My multigenre story


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My multigenre story

  2. 2.  It was November 15, 2001 when I woke up feeling very queasy; I rushed to the bathroom and made it just in time. Itwas flu season so I assumed I was experiencing flu like symptoms. I made my way downstairs to get a drink only to comeface to face with my mom. “Are you feeling alright honey?” she asked. “No” I mumbled, “I think I have the flu”. “Ohdear” my mom said softly, “I will run to the store and get you some ginger ale and crackers”. With that she sent me up to bedto rest. A few days had passed and I was still experiencing flu like symptoms. The problem with my theory is that the flu likesymptoms were only happening in the early morning. As the days passed I began to hide my morning trip to the bathroomand assured my mom I was feeling better, but I knew better. I got dressed and headed out to the store and bought myself apregnancy test. “Oh my God” I screamed as I sat in my parents bathroom staring at my trembling hands. I am pregnant- I could notbelieve it. I was just 20 years old and living at home with my parents. I had only been dating Jason for a short period of time.Yes, we were friends for a lot longer but what will he think? What will everyone think? I am too young. Can I do this? Sure Iwas great with kids but I had envisioned myself having children when I was older and married. The bathroom suddenlyseemed smaller. I did not know if I should be happy or scared or what. There was a knock at the bathroom door and I knew it must be my mom. Do I tell her? What will she say? What will shethink? I thought to myself. “What is the matter?” she asked. I could not speak. “Becky, what is wrong?” she asked this timewith concern in her voice. I opened the door to let her in. She walked in and looked at me, then looked at my hands and sawthe pregnancy test. “Becky, are you?” I began to cry and my mom held me for what seemed like an eternity. I gathered myselflong enough to show her and she began to cry as well. "Everything will be ok" my mom said.
  3. 3. A month after finding out I was pregnant my mom and I sat impatiently at the doctor’s office waiting for my first appointment. There was lullaby music flowing through the small pink office with pictures ofnewborns adorned on the walls. I was so nervous and extremely excited when I heard my name called. The receptionist, a short, dark haired lady called me back to see thedoctor. She led my mom and I back to one of the five doors that linedthe walls behind the receptionist desk. We sat for a few minutes lookingaround at all the things in the room. There was a computer, a few oddlooking contraptions that kind of scared me, and pictures of the female body all around us.We heard a knock at the door and the doctor entered. He was older, tall and spoke with a German accent. His friendliness put me at easeimmediately. He asked some routine questions before letting me know he was going to do a sonogram. Once the sonogram device was in place the doctor pointed to the monitor "There, right there. That is your baby". At that moment I fellin love and looked to my mom who was crying, "Everything will be ok" I said.
  4. 4. Dear Andrew Nicholas, July 22, 2002Today is your due date and you are not here. I am anxious to see you, hold you,kiss you, and be your mommy. I have our bags packed and ready. Everyone isso excited to meet you. You will be my mom’s first grandchild and my Nanie’sfirst great grandchild. You will be the first baby in the family in about 8 years!I wanted to tell you a little about your name. My Poppie (your great grandfather)was diagnosed with cancer around the time I found out I was pregnant with you.We knew he would not be with us much longer and before he passed away I wasable to surprise him with a bib I had made for you. On that bib it said Andrew,which was his name. He was still well enough that he was very excited to knowthat you would carry on his name. I can’t wait to hold my Andrew Nicholas, Iknow you will make him proud and carry his name with pride.P.S. Please come soon!! Until we meet…XOXOXOXOYour mommy
  5. 5. Passage from Andrew’s Baby Book: Labor and Delivery Day July 29, 20027:58 am - The big day is here! I am being induced today and will FINALLY get to hold my baby boy! I amextremely nervous about giving birth but know it will all be worth it in the end!12:30 pm - Well I was just induced, so far so good. We have a lot of love surrounding us, your daddy, Nana,Nanie, Aunt Tracy, and Aunt Julie are all here waiting to meet my little man!4:00 pm – WOW these contractions hurt! I am hoping that I can have an epidural soon to relieve some of thepain. Everyone says that the pain of labor goes away as soon as I see you but all I can say is OUCH!!!10:30 pm- OK, you can come at any time now…boy are you stubborn! You are a week late and this labor stuff,well…it will be worth it, it will be worth it…11:30 pm – This is your Nana writing this, your mommy is about ready to have you. The doctor said she canstart pushing…I am so excited!!! ~<3 Nana <3 (I love the sound of that name)2:36 am – WELCOME TO THE WORLD ANDREW NICHOLAS!! July 30, 2002-2:36 am, A beautiful 8lbs14oz and 22 ½”. The doctor said you are the longest baby that he has ever delivered! You are going to be talllike your mommy and daddy!!! <3 Nana8:00 am – Well I did it, you are here and as beautiful as can be! I love you more than I thought I could ever loveand everyone was right – labor and delivery pain was nothing once I saw you and held you for the first time. Ilove you to the moon and back baby boy! XOXOXOXO mommy
  6. 6. ANDREW NICHOLASYou are here!! Born on July 30, 2002at 2:36 am 8 lbs 14oz and 22 ½”! My big boy!!Here Nanie (your great Nanie) gets to take a peak at you. We love you so much already!
