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The Growth Hacker's Playbook


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Published in: Marketing

The Growth Hacker's Playbook

  1. 1. Growth Hack kinda sounds like someone who‟s really bad at growth…
  2. 2. Danny Beck @dbeckwords
  3. 3. Let‟s redefine ‘Hacking’ modifying a system to accomplish a goal.
  4. 4. Love of Data Deep understanding of Analytics Contextually Creative Intellectually Curious Being Personable & Empathetic helps, A LOT
  5. 5. Growth Hackers Need Knowledge of: Marketing, Product Management, Engineering Traditional Easy Enough Not So Much Are You F*ing Kidding Me?  Not Your Grandpa’s Marketing!
  6. 6. Growth Hacking is the process of using psychology, engineering and testing to drive repeatable, measurable results.
  7. 7. When is a growth hacker Most Valuable
  8. 8. Use this survey: survey-io/ “If at least 40% of your customers wouldn‟t be very disappointed without your product you haven’t reached product/market fit.” - Sean Ellis, coined „Growth Hacker‟
  9. 9. Growth Hacker’s Playbook People Types Set Up & Initial Metrics Structuring Tests Touchdown Plays
  10. 10. Growth Hacker’s Playbook People Types Set Up & Initial Metrics Structuring Tests Touchdown Plays
  11. 11. Visitor? Member? User? New? Returning Free? Returning Monetized?
  12. 12. Growth Hacker’s Playbook People Types Set Up & Initial Metrics Structuring Tests Touchdown Plays
  13. 13. Install Analytics Platforms Broad Person Marketing Vero
  14. 14. Think in Flows People don‟t use your site/product/service in discreet actions Walk through key activities and write down the different paths a customer can take to get to the end point you want
  15. 15. Go Upstream! Source: Quicksprout Increase DAU Educate Members About Content Creation Through Email Make Onboarding Experience Include Content Creation Features Add “What‟s New” Category To Homepage That Will Highlight New Content Creation When Someone Comments On Any Content Automatically Send The Creator An Email To Notify Them Improve Images On Homepage To Show Creators And Not Just Consumers Increase Content Creation by Members Increase Retention
  16. 16. Example Flow
  17. 17. Set ‘Goals’ Measure the flows at different points along the way so you understand how people are behaving at each step. There is a temptation to track everything! DON‟T. Tracking is ok but concentrate on most important functions/actions.
  18. 18. Understand before Action Take time (days or even weeks) to understand what‟s going on before taking a bunch of actions (i.e. site changes, marketing campaigns)
  19. 19. GH Weaponry [Funnel] [Conversion Rate] [Cohort] All of the people that moved through this funnel in the same time period, i.e. all January conversions.
  20. 20. GH Weaponry [Customer Acquisition Cost] Total month spend for customer acquisition (ppc, content mtkg) [Customer Lifetime Value] Total new customers acquired/activated in the month Total revenue customer generates for your company (sum of all months between sign up and churn, or last purchase) Customer Acquisition Cost
  21. 21. Growth Hacker’s Playbook People Types Set Up & Initial Metrics Structuring Tests Touchdown Plays
  22. 22. There is so much! Where to start?! Test Everything Brief freak out… Just Kidding 
  23. 23. Pick the key task in your business, the one that you think is most valuable or one you‟ve identified in your initial metric review that seems out of line. A/B Testing Just Pick Something – SaaS: activation – eCommerce: checkout – Blog: returning visitors – Social: posting volume
  24. 24. H1 Write a hypothesis for whatever you‟re going to test. Take a guess, but write it down! „Average cart completion rate will increase from x% to y%.‟
  25. 25. …or to do something that will make things worse. Be Prepared to Fail “ I find being a Growth Hacker is a lot like being an entrepreneur, you get used to messing up, there is a tolerance for doing something crazy that might work, and you get told no a lot by customers. ” - me
  26. 26. Always Have A Control Group
  27. 27. Growth Hacker’s Playbook People Types Set Up & Initial Metrics Structuring Tests Touchdown Plays
  28. 28. Touchdown Plays Product Content Personal Interaction On-site PromoTechnical Contests Collusion Paid
  29. 29. Product
  30. 30. Source: & Inherent Value Amplified by Others
  31. 31. Source: & Peter Thiel Incentives
  32. 32. Source: Wikipedia, KISSmetrics, Qualaroo Powered By
  33. 33. Source: AndrewChen, BusinessInsider API / Site Integration Automatic Prospect Emailing Post Listing to Craigslist
  34. 34. Source: Upworthy via Slideshare Social Sharing
  35. 35. Social By Design
  36. 36. Content
  37. 37. Source: Blog
  38. 38. Source: Guest Blogging
  39. 39. eBooks & Guides
  40. 40. Source: & Infographics
  41. 41. Personal Interaction
  42. 42. Source: Webinars
  43. 43. Attend Present Mingle Conferences
  44. 44. Social Media
  45. 45. On-site Help & Surveys
  46. 46. Email Drip Campaigns
  47. 47. On-site Promo
  48. 48. Email Sign Up
  49. 49. Promote Product In-line
  50. 50. Social Proof
  51. 51. Bounce Capture
  52. 52. Technical
  53. 53. Source: Quicksprout SEO
  54. 54. Source: KISSmetrics Site Speed
  55. 55. Source: Instagram via Mike Krieger Lightning Fast UX
  56. 56. Embed
  57. 57. Danny Beck @dbeckwords THANK YOU