Pros and Cons of Summer Movies


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Pros and Cons of Summer Movies

  1. 1. Marvel’s The AvengersPros:Presumably lots of thingsblow up, kicking off thesummer in style.Cons:So many questions:How does a Norse god getmixed up with a millionaireplayboy inventor and a WWIIscientifically enhancedsoldier? Inquiring minds wantto know.May 4 – PG-13
  2. 2. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Pros: Judi Dench? India? A smart comedy about growing older but not giving up? Sign me up. Cons: Old people being old. Plus, nothing blows up, presumably. Hmm…maybe that’s a pro. May 4 – PG-13
  3. 3. Men in Black 3 Pros: We’ve lived far too long without a Men in Black movie. This might account for the malaise in America now. Thank you, MIB, for fixing America. Cons: Early 1960s? Really? Again? Doesn’t anybody love the ‘70s or ‘50s anymore? May 25 -PG-13
  4. 4. For Greater GloryPros:Passion project starring AndyGarcia is all about fighting forfreedom, even religiousfreedom. Especially religiousfreedom.Cons:Will make whatever you’recurrently doing seeminsignificant.June 1 – R
  5. 5. Snow White and the HuntsmanPros:Charlize Theon as the (very) evil witch. Did evilever look so good?Cons:Kristen Stewart as the medieval , Joan of Arc –type fighting heroine. Sure to be lots ofbrooding, emoting, and staring moodily intospace.June 1 - PG-13
  6. 6. PrometheusCons:Alien director Ridley Scott isbeing notorious closed-mouthed on his return to sci-fithriller roots. No body has anyidea what the sam hill thismovie is about.Pros:We’re pretty sure it will beawesome anyway.June 8 - Not yet rated.
  7. 7. Rock of AgesPros:Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey,Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, REOSpeedwagon, Pat Benatar, TwistedSister, Poison, Whitesnake, all in amusical with Tom Cruise and a totallytubular cast.Plus, all the legwarmers you canhandle.Rock on, dude!Cons:It’s not 1987 and we’re not 15anymore.June 15 – Not yet rated
  8. 8. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterPros:Old Abe reveals his Gothic, vampire-hunting side.About time somebody took that smug, glittery Cullengang down a notch or two.Cons:We’re sorry, US History teachers, for the lazy andmisinformed essays that will surely follow in this thisfilm’s wake. Please post them online. Please.This is the whole reason the internet was invented.June 22 - Not yet rated.
  9. 9. BravePros:She’s spunky.She’s sassy.She knows her way around a bow andarrow.Cons:See pros. Just once I’d love to see aheroine who loves pretty dresses andis looking forward to her PrinceCharming, you know, when the time isright. Yeah. We get it. We’re allfeminists. What else ya got?June 22 - Not yet rated.
  10. 10. Seeking a Friend for the End of the WorldPros:Love, like hope, springs eternal.Against all odds. Even when there is nofuture. Blah, blah, blah.Cons:Well, there is that whole end of theworld thing. Lars von Trier would beproud.June 22 -Rated R
  11. 11. To Rome with Love Pros: Midnight in Paris was charming and delightful, reminding us why we liked that old Woody Allen in the first place. Can he do the same with the Italians? Cons: Jesse Eisenberg is a little too perfect to play Woody Allen playing a character. At least Owen Wilson didn’t look like Woody Allen. June 22 - Not yet rated
  12. 12. Beasts of the Southern WildPros: The little girl from the post-apocalyptic Delta is called Hush-Puppy. And critics say that’s not eventhe best thing about this festival darling.Cons: It’s an indie movie, which means it might be hard to find.June 27- PG-13
  13. 13. The Amazing SpidermanPros:We’re not sure about Andrew Garfield,but Emma Stone can do no wrong.Cons:Wait, don’t we already have aSpiderman?July 3 - Not yet rated
  14. 14. The Dark Knight Rises Pros: The granddaddy of superhero movies, this one is the movie to beat. It’s got everything: Action, suspense, socio-economic commentary. Cons: Hold the phone…Socio-economic commentary? July 20 – PG-13
  15. 15. The Bourne LegacyPros:The CIA has a new super-secret, super-human operative on their hands,which is probably a good thing, withthe world so nasty and all.Cons:I’ve met Jason Bourne and you, sir, areno Jason Bourne.(It’s actually Jeremy Renner.)August 3 – Not yet rated
  16. 16. Total Recall Pros: You know how you’re just an ordinary guy and then begin to suspect you’re actually a spy, so secret even you don’t know yourself? For the bad guys? I hate it when that happens. Cons: Seriously. What’s with all the remakes and reboots, Hollywood? August 3 – Not yet rated
  17. 17. Hope SpringsPros:Meryl Streep.Tommy Lee Jones.Need I say more?Cons:Nothing blows up,presumably. But byAugust, that might be ablessing.August 10 – Not yet rated
  18. 18. The Odd Life of Timothy GreenPros:Quirky drama with America’ssweetheart Jennifer Garner. Could shebe more charming?Cons:This one looks like a serious tearjerker,folks. 5.7 on the Tearjerker Scale.Cloudy with a chance of tears. 85%chance of weeping with scatteredsobs.Bring tissue.August 15 - PG
  19. 19. The Expendables 2Pros:The old guys stillhave it going on.Rumors are thatparts of the groundare STILL on firefrom filming.Cons:Did Stallone breakhis neck again? If hedoesn’t break hisneck fighting StoneCold Steve Austin,it’s not a real movie.August 17 – Not yetrated
  20. 20. SparklePros:We loved Dreamgirls. We loveJordin Sparks. Match made inheaven.Cons:Poor, poor Whitney. Such awaste.August 17 – Not yet rated