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Magazine Annotation


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Magazine Annotation

  1. 1. The colour pallet uses only the colours black, red and The date of the magazine is situated under the white to bring in a sexy vibe as the colour red isThe masthead of the magazine title ‘Bazaar’ goes title to the right in smaller print, this is so it connected with love. The colours are kept simple soacross the width of the cover, it is relatively large doesn’t take too much room up but is there to be the cover doesn’t look over messy and is kept lookingbut with a basic font to keep the magazine classy viewed easily by the buyer. Next to this is also the sophisticated and for an older audiencefor the older audience. The colour is black to keep price of £4.20 which can be considered veryit basic and to keep to the colour scheme. The expensive for a magazine meaning that themasthead is placed on the top layer above the publishers must have a very high expectation of itpicture of Beyoncé to make it clear what the title themselves. By having this information under theof the magazine is. title the buyer’s attention is brought to it straight away to decide whether to buy it or not. The web address is also inserted underneath this to promote the website. The layout of the cover is set out with the photography of Beyoncé being the big thing taking over the whole cover. With the Masthead going across the top and the The use of using Beyoncé for the cover photo is a headlines going around the edges. The great selling point because she is seen as a headlines pull your attention in and make you beautiful, talented role model to most of the world want to read more about them, the colours and and also seen as sexy to the few men that would fonts are relating to the magazine and theme be interested in the magazine. She is modelled and the whole cover looks attractive and with dark smoky eyes with the rest of her face professional. Defiantly pulling the buyers in. being natural, also a dress which only covers the front of her body with a lot of skin revealing from the side. Her photo takes up the whole of the magazine and it is the only image on the front. This The big headline says ‘Strictly Sexy’ which challenges the usual magazine cover as a lot of the draws in the attention straight away as this time more than one image is on the front. states that the magazine is going to be intimate in different ways. The writing is in a white, big font over the top of Beyoncé. Also words in the headlines around saying things like ‘Hot Body Alert’ and ‘Seductive The barcode is placed to the bottom right of the New Looks’ fit in with the theme of this magazine so it is out the way of everything else. It magazine being a sexy issue. is placed here because it is easy to be scanned in this corner and easy to be viewed by the buyer.