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Teacher Feedback


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Teacher Feedback

  1. 1. Name: Rebecca Chapman Title: IndigoMood Boards XExamples of other texts/style models XAnalysis of magazine covers/film openings X25 word pitch XPitch feedback XMock ups XTest shots XColour Palette XAudience profile XGeneral Comment: Good effort Becky, you have clearly worked hard to create your publication’shouse style.Cover: Interesting title design that works. Barcode and date needs to be positioned elsewhere so not so obtrusive. Headline font is interesting and colour works. Needs some work on positioning as pushed too far to left. Model is appropriate and well styled for the cover. The pose however, does not work. Looking down she looks disengaged with a potential customer and not very alluring/ interesting. Her eyes/ expression could be quite a strong selling point that you have missed. Also reconsider the use of the shadow on your model, is it needed? Does it make your image stand out? Consider maybe moving the image in front of the masthead to create a more dimensional look, as layering can help preventing images and text appearing flat. Too much white space and no coverlines. Incorporate your colour pallet with the new coverlines you add, this should help in making your front cover more appealing. For this sort of genre/ audience, readers would expect to see what they are getting for their money.Contents: Your weakest element. Contents font has changed from the cover eliminating house style. Good use of colour scheme, same as front cover, however maybe consider playing with the background colour seeing if any of your other colours could work. No variety in subject. Variety of shots needed to illustrate what else is in the magazine. Consider using other models for the other stories you have inside your magazine. More contents needed. Text layout not convincing as too ‘long’ on page like sentences. Use short snappy lines that entice your reader and think about where you are placing your text layers.2010/2011 LC AS MEDIA There is a lot of space under the title, why? The reader’s eyes maybe drawn to this space re think your layout for this page.
  2. 2. DPS: Like the layout of the page although the indigo colour has disappeared. Maybe consider using an effect to enhance your title to make it stand out or double layer putting another colour underneath it. Good choice of colours for background. Text all in block capitals?? Errors in spelling, punctuation, expression need eliminating. More article needs to be written as text too large for page. Could consider using three columns of text instead of two. Experiment with your image you could even try using one page for your image and one page for your text. Practical Draft Level: 3c2010/2011 LC AS MEDIA