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Camera Angles


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Different camera shots

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Camera Angles

  1. 1. Type of shotWhat is happening in the shot?This shot has been used to make the audience…311785264160Mid angleIn this shot, the characters of Mean Girls are putting make up on the main character Lindsey Lohan, she’s looking a bit anxious and the girls are trying to make her more attractive so she can join their “popular” group.This shot is used too see all four of the characters clearly and see exactly what they’re doing. Also to see their costume and makeup clearly get a good view. This is the most used shot as you can see the characters in a perfect view, not to close but not too far away.246380294640High angleIn this shot, the cast of The Inbetweeners are standing in a studio doing a photo shoot for their television series in school uniform. They are standing up staring right up at the camera as if to say ‘hello!’ to it.This shot is used to make the characters look like they are less important as they have to look up at the camera making them seem like they’re lower down in class. This shot is good because you can see most the subject just from a higher more interesting angle.24765307340Low angleIn this shot a giant blue cartoon rabbit is standing up tall looking straight ahead, he is standing outside seeming to be waiting for something to happen.This shot is used to make the audience see that the character is more important than the rest. As the camera is looking from below, the audience immediately feel that they are lower class and the rabbit is giant being more in charge and important than us.24765351155Bird’s eyeIn this shot Tony from skins is lying in his bed looking up at the ceiling in deep thought to himself. His bed is extremely neat and he’s lying directly in the middle to suggest he is tidy and in a clear state of mind.This shot is used to make the audience feel like they are looking down on all the action, just like a bird in the name. This shot allows you to see most the things surrounding the subject and get a good view of what’s in the shot from a downwards angle.24765307975Close upIn this shot Maxxie from Skins has just finished doing a dance routine on a bridge. He is outside which makes his dancing seem more special as he wants to show it to the world outside.This shot has been used to clearly see the expression on his face which is quite proud and determined. It’s a good shot to use because you get a close up of the subject so get to see some detail and read clearly the facial expressions or what we need to see up close.Extreme close upIn this shot Effy from Skins is lying outside in the woods on the ground looking upwards into the sky in deep thought with herself.This shot has been used to see every single detail in her face and eyes, to see her expression and let the audience get a view that they are actually that close to her. The audience can see how beautiful she is and feel that they can see her emotions.106680387350Long shot In this shot in Harry Potter, Snape is protecting the rest by all huddling together, this suggests that the characters are in fear of what’s in front of them. We can see the whole landscape of the scene which is on the edge of a forest.This shot is used to give a view of the characters body language as we can see the whole of their bodies and what they are doing. We can also see whereabouts they are in the shot giving the audience knowledge of what gloomy place they’re in for the fear on their faces to take place.68580285115Extreme long shotIn this shot the Hollywood sign in America is shown standing boldly on its hills. This is a very well known land mark so the fact that the program is filmed here makes it seem like it should be good.This shot gives the audience a feel of where the scene of the show is set and a full extended view of the environment around them. This shot is good because it makes you feel like you’re actually looking at the place from a distance.106680281305Over the shoulder shotIn this shot it shows a character talking to Harry Potter inside a room. We see the back of Harry’s head and over his shoulder we see the other character in conversation with him.This shot is used to show the audience that a conversation is taking place and gives an insight to the characters point of view. It makes it look more real as the audience are placed behind them as if to be looking over the shoulder and listening into their conversation. <br />