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Puzzles and brainteasers assignment


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Puzzles and brainteasers assignment

  1. 1. Puzzles and Brain Teasers By; Rebecca Clark
  2. 2. Puzzle 1; “The London Scholar”  This is a word puzzle, or riddle, which is most effective when used verbally. It goes as follows; “As I was crossing London Bridge, I met a London scholar. He took out his pen, an’ drew his name- what was the London scholar’s name?”
  3. 3. “The London Scholar” Solution  The solution to this puzzle lies in the listeners ability to relate or change words, i.e. to think outside the immediate parameter of the riddle.  In this case, the scholar’s name is Andrew; “He took out his pen, ANDREW his name…”  Listeners may reach this solution by allowing themselves to analyse the problem in a more abstract way, and looking for a solution which may not be immediately obvious.
  4. 4. Puzzle 2; “How Many Triangles?”  The aim of this puzzle is to find as many triangles as possible within the larger triangle. The quicker you finish the puzzle, the better! “How many triangles can YOU find?”
  5. 5. “How Many Triangles” Solution  This puzzle relies on speed and the ability of the player to break down the image into a series of smaller images. The larger the number of triangles, the harder the puzzle becomes.  In this case, there are 30different triangles to consider.
  6. 6. These solutions depict 20 of the possible 30 triangles.
  7. 7. Puzzle 3; “Which Word Fits?”  In this puzzle, the player must choose which word best fits into the space left in the sequence.  “The word sequence is: Bloat Race ______ Inspects Niece. Of the following words, which should fill the space provided? Animal, Piranha, Anaconda, Pizzeria.”
  8. 8. “Which Word Fits?” Solution  The solution to this puzzle has nothing to do with relating the words; instead, the solution is found in the positioning of the words.  The correct answer, in this case, is ANACONDA.  This is because, when arranged in the correct order, the words spell out BRAIN and TEASE.  BloaT RacE AnacondA InspectS NiecE