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Union Bank Case Study by BECKON


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Timely, efficient, flexible and consistent. That’s what marketers want most when it comes to marketing analytics. And that’s what Union Bank was after when it came to Beckon for a marketing analytics solution

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Union Bank Case Study by BECKON

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: UNION BANK Clear Data, Clear Decisions If you’re like most marketers, you sit within a centralized marketing organization that supports a wide variety of products and business units. You know how supporting multiple internal clients can pull you in several different directions at once. And you know full well how important it is to both coordinate your planning and provide timely reporting on how marketing is moving the needle for each of those internal clients. But what if you had to support five lines of business, 38 verticals and 46 products and sub-products? And what if you had to support all those business partners and products across email, web, mobile, social, online display and search? You’d need to be a superhero to keep track of it all and report it in a timely, insightful way. Well, meet the superheroes on the Union Bank eMarketing team. PROBLEM Union Bank’s eMarketing was executing so fast, reporting couldn’t keep up. First the team had to find the right data from its many execution and measurement systems, then make sense of the data, and finally cut and paste it into monthly PowerPoint presentations for business consumption. Moreover, getting all this done — knowing what numbers to pull from which sources, aggregating those numbers, and then allocating them across products and business units — had become very challenging, requiring unique institutional knowledge from specific team members and agency partners. The effort required “Ever since the inception of the eMarketing function at Union Bank, we have sought to have a central location for our digital marketing channel performance data. In Beckon we now have it. Beckon allows us to capture important insights that can be used to improve results.” JUAN SILVERA, SVP EMARKETING, UNION BANK HIGHLIGHTS • Consistent tagging taxonomy across all execution tools • System of record for all digital performance data • Continuously updated dashboards • Marketer-ready insights into what’s working best across it all
  2. 2. on the operational side of reporting left little time for analysis or deeper insight. Union Bank eMarketing wanted to make its data management and reporting timely, efficient, flexible and consistent. They also hoped to bring to light any hidden connections in their data that could help them optimize spend and performance across all their digital channels. In short, the team wanted to use their marketing powers not for cutting and pasting, but for the higher good. SOLUTION Beckon and Union Bank’s eMarketing team began by thinking through how the team would like to access and report out on marketing performance. Then we established a comprehensive taxonomy based on that: marketing channels, lines of business, verticals, products, regions, target customer segments, marketing objectives and more. Next, we set up matching tags in Beckon, to be appended automatically to incoming marketing data. With that in place, we routed the key reports from all of Union Bank’s core digital systems straight into Beckon. Beckon pulled, tagged and categorized the data according to Union Bank’s own business taxonomy, fully automat- ing the previously laborious and specialized work of determining what to pull in, what to leave out, and how to aggregate and allocate the numbers. What’s more, Beckon unearthed previously hidden connections between e-mar- keting activity and business outcomes and calculated diagnostic ratios of cross-channel marketing effectiveness, right out of the box and continuously updated. RESULT Today, the Union Bank eMarketing team counts on Beckon as the new source for marketing spend and performance across all channels. Metrics from email, web, mobile, social, online display and search flow seamlessly and auto- matically into Beckon. All data are tagged on the way in according to media type, business unit, product, sub-product, vertical and more, enabling instant, real-time reporting at any and all of these levels — reports that once took weeks to assemble. And those questions from clients and business partners that all marketers dread, the ones that take hours or even days of side work to answer, such as: • How much did we spend last year on these three channels combined? • Which promo tile type performs the best? • When we ran radio in that one market, did we see more traffic to the site or an increase in new loan applications? Now eMarketing can answer questions like these in seconds. Best of all, now that the data are clear, decisions are clear. Where once they were operations superheroes scavenging through the data, cutting and pasting together a story of marketing performance, Union Bank eMar- keting and their agency partners can now be marketing superheroes full-time.