  7. 7. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!!Today we are celebrated your 1st birthday with lots of family and friends! I can’tbelieve how quickly your first year withme flew by. You crawled and walked all over my heart this year. We have made many memories that I will cherish forever. We had a Winnie the Poohthemed party, as Pooh and Tigger were your favorite!
  8. 8. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!!Another year has come and gone andmy baby is now 2! You have grown somuch during the last year it has blown my mind! You ran everywhere and were into everything this year!Terrible twos in full swing, but I still love you! You also became a big brother this year to your little sister.
  9. 9. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!!Thomas the Train has consumed up your days leading up to your 3rdbirthday. In fact anything that is train related is your new favorite thing. Ten days before your birthday youbecame a big brother for the 2nd time. You now have a little brother and sister!
  10. 10. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!!Riding bikes and rollerblades and scaring your mom is what your days are all about. You learned to ride a bike thispast year without training wheels-proud mama here! You are a daredevil with a huge heart. You will be starting pre-school in the fall and I am not sure howI am feeling about it because my days are consumed with you!
  11. 11. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!! This year we celebrated 5 awesomeyears with you! We made a big changethis year as we moved to NC! We gotto celebrate your birthday a little earlywith family visiting for the 4th of July!In a couple of months you will be off to kindergarten. I am so proud of you!!
  12. 12. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY!Kindergarten –check! What a great first year in school you had. You hadimproved in all subjects and the teachernoted you were really excelling in Math and Science (my little genius). I hope you keep up the hard work! You alsobecame a big brother for the third time!They love you so very much and admire you. I love the bond you all have.
  13. 13. HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY! This year you will begin 2nd grade.You had an amazing basketball seasonthis year and played soccer again thispast spring. I think soccer is going to be your sport of choice as you areawesome at it. I am so very proud of all your hard work in school. You make me proud to be your mother.
  14. 14. HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY!! Here you are celebrating your 8thbirthday (while Braeden his 5th!) This birthday was extra special for youbecause you had 5 friends over night.3rd grade starts soon and I am excitedto see all the things you will learn thisyear. Your favorite thing you learnedin school this year was cursive. You have really developed that skill.
  15. 15. HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY!!I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. You have impressed me by leaps and bounds. In May when the bordering states were hit hard by the tornado you organized a blood drivethrough church and cub scouts. You arealways thinking of others, one of manythings I love about you. You also made the “A” honor roll at school this past year!
  16. 16. HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY!! Here we celebrated 10 amazing years withyou! You have brought so much joy to our lives and we can not wait formany, many, many, more birthdays with you. Here you are being your goofy self letting the true you shine through! This year you will be a 5th grader! In 4thgrade we learned that your math skills are at an 8th grade level. Boy my baby boy has grown! I love you so very much Andrew Nicholas!
  17. 17. A MOTHER The day you were born my life began. I will never be complete without your hand. You have given me a reason to be. Life will never be the same this is the new me. You have filled my heart with so much love. I know unconditional lovebecause of my gift from above.
  18. 18. ABOUT THE AUTHORMy name is Becky Bossert and I am31 years old. I am a mother of 4 and married to Jason. I am an Elementary Education major at UNCC and will graduate in May 2013. I dedicate this to my baby boy Andrew Nicholas, my love, my life!