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Municipal Engagement: to Ontario Public Libraries Marketing ThinkTank


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Presentation to Ontario Public Libraries Marketing ThinkTank in September 2013

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Municipal Engagement: to Ontario Public Libraries Marketing ThinkTank

  1. 1. Rebecca Jones, MLS Municipal Engagement
  2. 2. WTF?
  3. 3. Aligned Meaningful Relationship Influential Position
  4. 4. Long-term Productive Influential Fun
  5. 5. What’s impacting our Iceberg?
  6. 6. What’s the Library’s level of involvement in City plans? How many times is the Library mentioned Municipal plans? In what context is it mentioned?
  7. 7. Aligned Meaningful Relationship Influential Position
  8. 8. “Leadership is a process of social influence through which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.” Chemers, M. (1997). An integrative theory of leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. p. 1. Thanks to Dr. Ken Haycock, Marshall School of Business,University of Southern California
  9. 9. The Influential Keller & Berry, 2003 Passionate, informed, well-connected, articulate people with broad social networks, to whom others look for advice & recommendations “Talkers”
  10. 10.  “Expert” in a specific domain  “Early Adopters” or certainly know how to build relationships with early adopters to move change through  Opinion leaders  Knowledgeable about the issues being dealt with  Viewed as trustworthy  With connections  Use their knowledge & connections to help others
  11. 11. So what are your challenges?
  12. 12. “20 minutes to catch up with you about your priorities this year.” “What are your priorities or what are you & your department focusing on this year? Now?This quarter?” “What do you see as the real issues?” Know their pain points, their happy points & their prickly points
  13. 13. Name Position How well do you know them? What are their goals? What do they know about you? About the library?
  14. 14.  To know “things” you must know “people”  Before you raise an issue, shake a hand  One idea, one ally, one email, one conversation, one meeting, one presentation at a time
  15. 15. Relationships
  16. 16. Long-term Productive Influential Fun
  17. 17.