time Cost Quality Procurement Human resources Communications Risk management Stakeholder management
  6. 6. Thank you Samepage labs inc. who credits this to Pico Consulting
  7. 7. That’s the dream
  8. 8. When we wake up Project Phases Phase 1: Uncritical acceptance Phase 2: Wild enthusiasm Phase 3: Dejected disillusionment Phase 4: Total confusion Phase 5: Search for the guilty. Phase 6: Punishment of the innocent. Phase 7: Promotion of nonparticipants. 7
  9. 9. Project manager’s reality… What my colleagues think I do
  10. 10. Project manager’s reality… What my organiztion thinks I do
  11. 11. Project manager’s reality… What I really do
  12. 12. ` Project manager critical skills a.k.a…... sanity savers
  13. 13. Be sure it’s a project – One off – in response to a specific opportunity – Unique scope of work – Cost constraints, with: – Costs that can be identified in advance – Separate budget – Time constraints, with: – Fixed duration – Defined start and end point
  14. 14. Clarify it in a project charter – Charter, charge, outline – call it what you will: – Draft – Document – Discuss – Define – Decide – Detail who is accountable for what
  15. 15. Project Charter Well defined qualitative & quantitative outcomes Begins to clarify costs & resources Explicit scope & out of scope Key stages/ dates, milestones Specifies team members, stakeholders & who is to do what role Articulated assumptions, drivers & restraints
  16. 16. Yourfirstquestions Objective What will be in place then, that isn’t in place today? Measures What will success look like? Target Date Expected Steps
  17. 17. PM Processes: PMI Initiating • Scoping • Plan steps • Identify resources Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing
  18. 18. RESPONSIBILITY MATRIX: RASCI Prepare a RASCI chart for each decision or activity you undertake. It clarifies roles and prevents blind- siding. List important decisions and activities down the side. Put people involved at the top of the columns. Fill in the boxes: R = Responsible (only one R in each row) A = Accountable/Approves S = Supports “R” C = Consulted by “R” I = Informed (even after the fact) Decision/Activity/Task: ________________________________________________________ Activity/Function/ Decision To be Taken Individual’s Name Individual’s Name Individual’s Name Individual’s Name Individual’s Name Confirm who is doing what
  19. 19. And hold them to it – Most problems with projects are the result of people: – not understanding where they are going – how their job fits – what’s expected of them – Concentrate on these 4 C’s: – Context – Communication – Clarity – Confidence 85/15 Rule
  20. 20. Co-draft a project plan – Simple list – Post its – Flow charts – Critical path analysis – Gantt charts – Project management software
  21. 21. Consider a tool that fits your culture Soooooooo many: Asana Trello Basecamp Microsoft’s Project
  22. 22. Apps to consider
  23. 23. Apps to consider
  24. 24. Apps to consider
  25. 25. Apps to consider
  26. 26. Find Murphy & manage the critter – Risk assessment – Probability – Severity – Action to manage – Quality – Standards – Accessibility issues
  27. 27. “Projects are successfully realized when uncertainty is well managed”.
  28. 28. Sanity skills ? – Influencing – Conveying – Communicating – Never assuming – Checking in, checking up, checking requirements – Celebrating – Reviewing – Learning – Ending and turning over
  29. 29. REBECCAJONES Thank you! Slides & templates @