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3 slide powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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3 slide powerpoint

  1. 1. Balls<br />By: Becky Counts<br />
  2. 2. Books I added to the library and to read to the children during his lesson.<br />This story is about a day at the beach which becomes a wonderful game for the children as they search through drawings to find hidden objects, count from 1-10 and see how many opposites they can find, name animals, discover colors, identify shapes and work their way through the maze.<br />Elmo is able to find bouncy balls of different sizes and shapes and how he dunks a basketball<br />He hits the ball and it gets stuck in a tree, he tosses his bat and glove to knock it down, and soon they all three are stuck in the tree.<br />This story is about Amelia Bedelia, who knows very little about playing baseball, he fills in for a sick player on the Grizzlies’ baseball team.<br />through the photographs in this board book, children pick up the basics of the games such as “H is for Home Plate” or “5 base runners”. <br />Curious George’s natural inclination to find out more about everything leads him to interfere with a baseball game. <br />Moffie goes to the plate, she can’t even hit the ball off the tee. Afterward we will talk about how Moffie felt when she could not hit the ball and what kinds of balls we could have put on the tee so that it would be easier for her to hit it. <br />Winnie the dog receives several balls which she enjoys catching, hiding, and eating.<br />This book, tells a rhyming prose, of a boy’s adventures as he tries to retrieve his ball. <br />
  3. 3. Web Sites/Work Sheets<br />Class Projects<br />Teacher/student Web sites<br /><ul><li>Made chart with “Balls written across the top of the paper and ask the children the kinds of balls they play with.
  4. 4. Bring pool in to add the balls in for discovery
  5. 5. Chart divided down the middle “What we know about balls “on one side and “What we want to know about balls “on the other side.
  6. 6. 3 Worksheets
  7. 7. Guess how much yarn we will need to go around a basketball, tape it to wall, actually measure the ball with yarn and see what the difference is.
  8. 8. Chart divided down the middle labeled “Balls for playing games” and Balls for other uses”
  9. 9. Playing the sesame street game on about balls.
  10. 10. Taking different kinds of balls outside to see which balls go faster down the slide.
  11. 11. Make a chart that rhymes with “ball”
  12. 12. Measure and weighing balls
  13. 13. Add a variety of balls to the sand and water table
  14. 14. Making a ball with yarn, balloon and glue
  15. 15. Taking the parachute outside and put balls on to bounce.
  16. 16. Rhyming game where teacher says a word and when the students respond with a rhyming word the balls gets tossed to them.
  17. 17. on why some balls bounce higher than others.
  18. 18. on bouncing a basketball with different amounts of air in the ball.
  19. 19. children can play
  20. 20. site shows the children how to make a bouncy ball with ingredients.
  21. 21. - Game for the children to play to match the color of the ball to the color words.</li>