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COLAL 2011 Top Ten Reasons Information Professionals Succeed


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Presentation to COLAL 2011 (Conference for Ontario Law Associations' Libraries)
The conference for Ontario Law Associations' Libraries is the primary vehicle for continuing education for the library staff in the 48 County and District Law Libraries in Ontario.

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COLAL 2011 Top Ten Reasons Information Professionals Succeed

  1. 1. Top 10 Reasons Why Information Professionals Succeed Fueling the Fire Rebecca Jones, MLS www.dysartjones.comPLC, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto Dysart & Jones Associates
  2. 2. My Lens Government & Non-Profit Information Industry Public Academic Corporate Personal
  3. 3. Curiosity
  4. 4. Persistent Learning
  5. 5. John Seely Brown, Internet Librarian 2011
  6. 6. Risk Chancing
  7. 7. Contributing
  8. 8. Critical Thinking
  9. 9. Strengthening Strengths
  10. 10. Conversing & Dialoguing
  11. 11. Interest in the Context
  12. 12. Focus on Impact
  13. 13. Professional Competence Information Organizations Information Tools &Information Resources Technologies Information Services
  14. 14. “Services are highlyAlign, Embed & Integrate integrated with the organization’s workflow and there is constant partnering with other people/areas of the firm in providing services.”
  15. 15. Focusing on the future Stand in the future
  16. 16. Evolving doesn’t mean erasing Systems librarians Taxonomy, cataloguing & indexing consultants Oh yeah….let’s not forget… Reference, research & advisory
  17. 17. Scan, dig, adapt, adopt"It taught me how to be organized and to do research. It also taught me the value of information and the role of service in an organization. Phyllis Yaffe, COO Alliance Atlantis
  18. 18. Our potential is now Our potential is now
  19. 19. Our Personal Competencies Seek challenges & new opportunities See the big picture Communicate effectively Present ideas clearly, confidently Create partnerships & alliances Plan, prioritize & focus on critical Take calculated risks Team approach Plan career
  20. 20. Who Succeeds Musing from My Lens
  21. 21. We are in a service revolution Farmers add value by enhancing seed or breed development or by creating specialty foods We must research our markets and processes  Where can we expand, what market gap can we fill? We must analyze our portfolios of skills  What must we start, stop, continue?  What can we outsource in terms of our roles that enable us to concentrate on what we truly want to do?
  22. 22. In which we must be politically adept  Connect people “The art of bringing people together to get the right things done." Donna Scheeder Deputy CIO Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress former Director of Congressional Law Library, former Director of Congressional Research and Past-President of SLA
  23. 23. Our individual & collective success depends on our:  Readiness:  Continuous competency & professional development & demonstration  Relationships:  Networking in your organization & your profession  Realism:  Understanding what’s required in the role you want, & what the organization requires
  24. 24. To thine own self be true Be curious Persist to learn Chance risks Contribute Think critically Strengthen your strengths Converse & dialogue Take an interest in the context Demonstrate professional competence Focus on the impact of what you do
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