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Core Capabilities: Library Staff Know-How, Know-That & Know-Who


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Keynote to Halinet 2013: It's Okay, It Won't Explode

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Core Capabilities: Library Staff Know-How, Know-That & Know-Who

  1. 1. IT’S OKAY, IT WON’T EXPLODE Not only won’t it explode, it’s your new favourite thing
  2. 2. CORE CAPABILITIES Our know-how, know-that, know-who from now on. Rebecca Jones Twitter:rebeccajonesgal Skype: rebecca195578 905.731.5836
  3. 3. What is core? …an observable set of skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes an individual needs to successfully perform his or her work. Core competencies are demonstrated through key behaviors and are aligned with the Library’s mission and strategic objectives. Library of Congress Core Competencies
  4. 4. Our core: to positively change lives Strategy shapes the structure Form follows the function Core shapes the corps We are the guides to life solutions that are the default choice for the residents in our communities
  5. 5. Discover. Explore. Innovate. Create.
  6. 6. Wanted: Explorer
  7. 7. LOC has done its homework • LOC Institutional Awareness • Information Technology Skills • Customer Service • Communication • Work Management • Performance Management • Inclusiveness • Teamwork & Collaboration • Problem Solving • Adaptability • Professional Development
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “Complex & messy” Jobs are being redefined
  10. 10. Beck’stop5 corecapabilitiesfor customerguides,concierges& trouble-shooters
  11. 11. #1: Curiousity
  12. 12. Becurious– Learnfromexperts
  13. 13. Pay attention to Pew
  14. 14. #2. Criticalthinking Favourite questions should be: What does this mean for us? How can we use “it” (whatever “it” may be!)? If we can’t afford “it”, what can we afford? How do I use this? What can I learn about this from customers & colleagues?
  15. 15. #3. Digitalsources expertise
  16. 16. Reframe& rename“Databases” Leasedwebsitesnot on Google? XPL “subscribes to thousands of online newspaper, journal and magazine articles, audiobooks, indexes, and other resources. Browse the selection below or try one of our research guides on the topic to point you in the right direction. Have your library card and PIN ready.” Is this how other sites invite ppl to explore?? Just asking….
  17. 17. The Marketing Technology Blog Each staff member should know 1 or 2
  18. 18. Tablets #4. Devicesavvy (a.k.a.source“containers”& “drivers”)
  19. 19. Laptops
  20. 20. Phones
  21. 21. #4. Devicesavvy (a.k.a.source“containers”& “drivers”) Devices Talk to text Bluetooth Geo this Gps that Location-based services
  22. 22. #5. Embody the Library
  23. 23. Find out how! Be interested in people
  24. 24. Top 5 Core Capabilities 1. Curiousity 2. Critical thinking 3. Expertise in digital sources & their application 4. Familiarity with a minimum variety of technologies & applications 5. Embodiment of the mission, vision & values
  25. 25. @rebeccajonesgal Thank you so much! Critical thinking questions welcome!